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  1. One of my favourite steering wheels popped up cheap, so I jumped on it. Must of been meant to be, because the boss kit even fits. Was on an old Hilux apparently.
  2. So researched some "patina" pages, and a lot of the American hot rod guys use CLR to get rid of the surface rust and crap on their cars. I had some time on my hands, so thought I'd give it a crack (Can't look any worse). Turns out CLR is amazing. Moving into a place with garage soon too, so things will hopefully progress a bit quicker. Also, for anyone running a K series, use a genuine Toyota oil filter! The reduction in engine noise is amazing. Will never use aftermarket again. Oh and had to see what 13x9 would look like on it.
  3. First piece to the puzzle. Managed to pick up some springs and struts tubes that have been shortened to fit shorter inserts. Unsure what ones thought? They would have to have a 360ish mm body, so I'm thinking MR2. Will put these in for now and turn the originals into coilovers. Also found a disk brake setup, so will bang that on too.
  4. Haha it's suprisingly not that smelly. I guess because there's no dampness or mould etc. Definitely some frogs and I'll be removing the seat covers with a big stick 
  5. Well I couldnt help myself once again. Saw this pop up and had to have it. So picked some mates up and made the drive from Brisbane to Bundaberg on Sunday. I basically bought it without seeing it in person, and trusting what the seller had said about it. Thankfully she is near mint structurally, thanks to being out west in the Queensland outback. Amazing how dry hot weather can keep a car so well preserved (apart from the paint obviously). Unfortunately it has two nasty dents in the RHR door and rear quarter, but hopefully with a bit of persuasion, it might pop out with minimal damage. Plans are to tidy it up, disk brake front end, leave the patina alone, and slam on some nice small wheels (13x7 ish) When we got it home we thought we may as well see if we can get it started. Battery in, fresh fuel and 4 cranks later shes alive. Typical K series. Like clockwork. Anyway, pictures.
  6. I did an SR20det conversion into a later b series/ early courier once, and couldn’t fit the original sized booster, so figured out a really early Suzuki Swift (Holden Barina shape) booster basically bolts in. Just had to shorten the booster to firewall tube. Just a thought if you wanted something smaller and closer to the firewall.
  7. Installed a control box for fuel pump and mounted it under car this weekend. Running much better now. Also had it in a wedding with Kitches and Luke's coupes.