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  1. man this is cool. nice work! love the early elco's
  2. ahhhh yup yup yup, it was that car then. It's a good one !
  3. Supremes FTW. Also, know that yard - car must have been in the country for a few years now then great purchase!
  4. I could prob do Thurs arvo after work - thats when I'm back up those ways. See how get on Beave
  5. Right you are !! I'll update the first post
  6. Bunch of photos from last year to get you fizzed up - https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/75522-wagnats-2021-feb-5th~9th/page/10/
  7. Oh hi there. Surprised there wasn't a thread created the day after last Wagnats but we're here now with only 83 days until Allan's birthday. Waitangi Day is on the Sunday, with Monday being observed. Loose dates likely Friday 4th to Tuesday 8th, but as always, turn up when ya want and leave when ya want. Cans are better than glass, remember your sunscreen, leave it as you found it, prize table stationed outside Rodgee's wag, don't fall down Mt Everest, etc etc, you know the drill. Please remember fees are paid online now, rather than cash on entry. https://www.mdc.govt.nz/Services/Parks-Public-Spaces/Camping-Grounds/Putai-Ngahere-Domain-Vinegar-Hill
  8. Bloody cool, those OG surfs are choice. The gold is spot on. Some lovely treasure in behind that windscreen!!
  9. Mate, this is cool!! And very neat that it is such a 'bare package' with only a few options and an early model as well. Look forward to seeing updates (but maybe not the having to sell the truck hahah)
  10. crikey! good thing you're the man for the job. will be well worth the effort!
  11. when are the rear door handles going on?
  12. definitely! You do great builds mate so that would be my only input on what would be a great outcome either way!
  13. Awesome progress! Loving the look. Have you coated the patina with anything to preserve it?
  14. Amazing work - great level of detail!! Good staggering of updates to for everyone in lockdown to have something to look forward to hahaha
  15. A car definitely worth saving! Can't wait to see the progress. DABUZZ RX4 is iconic.
  16. Except that dude with the Surf right? Lookin good Beave - hope the leak isnt a major (but probably is)
  17. When are you coming to pick up the set of 16x8 Crags
  18. Bloody sweet ute. I got whitewalls cut in and painted by a guy in Palmy. I can’t remember his name and doesn’t look like I have his number haha. Might come up on here with some searching - I think I mentioned it in a few posts.
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