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  1. I managed to find out a while back, that the drivetrain is the same as the 4wd starlet of the previous model. Which isnt exactly common either, but at least if you blew up a transfer case or something, there's some chance of finding another one. Not sure on the rear diff. could probably find out on toyodiy.com or similar though.
  2. Bit steeply priced, but there's one on TM at the moment https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/vitz/listing/3135567620?bof=wRVSXaqQ 4 door though, boooooo
  3. Yeah how cool was that 4WD one! I've thought about getting one, they pop up from time to time. However I think the FWD car would be better at these power levels for most things. As in, It's hard to justify the extra weight when there's not much going on in the power department haha. With LSD and good tyres for whatever you're up to, FWD isnt a huggggeee limitation on tarmac. With a turbo setup though, 4wd probably worth its weight in gold. Yeah regarding piston situation, I think I'm just going to migrate this head across to one of the earlier blocks. Easiest way to get the c
  4. I voted equal length however... High rise headers dont really have any point apart from cars where theres very limited space. IE. Left hand drive cars and getting spaghetti past a steering column. So make it look good and evenly spaced if its a piece of shed art. Equal length if its an engineering exercise to test your skills. Both if you have an exceptional level of patience... Interesting thought - you can have equal length but not equal volume. As a straight pipe with the same centreline length as a 90 deg bend has a different internal volume. Fussing over
  5. Time to work on car stuff has been stretched a little thin, but have made some slow progress. Took the head off, and found yep, valves bent. But no other damage. Valve seats looked fine and so did pistons. Cool! So for now I'll just fix it up and drive without VVTI. I pulled the valves out of my 2NZ motor (same part number) and sent the head off down the road to the engine place to lap the valves in and refit the valve springs. Hopefully get it back by the weekend maybe. There was another Vitz RS at Zebra so I went and pinched another C56, hopefully this one is a little more en
  6. Link g4+ stolen from Carina. It already had 1nz triggers/vvti setup correctly in it as a selectable option. Too easy!
  7. Basically, because it was a motor released in America it's got a big aftermarket compared to something like beams 3SGE which was only released in Japan. Like on Aliexpress you can buy anything up to and including a whole engine brand new. On Ebay there are cheap rods, pistons, turbo manifolds, etc. Cams and springs were expensive-ish but plenty of people have made big hp on factory cams with forced induction. Seriously just have a browse on Ebay under 1NZFE. There's so much stuff. At least compared to what I'm used to!
  8. Nah I CBF with E85. Especially now that gull pulled out of having it at the pump. My thinking was that if new pistons are cheap enough its a lot easier to swap them than machine them. Especially if putting some other rods in. Especially if they have better piston rings. Either way, will figure it out! It will be interesting to see what the piston tops and combustion chambers look like after some high rpm carbon removal haha. And sensibe AFR with no EGR. Im just having shed wiring and some new concrete done this coming week, some time after that I'll whip the head back off a
  9. This is shaping up nicely! Nice work on that console, looks great!
  10. I've had a look through another person's build who managed to use Prius pistons okay with same cams, and apparently VVTI working without any trouble. It looks like the important difference is that they used the earlier version of the engine with the 13:1 piston, not 13.4:1 So I tried to find some pictures of an early 1NZFXE piston. Aqua motor on the left, early prius motor on the right. Top of the picture is intake valve cutouts, tells the story! Can see that its definitely got much bigger valve cutouts and pretty much the whole piston shape is a bit different. It almost look
  11. Haha, that's excellent! Still blows my mind how plentiful and cheap aftermarket parts are for this motor. Definitely not something I've been used to.
  12. No idea yet. Just hopefully whatever requires the smallest amount of notching out of the block.
  13. This chapter is called: I blew up my motor but shit that was good . So the VVTI issue. I realized that I would be able to get the front plate off the VVTI pulley, and then hopefully wiggle free the spring and the locking pin without removing anything else. Thankfully it worked! Then put that front plate on, and done. Then fire the motor up, advance the cam 5 degrees - success! The cam is moving, finally. Excellent. However - with more advance I ended up hitting valves into pistons - at around 20 degrees advance. Bummer! This motor must have smaller valve cutouts than the
  14. He must be pretty bloody cross eyed if they do
  15. Hah! That's an awesome idea with the laser.
  16. Could be it. https://www.motor.com/magazinepdfs/062010_04.pdf I'm not sure if I can troubleshoot this particularly well without taking the cams back out though. If I could manage to hold the chain in the right place I might be able to get the intake cam in/out without taking the front cover off. EDIT: Yeah could definitely be the issue Different engine but same thing https://www.allhead.com.au/technical/toyota-2az-fe-unlocking-vvt-phaser-hubs/
  17. It's possible that I've merely stuffed the cam pulley when I put it together. With the beams 3SGE cam pulleys, they have a giant return spring in them. So if you have no oil pressure inside it, it returns to "home" position and stays there. These springs love to blow peoples faces off when they unbolt the front of the vvti pulley and bits go flying everywhere. Then they are impossible to get back together haha. This later style is much simpler. It doesnt have a spring, but it has a locking pin that will hold the cam in a fixed position when the motor stops. Then as soon as there
  18. I dont really know how they work, I assumed they just open a passage that then lets oil into the cam gear. But do they pump back and forth to push oil in? hmmm I need to do some homework
  19. I converted to manual rack haha.
  20. So it turns out if you use factory cams which have a less aggressive ramp rate, then the BC springs work. But then they run out of puff at high rpm.... So you need the big cams... Which will valve float without the springs, but cant use vvti with them.
  21. Yeah, I hear ya! Shimming the oil pump pressure release valve is a possibility, but the oilpump is buried in the front timing cover. So its pretty much an engine out job to try that too. Well maybe not, but its a total wanker to get the timing cover off while it's in car. I think I'd just rather pull the motor out. It's also possible that the Aqua motor runs a slightly different oil pressure as they from factory run a 0w20 oil compared to 10w30 or whatever for a normal 1NZ I'll check part numbers and see if anything's different. But people with normal 1NZ have same problem.
  22. More shit news, because, reasons So it turns out that because these valve springs are so rediculously stiff compared to factory (double seat pressure) it overpowers the VVTI solenoid. And this is a reasonably known about issue, except for me because I'm stupid and didnt look into it first. So unless I swap springs again, to (unknown compatible spring) I'm stuck without cam advance which is super lame. And I need to take the head off to be able to change the springs, which basically means its a monstrous fuck around. So for the meantime will just get everything else sorted a
  23. Okay so last night I had a good triple check through my settings and I think I must have had some filtering set incorrectly on the triggers... As this morning it's working fine So thought I'd just see if it goes okay Yes, yes it does Currently hardly any ignition timing, no vvti setup, no trumpets on it. But it bloody honks along and sounds glorious! Super stoked!
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