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  1. Ah perfect, frustrating how they change small things like that, definitely a good upgrade in preparation for gillyz especially
  2. Did you grab a 13b water pump or a 12a water pump? as the stud pattern is different/extra stud on the 13b (fc anyway)
  3. That kit is perfect, so good
  4. Then placed it into the car to start to see what else needs to be made, gold top socks used to block up the intake as this is 6bucks not 6cents
  5. Then to make it look less like a relic found in the ocean it received a rattle can rebuild
  6. Then got real excited and raced off and grabbed the motor
  7. As most of the rust repair work has been completed, after driving us to bluff and back in her car Amy volunteered to put some paint on the cars underbody, engine bay and interior, and as I am painting illiterate and the car park was void of cars for painting,this worked out well. Colour is a factory fc champagne colour and looks super swell.
  8. Bonus photos of repaired rust in hatch and helper blackbird who likes to sit next to car and eat meal mates while grinding and welding happens
  9. And apart from 20% of the rust repairs that have been started that’s where it is up to so far, thanks to Amy for convincing me to actually do something on it as well as making it move along at a pace faster than measured in decades and all the lovely photos, Charlie the cat and this album
  10. Then of course came the obvious next step to any project when it’s at its most time and money uphill battle stage, the wheel purchasing
  11. It was then bought home to start the rust work and to sit and look at while sampling some ouzo and limoncello
  12. The underside was blasted and painted black which also looks awesome and clean to work on
  13. From there it was deemed appropriate to send it to the sandblasters thereby avoiding any inconveniences relating to manual labour to get an idea on what shape the body was in, as C.A Levien does such an amazing job too
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