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  1. You want to find a later model 620. The later ones have ball joints instead of the disgusting king pins. And D21 Navara disc brake hubs and stubs bolt straight on. (Plus you then have access to D21 drop spindles too!) You literally just unbolt the top ball joint, and Robert's your grandmothers son.
  2. I honestly thought youd got that free truck from Blenheim. But on that note, Would that parts truck that the seller had have the parts needed to Dave that free truck? I honestly thought that one of these was a terrible life choice. But the absence of the original running gear make it a less terrible vehicle.
  3. Drop spindles? They'll need cert. Those cert guys are nazis/totally unreasonable to deal with.......... Trolololol
  4. Send it til ya end it Pete! If your bike shits the bed, you can ride in a back up vehicle and smash back the piss instead. Ask @HighLUX about day one of last years ride. (I'm impressed he was able to fix his bike that night tbh)
  5. If a few guys are on punishingly slow bikes, they can enjoy their adventure together. Not everyone will be shreading it up the front. (I'm slow as fuck on gravel) so long as theres a pack who rides are your speed, it's just a good time all round. I wouldnt reccomend bringing a stock FA50, or stock nifty though. They're just too slow.
  6. There will be a form, as that will give us a spreadsheet with next of kin etc (I already have most of your wives and mothers phone numbers pewhuhuhu) I looked into the public liability aspect for the datsun club when the health and safety act was updated in 2017(?) Volunteer organizations are exempt. Koha will be to cover roadside BBQ, fuel for back up vehicles, spare fuel for the back up vehicles to carry, and any other incidentals. Theres only really a couple more details to finalize, and a form will be out. The north island pest had a $20 donation. I dunno if
  7. I'm going to say yes. But the support vehicles might hate you if you hold them up too much. I'll probably offer up my twist and go if someone is desperate enough. I did eastcape, and the undertaking on Ronnie the Dio. And while it went hard for what it was, it's not much fun being the slowest rider. (this year a C50 was the slowest bike on the undertaking too)
  8. Have you considered upping the horsepower? Itll be a small leap from a fast go kart to junior dragster.
  9. I had a y34 Cedric that the scanner at supershitauto wouldnt read. But a mates one would.
  10. Spit fires and eagers or ban. /ling.
  11. I'm really easy! @Willdat? is a mastermind behind this shit show. (I'm just the tool who started the thread)
  12. Cheaper to change the signs, than to upgrade the network. Some years ago a govt passed a bill allowing them to siphon petrol tax off to waste on other shit. If they'd never done that, we'd be sweet.
  13. Jolly good show cracking into the 12's! I'm a little surprised your MPH is so slow, for such a fast time? I've gone mid 90's in low 14's, and mid 12s at 107.
  14. Theres a terrific shit yarn attached too. (Best told over a beer)
  15. I stayed at a motel within walking distance of the springlands tavern for the Onamalutu valley fire back in 2013. They had pub nosh, and beer in jugs.
  16. Callum can do the legwork and find the most succulent Chinese meal in marlborough for us. Consider yourself tasked @Chunky_t!
  17. I dont really know what dining offers Blenheim/Nelson have tbh. I like eating food in places that sell beer in jugs tbh. Or just some beige food with some cheap beer from the supermarket works fine too.
  18. Bog is very hygroscopic. It pulls moisture from the air. Where its laid over bare steel, the paint eventually gets a chip/scratch in it, which allows moisture into the bog. The moisture lies against 5he steel, which enables corrosion. As steel rusts it spawls/swells. This forces the bog away from the metal surface. The filler splits, and more water gets in. Nutech is somehow different, and doesnt absorb moisture. But I'd just epoxy it before adding filler.
  19. Ling, but I've stripped heads for scrap before and just beat the retainers with a hammer on a crooked angle to ping the collets off. (Wear safety glasses)
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