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  1. I remember viewing the wreck of my father's first Elise after he was almost killed in it. Blood splatter everywhere. Some poor sucker had to clean that shit out..... he lived though and it's now an endurance racer down in Otago.
  2. Looks to me (And this is purrrrre speculation) that the Jaguar got a bit of a fishtail on and crossed the median kerb onto the other side of the road, sitting broadside across the opposite lane. It's an 80km/h zone and being T-boned by a large stationwagon, which may have had little or no time to slow, gives this outcome.
  3. That Manheim car was a fatal. https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/107899234/police-confirm-20yearold-albany-crash-victim-was-michel-cooper Nasty business Also, no reason you can't run the exhaust under the rear subframe. E-Types do exactly the same and we run a big bore through there on ours and it never scrapes (well not there, we occasionally kiss the long-runner headers on full compression bumpy road steez)
  4. This one is owned by (and was built at TWR by) the crew chief of TWR's global ops of the time, who was in charge of the on-track operations of the XJS when they raced in the '80s. I often catch up with him when I pop down to my folks' place, he's got some fascinating tales. Here he is, on the right, when they came over and conquered Bathurst. His XJR-S is a thing of beauty, and was the only one built to full-fat spec. Excluding some of the bonkers Lister creations, it's probably the ultimately spec'd XJS you will ever find.... certainly I reckon it's the most desirable
  5. Have a soft spot for the XJS. One of my fathers' friends has a special-build Walkinshaw XJR-S. 6L, V12 Manual, 400bhp. Thing's a beast.
  6. We're gonna put one of those louvre systems in at hour place, but only in a few years once we've recovered from the pain of borrowing more than the combined GDP of half of Africa.
  7. I had my old aircon unit under the deck, it's a great place to have it. Especially for you, other side of the house from the bedrooms. At night when it's quiet, you do hear them from a few feet away, but so long as it's not right outside a bedroom window you're all gravy. Our aircon goes in next week.
  8. Looks epic! Our place is definitely going to be less "designer" especially in the bathroom..... Given we're introducing kids into the mix, everything has to pass the practicality/durability test. Also, I'm colourblind and Claudia is stylistically conservative, means our place will be boring in comparison. Loving how yours is turning out though!
  9. I want a Telstar XRi (I prefer the liftback shape and the ZE JDM goodness). Probably stick with the GTi6 a bit longer but the Telstar will make a cheap tow car. Decisions decisions.
  10. I'm flattered! Looking good though man.. keen to see a nice rapid 131 in action
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