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  1. beachlander

    Recirculating Ball vs Rack and Pinion

    A mate has fitted it to anothers KE35, @drftnmaz, unsure how he did it but yea
  2. beachlander

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    What's the deal around making new metal guards/overs? Thinking of reshaping my rear guards, by cutting off the arch and shaping a new one. I'm guessing all that needs to be done is for the inner to be fully sealed to the new piece?
  3. beachlander

    mlracing's Hakosuka.

    Lol are they the $20 ones off yahoo?
  4. beachlander

    Metal Shaping course

    Have flicked you a PM
  5. beachlander

    Metal Shaping course

    I'd be real keen. When do we have to pay for it by?
  6. beachlander

    Wtborrow, battery angle grinder, chch

    Yea pretty sure you aren't allowed grinders in PAP
  7. beachlander

    Kurts Ke70, 4age etc etc

    Engine and gearbox in. Need to swap diff heads over then chuck the diff and driveshaft in.
  8. beachlander

    I need a new welding helmet

    They have some decent looking ones from machinery house, top range one is 250 I think from memory, does 5-8, 9-13 plus grinding function. Thinking of getting one myself
  9. beachlander

    Kurts Ke70, 4age etc etc

    Got my manifold made up, as well as sold all the driveline out of the white car. Am hoping to have all my stuff in this week.
  10. beachlander

    Kurts Ke70, 4age etc etc

    Picked up the new car and threw some of my bits in. Just need to find time to pull all the running gear out, hopefully this week sometime. Also dropped my FCRs off to get a manifold made up, which shouldnt take too long.
  11. beachlander

    Kurts Ke70, 4age etc etc

    Got some more shit for this while blowing money on my Z10. FCR41. Rebuilt them with the right size jets, will probably get a couple of sizes for max Kaicho jet changes at the track. Also got some new wheels. Going to weld some front guard arches on the back to fit the 9s. 13x8 -12 and 9-25 Also this cars always annoyed me in a few ways. The chassis is bent up front, the rears full of bog and heaps of other little shit. So have decided to cut it up for spare bits, and have bought another shell. The other shell comes with a full 4age setup. Smallport with ITBs and a megasquirt, T50 and 86 disc rear end. I should be able to sell it all off and end up with a better shell and not loose any money, or so im hoping.
  12. beachlander

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    I think you misspelled 14s
  13. beachlander

    xssteeb's Fairlady 200ZR

    A: remove springs B : test fit some wheels