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  1. And he 'knows what they are worth'
  2. In the listing description.. "these trucks with V8 power, solid axles and link suspension would kill all those wee Suzuki off roaders. Skirts around the fact its British and has lucas electricals
  3. I friend in blighty does it and among the jobs he's done was one where he welded the fins back on to a 911 barrel (iirc.. I think it was a barrel, or something too costly to just replace) Does a neat job where there's very little room, no mess, no clean up needed.
  4. That "FUCK!" he seez at the end - hahaha... I so know that feeling. When something mechanical goes wrong, I'm not sure what but I know its bad.
  5. A 2.2 petrol landie engine you say?
  6. In sure that the oldschool freight service might be able to help. It seems to be a totally fair price for a sub 200k engine eh? (with apparently no issues..... Hmmmm)
  7. Nah not really that bothered about it being super fast right now and the idea of running extra ponies through a box that's running in reverse, which is an unknown success/failure in waiting, seems to me like poking a hornets nest right now. Maybe later if it's not exploded and I get bored. But for now I am really wanting to chase a clean simple look with the whole swap. Which leads me to a question.. I'm trying to work out a way to build a pair of injector rails that are compact and neat. I'll pop up some pics later but for now if like to know if there's some really compact side feed injectors - because if rather make rails that house side feeds rather then having extra fuel rail running above the injectors. The stick inlet runners are quite small and I'd like to have the injection setup not stick out like an ugly after thought if possible.
  8. I reckon a man of dylans talents could make it happen. Set it to start on a timer. 7am and the ld28 starts up, waking up the valley. The shed warms up as he eats his porridge. A dog barks in the distance. Valley life.
  9. Fuck. Great minds and all that. I was just gonna suggest rigging up a spare diesel engine.
  10. @cletus well I looked but only found a k11 item which wouldn't be up to much. I must have lobbed the mondeo one. But I do remember it being a slimline decent looking setup.
  11. There have been a few supercharged gold wings which I can only presume use toothed belts (if they are doing it right...)
  12. In pretty sure I've got a mundano fan setup sitting around here. I can measure it for you. I kept it because it looks well built, good fan size and quite compact.
  13. Great update. Cheers. Your dad looks to have alot of time on his hands...
  14. Cheers Ben. Glad to see you're still popping onto oldschool for a browse.
  15. Entertaining read. Crikey - who would ever bother to spend so much effort swapping all those bits between several similar models, rewiring things and what not just to create a slightly better non-discript Japanese shopping car?!!...
  16. Cheers! Check it out with the stock Honda intake runners. It looks even more porsche like!...
  17. So while I plan out what my induction and exhaust setup with consist of I thought it best to get the alternator sorted. The goldwing engine originally had its alternator mounted off the back of the engine on a seperate casing now removed and driven via one of the many gears that resided within this casing between the engine and the clutch area. That area is now taken up by the bellhousing I have built and the alternator has to go on the front of the engine (which now the back ? of the engine as it sits in the imp..) and be driven off a crankshaft pulley that does not exist. This is what it looks like .. That little round cover hides the main cambelt drive pulleys and has a belt guide plate marked with various timing marks for setting up the ignition.. Under that pressed steel disc resides the first of the pulleys. Sandwiched between the pulleys is a 12 tooth trigger wheel - handy for my planned engine management on a six. I'll replace it with a 36-1 wheel though. So I need to machine up a few bits to allow the crank to run a mini v belt pulley and drive the Honda alternator which I had picked up at the local wreckers will sit about here... At another wreckers I found a pressed steel 5pk pulley from a power steering pump that was about the right diameter, had a flat mounting face and bolted in place with 4 little bolts. Ideal for my plan. I cut it down to suit a 3pk belt.. Then I popped a big lump of steel bar I luckily had left over from some other job into the lathe and machined up a hub with a locating extension on one side to match the inside of the cambelt pulley, of which which extends beyond the crankshaft nose by about 3mm. It drives , via a pin pushed into hub, off the hole in the cambelt pulley, which is there to locate the original timing plate.. The other side of this hub I bored out as far as I could whilst still allowing enough meat to bolt the pulley on. This hub then bolts onto the crankshaft, eccentrically located by the camshaft pulley and held fast by the crankbolt.. Then I machined an alloy 'plug' that fits snug into the bored out hub, machined on the end to centrally locate the steel pulley, rather then rely on the bolts.. And all lined up... So now I have a front drive pulley. Yay. Next up is making some sort of way to mount the alternator securely and not too ugly considering its going to be right there, centrally on view. Starting the mount by making lots of little tiny bits of alloy to tread about the workshop with this tool... I cut some strong alloy plate and mounted it to the top of the engine using several of the conveniently placed cast in mounting points scattered about the place on top of the engine. Thanks Honda I had to add a support on the front, easily bolted to the cambelt housing. Now I had a place that the alternator brackets could be bolted to. I just made it up as I went along and machined bits and pieces until I had what I was looking for. I wanted it to look a mix of between sort of factory and sort of 'race car'. I had lots of fun making more alloy swarf.. Of course I cut my plate too narrow... Eventually I ended up with all these bits to piece together... Together they made this.. But before I plonked the alternator in place I had to clean it. It looked horrid and had obviously resided in a Honda of some ilk with some serious oil leaks. It was also a bit corroded and things didn't want to pull apart too easily. I made a bespoke little bearing puller.. The filthy alloy castings came up nice with a petrol bath.. and even nicer with some wire brushing... While it was apart I cleaned up the slip rings... Painted the centre black. It will possibly be repainted in Imp blue at a later date, as a treat if the engine swap works out ok. Its just a look I quite like - call me 90s boy. Bolted it all back together, complete with a new main bearing that I happened to have in stock (must be one of the most common bearings ever -35/15/10) Then excitedly bolted it in place. My Honda goldwing now has a standard alternator mounted in a pretty normal fashion and it looks nice and neat... With that sorted I can move onto making the cooling pipes and induction setup. I have still not fully made my mind up on what route I'll be taking here but I'll probably to bite the bullet and click buy now on a set of itbs so at least I have something to play with and go from there. I need to find a set of suitable top feed injectors. Something around 200cc at a guess. The standard Honda goldwing 1800 items look like they'd be ok and pretty compact. I'll be making the mounting seats to suit, which I'll then weld in place on the stock intake runners. Fuel rail made to suit.
  18. This ^ is actually a thing. Perhaps @Thousand Dollar Supercar needs to go faster...
  19. If you add an electric motor to that rear passenger side window you could wind it down from the comfort of your seat and listen to the doort noises as you hoon through Wakefield at 95kph whilst stuffing a Wakefield pie into your gob and making farmer spec gang signs at Brent in his gumboots, standing next to his jacked up LN hilux with the dog box (filled with another load of dogs about to get lost) parked in the layby talking to Tracy, from the local CRT, in her cowshit covered carib.
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