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  1. Latest repairs for last WOF. New set of tyres. New tie rod ends. New steering boots. Shimmed rack and pinion to take the slack out of the steering. Wheel alignment. Also replaced the fuel pump last year due to it leaking, (aftermarket external). Still humming along (sorry team, not much for threads on the interweb) Cheers Charlie.
  2. will try to find some photos of the recent rally we went in, had a guy ask to buy the Viva off me, he would not take no for an answer, he could not understand that something just was not for sale
  3. New seatbelts for the Viva. Made in the states and imported by Normanby Upholstery. Great to deal with and you can match colour and type that you need and have them made to order, all with the correct safety standard required for WOF requirements. No hassels.
  4. Pinch weld or weather seal been replaced, not the cloth type but with a period matching new one for a Torana. A little more pink than expected but should fade well to match.
  5. My first bit of fettling with the HB. Hopefully the colour will age with a bit of sunlight and settle to better match the rest of the interior. Anyone pick the change straight off?
  6. Thanks Alex and Hannah for the great hospitality, and taking the time to go over everything in detail. And I'm sure you are just a phone call or messenger click away when I forget something. So the drive home was to quote "Spirited" loved every minute of it, the calls of "Viva"!! from the old guys on the ferry was telling me yup this was the right car for me. A young chap in a Golf GTI was shown that this car was something else as I left him in my wake at a set of lights, and when he did catch up a big grin and thumbs up was received. Yes I will continue the thread with what I do and places I go so the followers can keep the connection with the car, after all I am but just the custodian and minder of this amazing little car For quite some time I might add. Thanks again Charlie aka Guzzi Rat
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