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  1. Thanks Clint, They would be SFI rated if that makes a difference - but like you say, says they need to be used as a set so no dice unfortunately.
  2. Bugger, ah well those be the rules ! Thanks for the quick reply
  3. @ Clint, lap belts from a proper 5 point harness in a factory lap belt car - legal or no go? Lever latch style like this;
  4. Hey Anton, I was wondering if that strong fuel smell inside is related to the tank breather or filler? Was noticeable the other day..
  5. Look forward to seeing the rostyles back on! Coming along nicely keep it up
  6. Do you have a place called strouds up there? I'd try re-route with 90 or 45 deg fittings to shorten up the hose and tuck it up neater again?
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/toyota/diffs-axles/listing/3027238889?member_hash=661528537c7b8a196baceef6f87d1297abdef364430bc2f0b9&tm=email&et=46&mt=10EE2553-D951-404D-BAF3-CD4A8813387B&bof=4i4zQzGJ Is that what you need?
  8. Good work Anton, keep it up - Nice sense of achievement making it more reliable and usable!
  9. Who are you using to do the Blasting? Blaine @ Fast Blast is a GC and would happily sort a sharp price and blast where you want
  10. Agree with you on the Vinyl roofs, never been a fan but on those late 60's, early 70's muscle cars they're starting to grow on me
  11. Nice score Josh! Be so much nicer putting copper coat on all the bolts throwing it back together when the time comes
  12. Good job getting them apart, tbh that design is still common enough through the 90's. I'd be using a pottle of copper coat for reassembly makes the alignment so much nicer to do when everything is free moving. When you put the drag links back in, get the steering arm and idler arm both parallel to the chassis then worry about getting the toe straight. Obviously that'll still be awhile off before you need to get too concerned about any of that
  13. Have you checked the transfluid - check the colour and smell of it - rosey red or burnt black and smelling like burnt toast? And of course the level is important too - might explain the shifting problems
  14. I'd suggest the likes of Dean at Motorcycle movements - If you got it boxed up it could go in his van with the next run - he goes all over the country.. https://www.facebook.com/Motorcycle-Movements-Limited-1002564216554920/
  15. Man that's looking super tidy, get rather jealous indeed! Need to stage some photos of yours and Richies together once done!
  16. Whats the tyre size you're running? Looks a little bulgy now, might be able to run a narrower tyre to help tuck under the guards without being stretched.. Wheelsize.com is your friend for future references... Also, sometimes you can machine 3-5mm off the back face of the wheel
  17. Protip - If you use a VT-VZ commodore they have a 19mm Hex, you can then use your impact gun on...
  18. Pretty sure Wal deals with DR Collision mate, and my mate Blaine has him inspect stuff (he sandblasts)
  19. I thought DR Collision were able to do them too?
  20. Oneil rentals used to be quite good, whether they're around or not Im not sure
  21. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/isuzu/listing/2976323040?member_hash=661528537c7b8a196baceef6f87d1297abdef364430bc2f0b9&tm=email&et=46&mt=10EE2553-D951-404D-BAF3-CD4A8813387B&bof=YDaVQXKD
  22. Think I have the same sink here. Great size but takes ages to fill lol. The trap I put together with a smear of sealant either side of the gasket as the one in my old house was a prick for the tiniest leak. Nice work Thomas. Coming along nicely indeed
  23. Whats different about the TC ? Twin carbs and?
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