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  1. eke_zetec_RWD

    megasquirt questions

    Some igniters use its own mounts as the earth. What type is it? Is is bolted down to the chassis nice and firm?
  2. eke_zetec_RWD

    megasquirt questions

    Does Ms have a dwell map? Eg dwell vs rpm vs map?
  3. eke_zetec_RWD

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I think no mater what brand or no-brand Ecu we are talking about here the common thing is tuning. So no point kicking out is link boys! Ecus are now 25% fuel/ignition control and 75% other cool shit. And being clever with the other cool shit section is what makes or breaks a motor.
  4. eke_zetec_RWD

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Boost control mainly for overall power reduction. I do plan to use fuel/ign cut but I need a good testing ground for that. Its very fiddly to tune it seems! ps i did a dyno run with a couple of low boost patchs in the pull. Takes 100rpm to drop 100wkw so about 0.1sec
  5. eke_zetec_RWD

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    hey guys, Has anyone set up traction control on the new G4+ ecus? Iv got my Fury all wired up and ready to test out. Any trick tips? Also since i have supercharger i have installed a mac valve between manifold and BOV's. I have this running as a boost control vs wheel slip vs rpms. min pressure = 5psi max pressure = 16psi boost control on supercharger say what!
  6. eke_zetec_RWD

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    My v6 navara nearly hits rev limiter when you start it lol. Bloody thing not very low key. E85 cold start-don't get me started on that! Nearly need a petrol injector as well on freezing mornings. It's weird shit, crank crank crank with like 300% cold crank then boom boom starts and runs perfect with no plug fouling.
  7. eke_zetec_RWD

    Sparkle's BMW of supermega happy HELL YES

    Efi time? Haha nah just run it. Il try loose that rich spot if it's possible though. It's drowning it!
  8. eke_zetec_RWD

    Sparkle's BMW of supermega happy HELL YES

    Did you try to tune out that ruthless rich spot? Will bring the down low power up a lot. May have to play with exhaust lengths to get it. But good effort power wise!
  9. eke_zetec_RWD

    Expert alloy tig welders. I need advice

    After you have tested the setup for leaks. Simply just open the bottle with everything hooked up. Note the bottle pressure. Then shut bottle valve and watch the pressure gauge, it should hold pressure for at least a few hours. If not you have a leak somewhere
  10. eke_zetec_RWD

    Expert alloy tig welders. I need advice

    Check it with a flow tester at the cup. Some regs are not accurate from new
  11. eke_zetec_RWD

    Is this head fucked?

    Weld the head up no worries. Block tho.... Could stainless filler wire tig it up. Not steel filler. Will go too hard to file/ face easy with steel.
  12. eke_zetec_RWD

    Brake Booster too close to carb trumpets

    Will it have enough vac with twin carbs to run a booster anyway?
  13. eke_zetec_RWD

    Wideband Sensors

    MTX-L work mint. Can vouch for that. Worth the coin
  14. eke_zetec_RWD

    RHS Chassis taper ...

    Or that too
  15. eke_zetec_RWD

    RHS Chassis taper ...

    Get a bit of like 50x10 flat bar about 500 long. Tack one corner to the box wall while the other corner is above the top flange. Now pull the bar up and the tack to the wall will work as a hinge, the bar will hit the top flange and pull the wall out flush like a lever. When flush tack the top to the wall. Snap off bar and repeat a but further down. Mack sure this join is fully weld preped