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  1. Fuck thats a sucky install..... Let me try and work through it.
  2. Are you able to point us to a web page that has the docos that came with the TP-Link? Or let us know what model it is? I'm keen to see what they expect you to do.
  3. Keen....soldering and beer, what could possibly go wrong.
  4. Ford Lyfe (Although it wasnt me driving at the time....)
  5. But seriously, I've always been a fan of the Mk I styling over the MK II. I'm sure its possible to retrofit the panels (Karl even knows where we could find some) but would it really be worth the effort/time/repaint and would we have to re-cert it anyway?
  6. You all know how bad Karl is, right......he's like a crack dealer for old car people, always knowing what your weak spot is..... The vehicle in question has already featured elsewhere on this forum, I had made slightly unseemly noises towards the owner that could only really be described as "Car Fapping" (Cor, its gorgeous, lovely,etc <eyes roll back>) so when he announced he wanted to sell it I was a pretty easy mark. When I was a teenager these things were the schiznit; a friend droves his parents white Mk I and we called it "The Space Shuttle" cos it really looked like something out of Nasa. Telecom had a whole fleet of them. They were the biggest selling car in NZ for a few months at one stage. A days work at "Honest Jesses Used Mitsubishi Repair Depot" had her looking mint although I will still need some of Harrys labour to fill in a few holes. Sure, she is a MkII from 1988 and has the slush box attached to the 2.0 Pinto rather than the manly 5 speed that every man and his dog lusts after, but she runs like an absolute tank. She has been my daily driver for ages and has taken me everywhere...... We did Cromwell 2 weeks ago (via Dunedin and Roxburgh, then home over the Lindis) and this weekend she took me and the bride to Dunedin for the long weekend, eventually clocking up 890k over 4 days. There are a few ideas on what to do next on her (Karl definitely has a few) but the biggest problem at the moment is trying to find a spare week or so when I dont need her for it to happen! (Big thanks to @- i5oogt -, @JustHarry and @DoBro Jesus) for their efforts so far) Discuss: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/78024-epochnzs-teenage-wet-dream-sierra-estate-discuss/
  7. Sure, but you wont be able to park it in the driveway....
  8. Agreed........should have stayed longer, but being a school night and all....
  9. Lots to do between now and then unfortunately....
  10. @h4nd and I are debating whether to ride share in the Dai or the Sierra.... Max outrage points either way.
  11. Top marks on getting a CG13 one....did a bit of looking ages ago, they go quite easily into a mini.
  12. I'll bring the Sierra. Which technically means I'll be walking from about Woolston.
  13. Is it the Third Wednesday again??? Someone mentioned it might be....
  14. It does have life, but trouble booting. Not insurmountable though....will devote some time to it over the next week or so. Thanks!
  15. And here it is, all the way from the Auckland mega sale. (much love to the man, the myth, the legend @chrisR for doing the legwork)
  16. And its logical offshoot, "Mitsi Wags4lyf"?
  17. Sorry, no rain in Timmers where I am currently located....did not realise conditions were less than optimal.