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  1. for the meanest brapping you'll want the lumpiest port you can get....
  2. Yes- I agree with Bart on this one. It just makes sooooo much sense to ditch the Austin/Merc engine and fit a beer keg.
  3. What you need to stop fuel sticking is some of this...
  4. Had a design in mind for the wall up to the lounge from very early on. Was gonna take a bit of time but I thought it would be well worth it. Cut and planed lots of batons from Rimu off cuts Its not a techy thing. They went up along the wall and are spaced just so that as you enter from what will be a hallway it sort of looks like a solid wood wall. Then as you walk in and past you can see the orange paint through the gaps... Neato. Much neater. I like the effect. But I also had this planned... and a
  5. Cheers! Its super fun building it, especially now all the tricky bits are done. Didn't really fancy dropping any of those windows as we placed them from the inside, reaching out awkwardly. Just so looking forward to moving in.
  6. WINDOWS UPDATE Yep- more windows. Yay for more light and some extra views. But before that happened we made the mezzanine a safer place to be by finally making some bannisters and removing the chance of plummeting 2.4 metres onto very hard concrete (or worse- a rusty car?). I had a particular style in mind from the very beginning of the build to tie in with the minimalist steel/wood thing going on. Started like this. We made a variety of steel uprights to suit... Ripped down a selection of nice Rimu timber, planed it, sanded it... Bolted up in place and we insta
  7. I second mr pogs comment. I hope your brother @Unclejake is going to keep the cab as is and just cruise around looking the boss. Damn I'd love to see a build thread on that!
  8. Crikey its been a while since I updated this thread. Quite a bit has been built since the last update, in between customers jobs, mucking about buying old Bedfords, playing with bicycle builds and general enjoying summer stuff. Now that its 'late summer' here in the Tasman region and its starting to get a little bit chillier in the evenings we have been cracking into the build so we can hopefully move out of the cabin before spring Autumn arrives. Our bay seems to have a bit of a micro climate and ignores winter here, going straight from autumn to spring and frankly its more nicerer that way
  9. So when does the stretch begin ? (you need two extra seats for the kitty cats...)
  10. Fuck that. I'll find out what it is one day when it sends a rod through the case after I try to pass a nissan tiida (insert any other typically slowly driven modern car) on a slight downhill using gravity to aid punching the Bedford beyond its normal safe working speed.
  11. Goddammit- wtf!???? So its not in the name...? Anyway- our 'silvertoppedblacktop' has the vac pump on the back of the alternator. Riddlemethatbarryboy.
  12. I'll have another look and get back to you. But I've been told that silver tops had twin filters when used in commercials
  13. Yeah I've done all of the various tricks etc and it still struggles at really low settings. Plus its hard to get it to stay at the chosen low amps. After speaking to the importer plus a few other owners of the same machine it is a problem. I very rarely use the full grunt of the machine either but it's handy when I need it and it works great for alloy tig.
  14. I too need to get another tig. My ac/dc machine is fantastic for most welding but not very smooth on really light settings to weld thin steel/stainless - its just not designed for that. I fancy a small dc tig with a nice lightweight compact torch and shall invest soon. Those strata welders are also specced and imported by Proline I think.
  15. That is a fucking good price. I've a weldtech mig- not quite so flash as that (not blingy lcd screen- just two knobs) Same as what @ThePog has (the welder that is - not the fact Dylan only has two knobs...in fact I believe he only has one and its not that impressive - or at least that's what @sidewaysickness mum said) Its been great and has done a huge amount of work for our business. Fantastic on car panels- very smooth (even with poverty spec co2) Greg at proline welding in Nelson is the owner/importer of weldtech. Good dude has great back up service.
  16. Cheers- I'll get to know more about the condition of the engine once we clock up some miles on it. I was just wondering if there was any tell tale signs to look for but its all internal so not much to look at eh. Our engine has two filters (115 and a 416) is that usual for the silver tops out of safaris or more of a commercial thing?
  17. Other than stripping a pump down is there any way that one can check the condition of a pump while still attached to the engine? Our td42 seems fine but for what I think is one tappet that needs closing up a bit. Pulls well, doesn't smoke. I guess run it for a few months and gauge the fuel/oil usage first?
  18. Please paint us a picture of what this guy looked like. I'm picturing a 40-50 something Barry with either a Ford logo'd cap or a cowboy hat sitting proudly atop a very fine looking mullet indeed. Did he suck wind through his teeth as he was under your truck and then pop his head out and excitedly tell you the news which he had hoped would fuck up your day - all because he is just one of those cunts who are so super jealous that they can't create such lovely vehicles themselves so they just have to knock other peoples efforts instead?
  19. I'm keen on any spare 12a rotor for my shed too- to fill my empty 12a housing on the shelf.
  20. Another typically fun few updates to catch up on. Just read them and Hannah was reading it too and we both giggled with delight when your car started and your girlface started giggling. Its such a cool thing when an engine starts for the first time and this can only be bloody amazing considering you're both new fresh barrys to the world of shitty old car tinkering. Congrats from us! Keep the great updates coming!
  21. Yingyang. You'll head away with a truck filled with as much shit as you sold. And so continues the oldschool circle of life.
  22. We at oldschool see no problem with a line up of projects to do one day....
  23. Crikey- the esky too. #sadface. I was looking forward to seeing what you'd make that into.
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