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  1. Jackeo21's 1962 Morris Mini

    Something like this?
  2. Jesses lada sharn thread

    Fucking epic.....
  3. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    I always pine after this when ever I drive past......a rotting baja, but the panels should still be good. (That blob on the right)
  4. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    This is on the to-do list for when my youngest daughter needs a car.....so I'm keen to see how you get on. Finding a half-decent Dub maybe half the fight though.
  5. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Never really liked FA's, but with those tyres.......that is so hilarious its awesome.
  6. 64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    That was the copy I was reading at work on Friday...
  7. Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

    Interesting thread, its cool to see what can be done with such a standard looking farm bike. To think I nearly bought one of these when I was 17...
  8. brawr's 1979 Kawasaki kz400

    Liking your style. Watching with interest.
  9. Yak's '87 GSX400X Impulse.

    I think its safe to assume Yak that if a random, non-descript car starts flashing its lights at you its an oldschooler....unless the lights are coloured and roof mounted...or behind the grille on a late model Holden Commodore.
  10. Kc's 1980 GSL Galant-Sigma

    Was thinking the same thing, or at least find someone willing to do it for me.......Whats the legalities of widening steelies anyway? I always thought it was a bit dodgy? Love the Sigma BTW, brings back happy memories of riding around in friends one in the 80's....
  11. Yak's '87 GSX400X Impulse.

    I thought that must have been you tootling through Naenae around 10ish, not many Impulses around these days. I was going to wave and toot to say hi, but then realised it might look like some kind of gang initiation thing... Ev.
  12. Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    Indeed I am....other side of Rata St to you.
  13. Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    If I wasnt down with the lurg I'd walk the 5 mins round the corner and offer to hold your tools... (Oooeerr, Missus...) Ev.
  14. Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    Thats good work Jessie, pity the weather has been so crap recently! Ev.
  15. Yak's '87 GSX400X Impulse.

    I know I'll be asked to leave the forum with this utterance, but..... I've always thought this bike's styling would really suit a conversion to run on volts.....In fact, if I can find one with a seized engine one day I might just be mad enough to try it.