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  1. Looking superb as always Louis Have you used the old villiers twin velobike lately?
  2. When I did a budget rebuild (only soft seal replacements and a good clean and measure up) on mine years ago I used the factory service manual, it ran and got abused ALOT so can't complain. You know it's legit if it says you can use out of spec apex seals as long as you use old apex seal springs so it doesn't push them up too far (which is what I did as I was poor lewl)
  3. That leaf Spring front end looks so so good
  4. Looking super swell, sill line carrying through on the tray sure looks sweet
  5. Looking awesome Louis, what a sweet little workshop
  6. Ol' Tom always a pleasure never a problem Misa, lookin swish
  7. Shit son, love the spoiler and the coupeness, looking superb
  8. Modify it fo sho With sparkle paint
  9. // Super love these things, reveal your plans and more pics immediately good sir
  10. Fuck this is sweet
  11. I like everything about this build, followed it on rotahavik and was dissapointed when the updates stopped, then this Nice
  12. No you have to buy bumpers
  13. Fuck I love this thing, Dibs if you ever sell bahaha/Allan def has those I bet puhuhuh
  14. Sheeeeit this thing looks sweet
  15. i agree with the above dave TO THE MAX