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  1. NZ Classic Car have done an article on the GT in this months edition
  2. Yep that’s what I was thinking or alternatively go the scratch built route
  3. No just the chassi plate which matches the stamping on the body. I will get a receipt off the guy etc plus all the shipping docs.
  4. I’m looking at bringing in a Cortina Mk 1 2 Door Body from Australia which is rust free for a new build. It has the chassi number stamped on the inner wing and a chassi plate but that’s it. Would I be able to get it complied and registered or will it be a complete mission and all too hard?
  5. It’s been over a year since I have done anything with this and it’s still the same lol. 2 Door GT is off to paint shortly so this is next in the queue. Trying to decide what engine to use in it. I have a 140BHP Precrossflow with all the good gear and a Lotus Twincam which I really want to put into something. Lotus engine is a bit more work as battery goes in the boot etc.Body and interior will be all original Ermine White with Black Trim.
  6. Ready for paint. The panel journey has ended and the quality is just outstanding. Thanks Greg at R3 Fabrications.
  7. Doors primed and already to go to the paint shop.
  8. Right, got the new set of rear quarter window rubbers and much better than the last set. These fit really tight and will need some careful trimming of the surplus rubber to get them looking good. Another box ticked.
  9. Back from the blasters. A couple of minor things to do and it’s off for paint.
  10. Off for the final blast, then refit the bonnet, doors and boot lid and then off to paint woohoo
  11. Rear bumper has been straightened up and trial fitted. Looking mint. Just needs a file up and off to the chrome players again. Down to the last few small jobs and off for the final blast.
  12. How many times have you heard ‘exact replica of original’ when it comes to copy parts? Nothing here a grinder, welder and skills can’t fix. Stevie Wonder must have been on the job the day these brackets were made. Got the back bumper and left front bumper stripped to repair again before recrhoming.