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  1. Getting really into making these gear knobs. Few more I've finished recently.
  2. Was wanting to get a grinder for home, getting into a bit of knife making. Workmate who also does knife making said he had drawn up a 2x72 one. So we got a couple water cut out. Grabbed a motor and a VSD off some equipment at work that was getting thrown out. Few more things to do, get wheels, make a base, turn up an adaptor for my motor, make a housing for the VSD but getting there slowly on our lunch breaks. It also tilts so can use it horizontal which is cool.
  3. Made up another blank with some wood, workmate turned it into a handle for one of his knives he makes.
  4. I know a few people that wanted to buy it but the seller didn't mention the hit at all before viewing, as well as not putting pictures up. Not the best strategy to sell a car. How come your not keen for manual converting?
  5. The stabilising resin? Seems to have gone rigtt into the centre, but it's a hard wood so might not have been the best test. The red resin is just on top of it, this was the piece I used.
  6. Start of the first one I've done with my own stabilised wood. Needs a shit load more polishing but liking it so far.
  7. Yea that's sort of the idea, can do colours etc to match cars or whatever people want. They come out of the mould as either a cylinder or rectangle depending how I make them then shaped on my wood lathe
  8. I've made some moulds up, it's a 2 part resin and use different coloured pigments to get the desired look. Have just invested in the gear to start stabilising wood so can do hybrid wood/resin ones such as the video you posted which I'm excited to try
  9. Been making some gearknobs recently for the intention of selling them eventually. A couple of done so far
  10. 5m/6m is a bit different but i have the manual for it. Have set everything as good as it can be going off the manual so am pretty stumped as to why it wont run now. Had it very close to starting but just doesnt want to.
  11. Where the dizzy is now, the next tooth will be past #1. Its pretty much bang on atm. At TDC crank is on 0 on the timing belt cover, and both marks on cam pulleys are as good as they can be without being a tooth out. I do have a timing light
  12. You two were spot on, cams 180 out, idiot. Set everything as it should be, and it is so close to running. We have the dizzy just coming onto cyl. 1 at tdc, but it seems like we dont have enough adjustment on the slot to get it where it needs to be. TDC/cam belt is set as good as it can be. Any other suggestions on what it could be? There are a couple of rips on the intake in a few different spots I'll tape up tomorrow. Leads could definitely do with being replaced, but it did run before all this work before, so i would think it would at least fire up.
  13. Yep solid rear. Have a TRD 2 way to swap in that I grabbed when I was in Japan last.
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