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  1. whos got some? i need to make one asap to make way for turbos and sht
  2. discuss here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/22709-jases-mk1-chur-boe-escort this is my daily project so got to make everything while still being able to drive it home etc... rebuilding the turbo pinto from the cortina with new manifolds which i have nearly finished. using a IHI vf38 twnscroll turbo, titianum shaft and exhaust wheel! got 550cc injectors and a 65mm coon throttle body. billit snow turbo grind cam. double springz. full port to visards book. have pics of the alloy inlet manifold soon. got me a cheapo 450x300x75 fmic and will make custom alloy piping. want a capri diff to slot into the back so find me one! will leave bottom end the same as what it was in the goat, standy 205 with forged pistons. used to be 160hp atw with standy head and super shit manifolds ect so i want atleast 200hp atw with this engine. difference between standard port and what i did... tool i made to shape the exhaust tube into the exact size of the port exit part way through.. bit further finished!! what ya all think??