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  1. Sitting this one out due to a perfect (shit)storm. Best of luck fellas, expecting heaps of pics of shenanigans!
  2. Sad to hear man. I'd be keen on the c50, will keep an eye out.
  3. Spoiler, it's actually the supercharged mx5
  4. Holy shit, I just put 2 and 2 together. Congratulations Zac, that is epic!
  5. I have a badly shot video, permission to post Kempy?
  6. I'm happy to supply a 1977 kawasaki kz650, all original so period enough I think? Bit tempermental at times but no issues when warm.
  7. Yeah have tried that on a spare tank before (compressed air), never again haha, was waiting for it to rupture but ended up causing a heap of pinhole leaks. Damn, have stopped by one panelbeater who said to give the PDR guys a shot first. Lighting makes it look stoved in pretty bad there, might as well get a new tank at that point. Will try that cheers! Bike is 38 years old, I have no idea exactly how old the paint is though, definitely a respray in the last decade unless it was kept in a cave.
  8. A recent stuff up of mine has resulted with the below damage Looks slightly worse in photos, but still bloody gutted as it was mint beforehand! I'm hoping this could be rectified somewhat without the need for a respray, but if not I'll go that route. What are my chances? Has anyone had experience with this and would you recommend anyone in particular in Auckland? Cheers, Berj
  9. Mate, you could smell clutches from a mile away hahaha
  10. That was lush, can't wait for some photos to pop up, such an eclectic mix!
  11. Shit yes, been following their progress, that landy is sweet. The white framed 125?? Will do! Look out for a blue Z650, original spec. If I make it, damn cam chain tensioner has stripped a thread, will try to drill and tap a new one tomorrow I hope so it stops pissing oil everywhere.
  12. Yeah absolutely, well worth the effort (if it is one at all!).
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