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  1. Shit, that looks good. Better not get it dirty.
  2. Cool. The booster has a ‘silencer’ or ‘filter’ that is foam around input rod. Chances are when the new pads were put in or the brakes bled and the pedal was pushed all the way down the foam has fallen apart. If the brakes are working as they should,then the booster is sad. If you get a hard pedal or poor stopping performance, the booster is dead. Either way, I would recommend replacing the booster.
  3. Sounds like a sad booster to me.
  4. Usually you can tell if engine oil or coolant is leaking, because it’s wet and not an invisible gas.
  5. They may not even need a resistor.
  6. I think you would use the one in the left or the three on the right , but not all. Factory fitted steering wheel controls (in Toyota at least) Have one output. Each button has a different resistor, so the stereo sees a different voltage for each button and knows what to do.
  7. That reminds me of the time I was doing a WOF on a Land Rover. Did a 30kph hard brake test, pedal went to the floor and Landy kept rolling, handbrake stopped it eventually. A hard brake line burst open length ways.
  8. Those guys will make you one with a receiver if that’s what you want.
  9. @Bling try these guys to compare a local price https://www.towbar.co.nz
  10. Sounds like the starter brushes are worn out. Hitting the starter with a hammer shocks it into starting, but you only get a few hits before the brushes are completely done. You can replace just the brushes.
  11. Knock on wood quick or you’ll jinx yourself
  12. I really could go for a river swim right now. 3 more sleeps.
  13. @KKtrips can you pin that stuff in tech articles?
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