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  1. I think the only sensible answer is gyro canopy. That was easily one of the funniest things I've seen this year. It's sad windscreen wiper slowly shuddering drizzle out of the way while going sideways on full opposite lock around most of the motu
  2. Anyone else's weather forecast for the weekend look like this?
  3. Not sure on the purpose of sperm oil and I'm probably not going to google it at work.
  4. Thats either a 6ft wide camper or the motorbike has been converted to full hand controls to suit the double amputee rider.
  5. Perhaps to avoid any confusion, we should all have patched jackets with a logo for "A group of unassociated riders who happen to all be going this way"
  6. Slap a canoe on the roof? Fellah at work is having a cry because Mainfreight want eleventy million dollars to deliver it. Bit bigger than a tamagotchi tho.
  7. Dont s'pose any of you fine Christchurch chaps are bringing a van or ute up and want to make some sweet freight moneys?
  8. I'd have 2 very uncomfortable seats available as a last resort and room for 10 broken scooters on the back.
  9. Given the number of people attending and the fact I don't really want to do it again on the same boring bike, I would like to volunteer myself in a second support vehicle. I will have space and am willing to carry spares or any luggage/fuel that might not be practical to wedge onto your scooters. If there's already enough support people, i don't mind staying home. Who was the other person keen on driving?
  10. Well everyone else has done some kinda wrap up, so lets see what I've got in the tank... Most reliable likely to run forever bike (2015 GN125) was the first to die by fouling a plug at the start line. Gyros are fucking weird and don't appear to use physics. Spooked cows can hold a solid 30kph for a surprising amount of time. The lighthouse walk stairs, holy fuck, the stairs. Whoever wrote step 301 on approx the 600th step, well played sir. You crushed my spirits. Blood 'n guts is a thing. Raizers scooter is mental quick. Was impressed at 70, blown away at 90 and questioning my speedo at 105kph when it was still behind me. @MopedNZ needing better mirrors on the Chaly so he can look forwards while looking backwards. Rere falls was lovely, the road there was most excellent. Waterslide thingy was super neat and how nobody fell off the air mattress when it spun backwards half way down was incredible. Motu road was fucking brutal on a nearly bald front road tire with my super average dirt riding skills. GN250 trikes exist. Not sure why. Getting wet plums in the rain and not being able to see shit through a tinted dirty smeary visor made the end of the ride feel like a genuine accomplishment. That time @Shakotom nearly died down a ravine but didnt. A+ everyone. Very enjoyable trip and great to see the run down forgotten wasteland that was "The Coast".
  11. If anyone needs a bike to go on the front of the tow rope, i volunteer the big block GN
  12. Waikanae beach motel for me too. Will have a spare bed in there if anyone else wants to go halves. Churrrrrr
  13. Take your pick of Adventras if nothing else tows.
  14. Run premix and oiler like a true barry. Like rolling coal, but rolling umm....what can we call blue fog?
  15. Camshaft is still in China. Might end up on the 125 if someone doesnt start hurrying the fuck up with my post
  16. Yup, I'm in. Will bring a GN. Either my one or Jazz's if she doesnt pass her licence in time.