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  1. crikey! good thing you're the man for the job. will be well worth the effort!
  2. when are the rear door handles going on?
  3. If you're coming, it'll be the one in my pants.
  4. I have a feeling this was an ex Paul Bozaid wagon - used to be yellow and in the corner of his workshop @Steelies may remember (a few moons ago)
  5. definitely! You do great builds mate so that would be my only input on what would be a great outcome either way!
  6. Awesome progress! Loving the look. Have you coated the patina with anything to preserve it?
  7. Amazing work - great level of detail!! Good staggering of updates to for everyone in lockdown to have something to look forward to hahaha
  8. A car definitely worth saving! Can't wait to see the progress. DABUZZ RX4 is iconic.
  9. Except that dude with the Surf right? Lookin good Beave - hope the leak isnt a major (but probably is)
  10. When are you coming to pick up the set of 16x8 Crags
  11. Bloody sweet ute. I got whitewalls cut in and painted by a guy in Palmy. I can’t remember his name and doesn’t look like I have his number haha. Might come up on here with some searching - I think I mentioned it in a few posts.
  12. Looks like my table with the green top. Back of the trey-deuce-trey too the left. My airbed went down every night that year RIP. That might have been the neckercheif wagnats too @oldnrusty??
  13. Yea nah you might say it was a weeeee but moist... bloody good turnout from you lot though. Much appreciated everyone seeing the new year on our wet patch
  14. Ps fire ban so no fire for warmth or light. Gumboots might be handy as the grass is a bit long and dewy.
  15. I can confirm this is fun to hoon, much like Al's mum.
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