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  1. You might need some camber correction arms for the rear as well. keep up the good work.
  2. They will only be able to tell you if there is a current recall. The Takata recalls have been going on for years now and are dependant on supply. When I was at Toyota a couple years ago there were some cars that we had replaced the airbag inflator two or three times because they were supplying the old style initially, because a new old style was safer than waiting for the new style.
  3. HQ is actually 5x120.65 / 5x 4.75” That extra 0.65 is enough to snap your wheel studs.
  4. I love the idea of a Toyota Hemi in this old camper, but if we are talking chassis swaps, you’d be better off getting a modernish diesel Hilux or similar and putting your body on top.
  5. So you have a cert passed already? you unbolted a factory fitted seatbelt and installed what exactly in its place? what kind of car?
  6. That looks minor. If it is failed the inspector should give you a Structural Repair Sheet that you can take to a panel beater for them to sign of that it is sweet as mate.
  7. Yaris might be more aerodynamic than a 69 Camaro.
  8. @Not-a-number Looking good man. Is the A/C gassed up? I do wonder about those hose clips holding.
  9. Should be sweet as. Previous shape Hilux towbars were the same for 2WD and 4WD, just had the tongue flipped.
  10. Might want to give it a wash for better aerodynamics.
  11. I remember seeing a turbo commy years ago with the turbo mounted between the radiator and the engine.
  12. I like the net to catch any parts when they fall off the bike
  13. With a timing light https://www.toyotanation.com/threads/diy-ignition-timing-check-and-adjust-obd-i-93-95.1374553/
  14. Did you check the ignition timing after the new belt was on?
  15. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/tb-general/guidance-clearly-visible-smoke If there is no smoke once it warms up when you give it a rev, it will pass.
  16. Correct. Reverse lights are a permitted lamp. So you don’t need them.
  17. Chin spoiler looks lush. I am not a fan of the text on the intercooler tho.
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