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  1. Rookie Dave did it on a 750 in 2018. He had just as much fun as the rest of us. (But we enjoyed him falling over more than he did)
  2. My 2 cents, tub the shit out of it! You'll never regret having room for my tyre. Plus when you win lotto down the track and want to drop in a Hellcat or hellephant motor, you'll be able to put that power on the ground. DOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIT!
  3. Yeah I probably dont need it. It came as a spare with my "good" CA18det. What are you actually building?
  4. And a pic of my four port manifold, just for the thread. Note the injectors are centralized. So you wouldnt get that scummy build up on the valve for the port with the butterfly which doesn't see any fuel in an eight port motor
  5. And a pic of the other side of the sub manifold.
  6. ^^^that has had the butterflies ripped out for.what it's worth.
  7. Pics of a standard 8 port manifold,
  8. All the non nzdm/euroDM CA18's had like the Tvis shizz going on. But there was also the very earliest DOHC CA18, which had the different intake. (Is that what you're talking about?) I've got one of those motors in the shed actually. (Sans the unique manifold sadly) I've got a 4 port head too. Also fairly sure I've got a spare (standard later style) 8 port manifold for measuring purposes too.
  9. I'll have a measure when I get home.
  10. I'd be talking to a spring maker. Bellamy and east in chch, or maybe chamberlain's. (No doubt there are places closer to you)
  11. Yeah @KKtrips! As discussed at quaranationals. You only need very very basic riding skills. (I've never really been further than around a car park on a bike with gears before) You register NAOW!!!!
  12. Given the water solubility of the sheet metal on these, there must be plenty parked up slowly returning to the earth......
  13. Fuck yeah! Gordon Ramsey's roadside gourmet buffet!