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  1. I initially thought a change up might be nice, but we do have a good thing going on at Burger Fuel. Might as well keep it as is. Burgers are always good, and it's cool to see some of the random non-OS member cars that turn up there.
  2. Yeah, Easter sounds fine. It does have a gap in the middle. I can’t measure it at the moment as @64valiant is using it, but I brought the Midget up from Wellington on it, and it didn’t fall off.
  3. Lucky that the only visible number plate is probably the only legit one of them all. That is a weird article.
  4. Probably <10psi at that stage. Slow(ish) leak meant I had to pump up my tyre every day, and it was at 4psi in the morning.
  5. Do any of you guys want me to bring your OS sticker sheets to East Cape, instead of posting them?