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  1. Feel free to use my footage, I've got more if you want it, just let me know
  2. threw together some of the footage off the gopro. feel free to steal it
  3. Thanks for the awesome ride guys. Was absolutely epic! I will try to compile my GoPro footage into a video soon
  4. thanks i'll try and see if i can log the ignition advance, i'll also check that the ignition timing is synced for the ecu. i'll let you know how i get on cheers
  5. been having trouble getting the car to boost properly and am starting to run out of ideas so i logged some pulls and was surprised to find the car was making 16psi momentarily in first gear and then about 10psi in second and 9psi in third and taking quite awhile to spool. if anyone has any ideas they'd be much appreciated
  6. Re did the exhaust on the mr2 today to make it breath better, all 3inch piping with the smallest bit being 2.5inch at the flex joint. Kept the cost down by getting all the tubing and muffler from a wreckers. It's a fair bit louder but is pulling harder and all the way to redline which the old 1.75inch (at the tightest point) exhaust was restricting
  7. Quick drive today doing a bit of "testing". Cars running really well but suspect I have broken the front lower engine mount again, will investigate later
  8. Also electronic boost controller, I tried a manual boost controller but it was just the same so I don't think it's the boost controller
  9. It has a ct20b and 3inch downpipe but the exhaust is crap after that, I drove it around open downpipe not too long ago and got it to flow 18psi which was awesome but it was still acting a bit weird and not hitting its boost target until 6k+ rpm, I think the main thing for me to do now is put a proper exhaust on it and then see how it runs
  10. The torque is awesome, 5th gear when overtaking is normally more than enough, very different to the 4age 20v which was in it, though the 20v was alot of fun aswell
  11. The engines run by a link g1 ecu and has made good power when it used to be in a sw20, but I've been having trouble getting it to make full boost, I've only been able to get 12-14psi out of it which is still alot of fun
  12. Fixed by welding a piece of 5mm plate with a nut welded to the back of it hopefully it wont rip out again when I start turning the boost up
  13. Having a closer look it looks like one of bolts rattled loose and the other one got ripped out
  14. So I jacked up the car to have look around and make sure everything was good as theres been a bit more rattling than normal lately and found that my front lower engine mount where it bolts into the chassis wasn't happy about the extra torque so it looks like I'm going to have to get some more practice welding
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