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  1. Those Naki druggos with their rose tinted glasses eh?
  2. I was chatting to some visitors from the naki a couple of weeks ago and they too claimed that they have about the same sunshine hours as Nelson! I thought to myself 'hmmmmm- I always thought it rained heaps there'
  3. Another great starion thread to read. I'm enjoying your writing style too. Fun. What are the chances that two starion owners on oldschool have identical cats. Your cat does indeed look like Oscar - @ProZac cat!
  4. This is great. I love threads like this! Subscribed. I remember driving this car at nats way back. Glad you are back into it! Oh a and $200 purse!!! Fuck. A mint momo boss is a much better spend said all the ocd blokes....
  5. Ideal for removing the anodizing on some race face cranks I have that are a horrid green?
  6. Yeah what the geoffman said. plus one for getting nolothane bushes on the castor arms. Under really heavy braking the standard old squidgy bushes can flex quite a bit so allowing that arm to move backwards - in turn leads to less castor right when you need it most and you'll get a 'squirrelly' * front end with less stability. It can be really quite bad in a Viva if you brake fucking hard for a corner from high speed and the front end can wander a little right when all you want is directness. This might not be so bad in a lighter car but its still worth changing them. The ones I got list
  7. Isn't it a type of angular bearing? Its much like a oldschool wheel bearing in a pushbike. So if you machine up or find a thin shim to go between the end of the column tube and the bearing flange you'll squeeze the bearing that bit tighter to take up the slack.
  8. Yeah bugger spending $80 on a bearing like that. Ask about on the vauxhall viva facebook group or the nz vauxhall group. Someone will have a spare i bet.
  9. Well the last few days has been a bit emotional and busy. Did the last few tidy up jobs on the housetruck and added a few little features we had always intended to but never got around to (typical..) Main thing we added was a bit of decking on the roof. This serves a few purposes. The black butynol roofing gets fucking hot in summer, too hot to stand on. Not ideal for insulation or bare feet. It also gets a bit grubby = messy feet or shoes marking the floor or carpets. Plus the plywood roof is 12mm which is strong but still springy to walk on between the rafters. The decking is sat on run
  10. Really? Wow. I never realised that. Yet I have never heard of a catastrophic incident involving an old caravan. I guess another aspect as to why they specify toughened is stopping shards of glass being around at an accident scene eh.
  11. Your housetruck or a friends? Our housetruck goes to its new home tomorrow if the weather is nice. I'll do a little update.
  12. Heya- the only requirement is that the glass is either toughened or covered with Lexan (not perspex/acrylic) - or just shuttered over for travel/cof test. This is so joe blogs doesn't get a huge shard of house window pane slicing through him if a window was to get smashed etc etc. We did a mixture of lexan on most of the leadlight windows, which happens to nicely act as a double glazing, or toughened glass made to size. For the latest cof, after we had added a large window, we made a shutter to fit over the window for travelling. Its not pretty but works. Cof man was super chil
  13. The size of that crane in the layby where you parked up to fix ya auto linkage- wow!!!!
  14. How were they to deal with at Vinz? Deon has left and I have heard from a couple of people that the place has gone a bit 'mean and grumpy' since.
  15. Fuck this is so cool- I know your feeling when its all one the road cert'd etc. It looks choice! So cool to see a rego plate on it- its the little things eh but they mean so much. Now please go park it next to some fellas 'big' ford ranger and laugh at him I might have to steal our hino firetruck and meet up with you for some cool proper 4wd truck photos!
  16. So a quick update. Moved some cars about the yard a few days ago so I could get @Tumeke Triumph wagon onto our hoist. It was quite fun lining up the little cars and snapping some pics.. Still not sure which of the 1.3 engines we'll keep as yet to do compression tests. Once we know we can then work out the order of parts swapping. But more importantly - we have pretty much decided on the names.. Milly is the light blue one- the first. Seems to have the peppiest of the 1.3 , most likely due to having been trashed the most by various previous owners inc one w
  17. I've been eyeing up that. However would like to find/buy the earlier discontinued fujimi pfl kitset but they sell for heaps! I was watching one on yahoo and it went beyond my budget. pft...
  18. You've built your Morris v8 subframe and mounts already. I'm impressed! Some black paint and you're done.
  19. Ooooh its been over two months since I updated this thread. I have not touched this engine since stashing all the bits under the bench out of harms way, throwing a blanket over the main block on the bench and spending most of my time since then buying up many Micras, working on the housetruck and building the mezzanine floor in the shed. Oh and some of that paid work thing too because we do have a mortgage to pay. However - I still have a little bit of progress up my sleeve to report before we get up to real time. So I can do an update and hopefully soon I'll be back into working on the
  20. this is a good build to watch. It popped up as a suggestion and Ive not yet watched it all the way through but already hooked!...
  21. I'll deal with the increase. Way too many other pprojects going on right now. Sadly I have also lost my local cert fella Barry Dowler - he's too busy doing council things and has stopped doing certs . I need to seek out the other cert fella in nelson, or go to chch etc. I must do an update on that... still have some progress up my sleeve to report on
  22. what's the width, offset and centre bore of those alloys ?.........
  23. You have the same lightweight safety boots as I wear....
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