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  1. Crc do a grey RTV which is like $12. Its probably just as shit as red and blue, but you can pretend its three bond and feel better about it......
  2. I would be using grey three bond on those mating faces. Its good shit.
  3. A 175 should be okay. It's only 35cc more than @Chunky_t has.
  4. @mutinyis a builder. Hes probably using all his spare time breaking expensive mou tain bikes though.
  5. To extend your garage is not a small undertaking. Building consents, drainage (yep, even just for stormwater) and I dunno if new Brighton is TC3 or not? ( @yetchh might know?) Meaning the existing floor slab isnt up to the new spec's? But hey, I'm not a builder. I pulled my old garage down, and gave versatile a pretty hefty wad of coin for a new shed.
  6. The form should be up by the end of this week too. I've been too busy to get my fizz on for this. But its building now. Going to speak to a farmer on north bank road this week too for vehicle/trailer storage. I'll probably dump my vehicle there Thursday night and ride back to blenheim. (Its about twenty minutes down north bank road.)
  7. I can confirm day two will teach you things you never knew about yourself. Days one and three you'll have to ask @Willdat? or @Pee Dubs. They're the unsung heroes.
  8. Probably drive back to quakechurch Sunday night. Details still to be sorted are vehicle/trailer storage for the saturday night. My dad has a cousin with a farm 20 mins down north bank road. But that's 20 mins less riding. (Although day 2 is a huge day anyway/my anoose hung like sleeve of wizard after it last year)
  9. Dad got one of aliexpress that looked like mitotuyo. Upon closer inspection it said mitutoygo
  10. Yeah fuck I've been busy as a one armed paper hanger. I need to get an the laptop to copy and paste it properly.
  11. Ive been meaning to post the new thread/route. But I suffer from chronic procrastination. Thanks for the kick up the ass.
  12. Both the main roads will be closed. So an alternative ride which will start and finish in Blenheim has been chosen. Full details will be up tonight.
  13. Does oil go off? Just did an oil change on mums car yesterday. I reckon it must have been at least 5 years since it last had one. But I think last wof she'd only done 470kms. (During that year) I know short trips is the worst thing for them. But does oil get too old?
  14. Have a look on YouTube. Richard Holdener did a turbo set up on a GM v6 recently.
  15. Back pre quake there was a book store at the easternmost end of Chester street east, just west of Criton Cobbers. In the window they were displaying a large lubrication chart for these cars. It showed all the places they require oil/grease, and how often. What stuck in my mind, (indeed the only part I can remember) was that it said it needed a few drops of oil on top of the steering column (presumably to lube the steering shaft inside the column) applied weekly. Cars of this era must have left ALL of the gasoline rainbows everywhere in their day.
  16. No we didnt. The mrs works at council, (the the building consent/planning unit) and she reckoned we were sweet. We didnt widen the opening/touch the wall framing/lintel. The lower bit we took out wasnt structural.
  17. Pete Knuiman did mine. Hes an older bloke. Dutch fella. Did a decent job of ours.
  18. I emailed him, and he said there was no access. But invited me to ring him. I was going to do this today, but the day ran away from me. I will contact him on Monday most likely.
  19. Try classic cars and wrecks of new zealand on farcebook. That page is crawling with Barrys. (even more so that here) someone there will know 100%.
  20. Manwell or auto? I have a soft spot for the AP5. I had many an I'll conceived miss adventure/brushes with death in mine back in the day. Still have a few bits and Bobs kicking around too.
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