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  1. https://abauctions.co.nz/auctions/2021/1/30/roy-gay-london-collection/
  2. Impco function controller PAT# IFC103 where would one find a replacement?
  3. Found something I made a long time ago when I planned to have 2 gauges in the middle of the dash, welded a washer in one side for the ignition, I will move the oil pressure gauge up next to the ignition and install the 2nd temperature gauge down below. It would actually look cool if I set all the gauges in the dash but I cannot be bothered,
  4. Got a new ignition, I think I will grind out the rivets that hold the old ignition and mag switch in and mount it it’s place? I might move the amp gauge upto where the ford one is but I need to open the hole up, I am going to fit two temp gauges in the bezel below, one for each cylinder head as they are basically two separate cooling systems, Ford used 2 senders and one gauge somehow.
  5. For some reason I was avoiding buying new wheel nuts for the front as I thought they would be expensive but it was $12 for a set of 10, and now I can ditch the 3 different shapes and sizes of nuts I had on before, got the new tires put on, finding tubes was a little tricky and I had to drive a lot to get them, tire shops look at me funny when I want cross ply tires fitted.
  6. SOHC

    Aubz fa50

    I would mix it at 30:1
  7. Is there some kind of government on that engine?
  8. For a side project I am going to build as meany 2bbl holly carbs as I can.
  9. My new mig witch I have used about 4 times has had about 4 different gas leeks, fixed them all but now the valve in the torch is leaking, never come across one with a valve here, I think spatter finds its way into the valve.
  10. Nice, I use to have a CB360 scrambler with high pipes. Did you find some yokes? They look the same as 400/550
  11. Finally got some front tires, never in my life have I had to buy such expensive tires, the single most expensive item on the car so far.
  12. Someone gave me an OB2 scan tool to try to find out why the engine light is on in the 2004 Nissan but it says link error after it scans, I tried it in a couple other cars and it says the same thing, is that just a crappy scan tool?
  13. I might try and come if I don’t forget
  14. I need to make a quick decision now to change plans on my engine build, should I fit this crank witch uses modern style shell big end bearings and a positive rear main seal? I would have to change the rear seal plate in the block witch just sits in and is held in place by the sump and I will need to fit the later oil pump and buy a new seat of big end bearings. Or should I just run with the old full floating bearings?
  15. Do you have a magnet close by or you welding in a conner? DC gets arc blow like there is wind blowing it, AC won’t do it
  16. How much pressure should I put in some 10 ply light truck tires?
  17. I ordered a set of new front tires and took the car around to the shop when I did it, I thought he sed 5.80 15” but they are 5.60 15” pretty vague in the measurements, he had some 6.80 15” witch he sed the ones he ordered would be the same but a bit lower in the side wall, I went to pick them up and they are way too small, they are for a 3.5” rim not a 6”, and he is saying he won’t take them back as he got them in for me but I reckon it’s 80% his fault, I don’t know much about shitty old crosply tire sizing the tire width is all over the show.
  18. I welded on one exhaust flange and it was 80% empty when o had to get one in an emergency.
  19. Yes the air goes right past the rings into the sump and then back up past the rings on the next cylinder and out the exhaust
  20. Went for a drive today, it’s going better than ever apart from the hot start problem witch may be related to the worn out ignition switch witch causes a misfire sometimes. Speedo is working well, 30 MPH works out to be about 58 KPH I can live with that, side mirror blew off but luckily it landed in the car, PCV is wonderful, oil stays clean and way less fumes, I am wondering about slotting the distributor for more advanced, I set it max advance all ready and I am running 91 with no pinging. On the hunt for some 600-15” tires, my front tires are old and hard like they are made from stone
  21. Ended up fitting new front wheel bearings, back ones need doing at some stage, the replacement Chinese bearings are a little less shitty than the ones in the wheels, I packed them with molly grease as anything you put that shit in lasts 10 times as long. Put the carb rebuild kit in and the carb was leaking out the main jet so I put the old one back in, I found to set the pilot mixture on a Tecumseh carb you bring the screw out till you hit max RPM then set the idol stop adjuster to the desired idol, then set the main till the engine is sweet. brake cable snapped and pull start cord broke
  22. My friend had spacer plates cut to pack out the stock steel rocker covers on his 302 Chevrolet z28 when he put roller rockers in it.
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