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  1. I used amayama, got the usual thing everyone says, part not in stock... they refunded my money though. Does make you wonder why they list stuff they know they don't have
  2. Been paintin'. de-masked and in need of the meke polish but otherwise pretty excited to start bolting stuff back together. If only I could find where I put anything Played a LOT of huey lewis during painting to try and correctly channel the 80s spirit. Yuppie rock in the background, assuring the wife that everything was going just super great, white powder everywhere.. this must've been what it was like to be a stockbroker back in '85
  3. gibbon


    Oh yeah it needs it lol Next question - painting rubbery plasticy bumpers, should I add some kind of plasticizer to the paint? Old paint was cracked to buggery
  4. quiet day at work again today so I got back down to real business. Blew some primer on the guards to see what I was dealing with. So many chips, cracks, fuzzy lines from drowning in twelve coats of paint.... I flipped them over and saw no dents or anything in the sheet metal so thought bugger it, I'll paint strip them One guard is a donor and obviously from an earlier year stazza, hence the welded up nose mirror hole. funny enough I swear the metals had different sheens to them... import vs domestic treatments perhaps? Otherwise my hunch paid off and they were all pretty good honest m
  5. gibbon


    Yip just a single stage. Our machines at work are just painted in a top coat and look pretty good, i just figured itd be hardly any more effort to clear coat it now... now or never really Still I'm always down for less work So what's next then, 1500 wet sand and a polish?
  6. gibbon


    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm just starting with a single door as a test. 2k white is on and looks to have come out ok, a bit of dust though. My "complete car paint job kit" didnt come with clearcoat, is clearcoating a personal choice too?
  7. gibbon


    Should I wet sand my high build primer? Worried the top coat won't stick if it's too smooth
  8. couldve done more on the car today but too pissy about the paint can debacle. havent had a beer in two days but this shit is pushing me to the limit
  9. had another wonderful day of pushing shit up hill and trying to paint my car with it. decided that the amount of faffing around with the side spoilers warranted a can of high build primer, to save cleaning the gun a trillion times. drove to town and bought one. pulled the trigger and it promptly fountained paint all over my fucking hand. drove back to town and hit up the paint shop guys for an exchange. "no, you mustn't have shaken it up enough, here.... OK i've cleaned the nozzle out and gave it a real good shake up, works like a charm now" drove back home feeling like a bit of
  10. awesome man, if theyre the goods then I'll have them in a heartbeat
  11. Hey while I've got you on the line, do you have any lowering springs for a starion on the shelf? This thing sits super high (might be clearance for the kit - will be funny to find out) Olds cool can do cobras for about 450 shipped, mookeh in the USA can do a similar price, with 250 of that being shipping! So probably worth it if I can get them into a container or something
  12. I'm not sure I could pick the difference between an aerotech and a stock 3 piece spoiler? (This one is definitely aerotech, its etched on the underside) One of the mount holes had turned into a big rust hole and another had previously been repaired... I got the buggered one fixed but did end up re-drilling them, I've just been quite diligent with sealing them up (I hope) I've already come to terms with the fact that this car isn't going to be perfect, I'm simply not a good enough bodywork guy. So I'm trying to compromise and come up with something that isn't an embarrassment, but wil
  13. made some pretty big fuckups over the last week or two, lads. Blew some high-build primer over the body and that came out pretty good at least. Yucky stripes on the roof, my compressor decided it was no longer self-regulating so I had to manually shut it off every minute or so to stop things going pop. definitely need to get that sorted before I do anything beyond laying waste with the primer Decided I had to smooth the spoiler into the body - it'll never fit perfectly so shit was always going to get trapped between it and the body, and ultimately rot out. So I banged some sealant (
  14. I'm an aircraft mechanic... pays just well enough to pay a local fella to do rust repair works of art for me Regarding holiday pay I'm in a similar situation, the boss semi-seriously informed me that I wouldn't be getting my full payout if I ever left, because the company would go under trying to pay me out lol. Typical thing though, once you start taking a bit of ownership its hard to just take time off and let others deal with it
  15. Man we need to try and close up shop for the year every week... fucking phone has been ringing off the hook all day. Looks like I'm not getting my early holiday :/
  16. another quiet enough day at work to get some stazzin' done. paintstripped the donor door, not a single spot of bog to be found, she's honest as. very happy about that. ground off a little bit of surface rust and converted the dregs, then a coat of filler primer which came out pretty good considering the 20 knot crosswind. I will have to bog up a couple of shopping trolley dents but otherwise it's all on track the next thing to look at is the area around the wraparound rear spoiler - it'd been originally faired into the body with some substance which is absolutely fucking rock hard, a
  17. December shaping up to be Starion Month so far, loving it
  18. This doesn't really belong here but not worth starting a new thread over: I was wondering what the weights listed on the dataplate relate to?
  19. Looks like the previous owners left you a fine trove of treasures under the seats I would recommend getting internal access to the upper firewall box section and have a real good look for rust around the base of the windscreen and the back side of the bonnet hinges... hope your machine had been garaged! All that gadgetry in your centre console I believe is the VELNAS computer which is pretty retro chic
  20. sort of an update, more to show that I'm still alive. Maybe not for long, having inhaled a few cubic meters of bog dust over the last couple of months. Caught up with the panelbeater as he had to weld up my other car to get it's WOF. I asked if he knew any good painters "sure I do, remember that Escort that was in my workshop? they just painted it, it came out absolutely awesome.... cost the guy about 12k if i recall" So yeah I'll be handling the paint job at home. So i've been bogging and sanding and bogging and sanding and bogging and sanding and bogging and sanding and bogging an
  21. Working now mate. I use Brave browser so the government cant beam thoughts into my head or something, I'd say that's what was causing the pics to not load
  22. Am I the only one not seeing some (but not all) of the pics posted by Tomble? In both this thread and the build thread itself?
  23. Ok swing and a miss from me sorry, just realized that none of my distributors have a vacuum advance unit God there must be a million of them sitting in the back of various sheds
  24. gibbon


    My boss swears by jiff as a prep solution, he reckons it cleans the surface, decreases, and scores the surface to help the paint stick
  25. Hey, I spoke to you on the Starquest forums, just popping my head in. As I mentioned I have a couple of distributor carcasses on the shelf but still trying to work out if I can make a complete one Also try Gumtree in Australia, pretty much their Trademe
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