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  1. Turn key to on position so pump primes up with in line fuel pressure gauge and see if pressure drops quickly or holds for a while? If pressure drops quickly then check fuel injectors. Could also see if any of the plugs are more fouled than others I suppose but this might only show up if an injector really is leaking bad.
  2. Maybe. Last time I went to burgerfuel it cost me damn near 30 bux so might try the mexican place next door.
  3. 3 vehicles, none of them matching. 2 cars 1 bike 2 euros 1 japanese 2 oldschool one new school
  4. I'm down for next Wednesday if ya'll wanna catch up for a borger
  5. Wouldn't mind attending occasional burger eats.
  6. Can you hear the injectors clicking? Also pull plugs after a good crank and see if they're dry or wet. It may be a newschool engine but the basics still apply, fuel/air/compression/spark.
  7. We've been telling people to dump it, yeah. Too much of a coincidence to have so many blown engines all running the same oil. Maybe if it's some really old stuff you've had lying around it'll be good (we used to recommend it to customers), but anything that's been purchased in the last 18 months I'd say ditch it.
  8. There's only one thing left to do... Put a rota innit oi!
  9. We used to recommend it back in the day. Now it blows engines up. Dunno what they changed but it's causing us (and most other dealerships) a lot of problems at the moment.
  10. Seems to have gotten worse in the last few years for sure, but the official fuel shelf life is 3 months according to BP. But then chuck that in a plastic tank in the sun with an open vent and you can halve it again. Best thing for your outboard is to run fresh and preferably 95 octane fuel, and quality oil (read: Not Valvoline). Glad to see you got it ripping, sorry I didn't see the post before hand.
  11. Mostly because I have old guys argue with me that the fuel is "fresh enough" and insist there's something wrong with the motor that needs fixing. Trust me, old fuel is a fucking headache on outboard motors.
  12. I was thinking of maybe heading through to Ellerslie for a burger tonight. Seems like this Wednesday in particular would be a great day for it.
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