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  1. I thought that also, or maybe Greg did a speed run while the VW was on jack stands.
  2. I don't think there's actually anything wrong with your engine. A few months ago the Beetle overheard you saying that you'd put a rotary in it when the current engine dies, so it's just encouraging you to keep your promise.
  3. Let me know if you want me to photoshop some colour options if that makes it easier to visualise them.
  4. Here, I've fixed it for you:
  5. Damn, I can't like it cos I've reached my quota of positive votes for the day.
  6. "Please don't look up"
  7. Hey sexy toes, your sticker will be ready this arvo. I can also make one saying 'look up, stupid' or similar to put in the interior if you want people to check out your roof lining.
  8. I ain't reaming your bush, no matter how much alcohol you supply.
  9. Heh, I can supply you with most of those things: - Choice of engines - Probably got a few unused hats lying around that I can flatten out - I sell cans of matt black spray-on vinyl, and I can get mirror tint vinyl I don't have any modgies, but I've got the next most popular wheels for rotaries (17" Lensos).
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing this white beast in the flesh for the first time.
  11. Yep - despite all the little things that need attention and the minor issues we had, it made it there and back and was fun to drive. I felt a bit like this on the way to Whitianga: The Lemon's desire to drop oil is just its defence mechanism for when you get too close to it's rear end.
  12. I like this a lot. I will join you in Bay Window ownership when we can find a decent one that isn't approaching Splittie asking prices.
  13. What size do you want the logo, and are you going to spray it in 1 or 2 colours? I can make a normal sticker using promo grade like the one on the left: Or I can reverse cut it so you can use the actual sticker as your stencil, like the one on the right. - Apply vinyl graphics - Lightly spray paint over the vinyl stencil - Sand the paint to give it a weathered look (optional) - Peel off vinyl stencil and admire your handy work - Give Brent a bourbon