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  1. Sounds unlikely that a 6V would get up to >13V. If it was 12V (or you were somehow measuring two) then 11.8V unloaded sounds pretty bad, which could explain your issues. Just spitballing, but if it can drive but not produce much torque then: it's in limp mode because its detected a dud cell and doesn't want to blow it up a dud cell has high internal resistance which is reducing current (since it sounds like all the batteries are in series) anything else that will put it in limp mode (At least on a Tesla, there are 50 million reasons, but most common reasons are being in a minor crash, losing coolant from the battery pack, any of the stability/traction systems freaking out, losing coms to one motor)
  2. Don't forget this stuff http://www.teslarati.com/tag/easter-egg/
  3. I'll ask around and see if pulling the fuse to the ESP still works... I better pull the simcard too while I'm at it
  4. NEW LOCATION OMG. I might even be there. Will people kill me if I show up in a Tesla?
  5. I met neal and roman dave. Survived both encounters. See you in a year or so folks.
  6. Who wants to give me a ride from out west? Specifically horenderson
  7. Somewhat unrelated, but its been very interesting driving around in a Tesla, because it gives you instant kWh/mile and projected range based on your current driving. A couple of times I've been caught out without enough range to get to the next supercharger (dat range anxiety), but managed to get there by driving extremely smoothly and turning off the AC, lowering the suspension and stuff like that. People have competitions to see how much range they can get out of a Tesla, I think the record is a ~2x increase in range over the EPA rated range (885km from an expected 430km, and that was only using 90% of the charge), by driving a constant 45km/h or something. I was surprised how much your speed affects your consumption. Also, I'm Dutch, and the Netherlands is planning on banning imports of consumer petrol and diesel vehicles in 2025.
  8. Good timing on that one, good to see ya'll again. I do like that jetbike too.
  9. I'm back in Auckland for the week of the 18th Jan, looking at going for some rides. Anyone have a bike they wouldn't mind lending me for the week or a few days? Can be anything. Have my licence and been riding for 3 years Edit change the title for you fishes.
  10. Good timing. I may even be there for this one. Probably not in a Tesla though.
  11. Iirc, you should be able to fill an argoshield bottle with argon. Welding will work OK, kinda just like pure Co2 will work. Welds just will be cooler in this case with less wetting
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