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  1. Requiemk

    How to tell a Nissan RB25DE from a DET?

    If you get stuck compression tests are nice and easy give you an idea if the engine is healthy and results up around 170-200 might hint its not factory turbo.
  2. Sweet! how does a friday night car cruise sound around the octagon?
  3. Requiemk

    WTD someone to look at a kp in timaru

    if you have no luck before the 10th november could stop in on my way through
  4. Yuh still down here in dunedin. Although time doesn't allow i need a new oldschool whipe in my life. As exams come round my lurking on oldschool increases exponentially hahaha
  5. looking good, has resparked my hunt for one
  6. position your plate and ratchet/strong bar apart from each other so you can fit a long pipe/wood/something between and pry in gap in between them to pry ratchet anti clockwise undoing your nut. much easier.
  7. Requiemk

    ColdTurkeys 240C wagon

    I have forgot the exact details and pictures cant seem to be found but changing the mounting of the ball joint from underneath to ontop of its chassis location gives you a drop spindle type effect. I did it to 3 of my cedrics all without any issues although it needs to accompany good shocks or uprated springs to reduce all the suspension travel Edit: lower ball joint. memory fading with old age haha. picture shows original location and if mounted on top where the nuts are gives you drop
  8. Requiemk

    ColdTurkeys 240C wagon

    Has the ball joints been flipped? you gain 2inch drop same travel
  9. would an 89 peugeot 405 fit in?
  10. Requiemk

    4m40 - any tricks to bleeding fuel system

    fit one way valve to prevent fuel leaking back and use compressed air on fuel tank to push some fuel through.
  11. Requiemk

    Otago Rally

    theres a night stage on tonight at 8.30 im heading to, apparently quite good.
  12. Requiemk

    Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    double posts are double
  13. Requiemk

    Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    /regularly troll this build thread, good work.
  14. Requiemk

    Otago Rally

    sweet last year was good