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  1. Ahh sorry, disregard the 195/45R14 option. I misread the new chart because I'm an idiot (and can't read sideways). Falken has discontinued the ZE912 and they also completely redid their catalogue changing the min/max rim sizes so it was in line with most other tyre manufacturers. I'm looking into it to see if anything is available but it's not looking promising
  2. The only 205/40-14 I've ever seen in existence is a low speed trailer/golf cart tyre which is not suitable for road going vehicles As for the front. go for 195/45R14 - Falken still make them and may have some more coming into NZ. (Currently no stock) I can look into this tomorrow. I know your post is a month or so back but I'm doubting you've found anything since.
  3. Legend, thanks for the response.
  4. What is the correct ruling when it comes to this image in regards to tyres with sidewall tread This is a tyre we sell a lot of for example, and on a lot of the Ford Rangers we put them on, the sidewall tread sticks out of the guards but the rest does not.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing this. I'm guessing it'll just get the PDF updated on the LVVTA site?
  6. Sparky said that's also a possibility. I'm going to leave the circuit as it is and I'll just put the maintenance charger on it to keep it in check.
  7. Yes. I spoke to my auto-sparky and he said it's likely the dimmer has pooed itself. Weirdly enough, the problem seems to have stopped so I'm just going to keep an eye on it and see what happens. I've since also bought a trickle charger to help with keeping the battery in check while it's parked up.
  8. Oof I hope not. The alarm was new and installed by a sparky only a couple of years ago. Thanks for that though, I will have a look into it.
  9. Car is a Silvia S12. It has slowly drained it's battery over time. To be expected as it just sits there but today while driving it, I noticed that the interior light was on really faintly (LED). When I get home and check it, for some reason it has 6v when it should be none. I open the door and it goes up to 12v as it should, then close the door, it's dims down till the lights off, but then the 6v returns again a split second later. My initial thought is to inspect the dimmer for it, but thought I'd post up to see if anyone could offer other things to look into just in case? It does also have an alarm which uses this circuit to lock the doors if the door hasn't been opened after disabling the alarm.
  10. Expensive coilover shocks going in so he doesn't want to modify them. (Running the shock and spring seperately though.)
  11. I don't think this is too big a deal, but just double checking on behalf of a mate (he can't get in touch with the local certifier in Whangarei to ask) S12 Silvia with H190 solid rear axle. He's changing the shocks on it to something else and the lower bush is wider than the factory one. Is it ok to cut the existing u shaped bracket off the diff, and then make a new one (out of 3mm folded plate steel?) and weld it on? The spring is run separately so is not load bearing as far as that goes. Bracket in question:
  12. Commenting to sub, don't know how to do it otherwise.
  13. This would be a similar case in this size also. I did some research through our suppliers and found about 10 different brands that do the size. I can possibly look through the technical data of some of them to see which of them is the skinniest. @dspec_tt131 let me know what brand and pattern you've currently got and I can do some comparisons.
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