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  1. Some kind of air spring could work. Perhaps using a compressor driven by otherwise wasted exhaust energy? No don't do that....yet.
  2. Eventually views could fund it, but only after 4 years of advertising wallets, hello fresh and vpns.
  3. I like the thought someone is going to find an oil filter housing lying in the road and try to piece together wtf happened.
  4. Looking forward to this in 2025 judging by the current rate of 1NZ development.
  5. I have to work in Rotorua this week so that killed my petrol budget for burgers. Perhaps next time chaps.
  6. Yeah that one. I promise one wheel peels whilst wearing a monocle
  7. Can I bring my modern daily please mister
  8. @johnnyfive or @brotherd or @stillway or @Vintage Grumble want an excuse to go have burgers like in the old days?
  9. Yeah. Today's cruising oil temp was 110 rising to 135 under load. That seems a little spicy
  10. Put some hours on the boat this summer. On my last outing, was trying to catch some other boats so had the throttle wide open for 10 mins straight. 5200rpm full noise. After backing off, the oil pressure plummeted and the engine tried to have a little soft seize. Coolant temp never got silly and oil temp is the one gauge I never finished hooking up. Hand on the sump told me it was fucking hot. After cooling it off and going easy for the rest of the day, it was ok. The next weekend, I went out again and had 100psi idle oil pressure rising to off the gauge at cruise speed. So this weekend, decided to have a look at the relief valve. Oil was pretty grot. The relief valve lives behind the oil filter housing in the middle circular bore. While I had it apart, tapped a home for my temp sender. And because it's a 3.8, the gasket was $8 and available easily. The relief valve had some minor scoring on it and some schmoo particles, I'm not convinced that was the problem but polished it up and reassembled. Ran it up to temp, I'll reserve judgement until it's been out on the water again but seems alright for now. I think a little modine style oil cooler would be a good idea. Kinda keen to build a new boat. I think this one has taught me enough to know exactly what I want and how I want it. But I also like not spending money.
  11. Replace gear oil with ATF. Run some 0w20 in the engine. Replace tyre air with nitrogen. Purge all farts from body cavity before racing. Edit: Wonder if Mr @kpr has tested different engine oil and gear oil weights for effect?
  12. I believe those m5 ones grenade constantly which is why they are so easy to buy.
  13. Time to phone Julian Edgar and see if he'll lend you his gauges/books/wool Tufts/fly to nz and do a collaboration on shitty car aero
  14. I went into the cupboard and found a hat just so I could raise it to you sir. So it's as quick as a sr20det Hilux and faster than anything I've taken down meremere
  15. Same stuff is currently sealing the exhaust manifold on my boat. Takes a hiding from heat pretty well.
  16. No matter what the actual RPM is, being able to get the tacho needle off the dial is immensely satisfying. Making power is just a bonus Edit: Does the 1NZFXE have asymmetric rods to go with the offset crank? I'm remembering the Subaru EZ36 which dropped the crank 20mm and had pork chop rods to help make everything fit / reduce geometry issues
  17. Went out with @brotherd to test his new motor. I made it half hour before the bad noises started. I took some bits apart and think it might be this? I guess I'll fix that and see if the noise goes away. Happy it didn't fire a flex plate and driveshaft through the bottom of the boat.
  18. The road just kinda disappeared So had to back track in the support vehicles for an hour. Got the roast on now tho
  19. First puncture of day 2 Lovely spot for it Back into it
  20. Some pest has vandalized this bike Also vandalized an ankle but the hospital has signs saying no cameras.
  21. First breakdown about 10km into Motu. Brake drum reaction rod fell off locking the rear wheel. LOVELY SPOT FOR IT
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