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  1. Haven’t been doing much due to Covid and focusing on getting the 2 door painted. Have managed to get 2 NOS rear quarters and back panel so that’s all the panels sorted to do from the firewall back. I’ll probably get a new front valance and slam panel from Steel Panels UK. I have a couple of good front guards that need a couple of small rust repairs on the bottom edges. It’s getting really tough bringing in parts from the UK as shipping has gone through the roof unfortunately
  2. Bit of a quandary on which colour to go. Either the factory Dragoon Red which is kind of a slightly darker red or go halfway in between Dragoon Red and Signal Red which is a bright red. Will get some paint swatches done and decide then I think.
  3. After sitting for a couple of months to ensure no issues under the first coat of primer the paint is progressing well and will soon be ready for colour
  4. Finally into paint. First seal coat on and now it sits for 7 weeks curing
  5. Still waiting for the chassi jacking points and a couple of cross member repair sections.Also waiting on the NOS rear quarter which will get rid of a few past sins in one go
  6. 2 Door GT is finally off to paint this Tuesday so going to crack on with the 4 Door GT now. Waiting on a pile of panels to arrive from Steel Panels UK and then into it. Pics of some of the weapons grade bodge repairs done by some amateur years ago. Pics won’t up load ...
  7. Just been sorting the dash today. Got the plastic instrument binnacle fitting mint so now to cut out the surplus metal off the std dash to get all the instruments fitting. I’ll take out the original dash frame in the car and swap it over with this. Pretty easy job to swap as just drill out the spot welds and fit this and the plug weld. About a 3 hour job all up.
  8. Bits finally turned up for the engine bay. Been flat out so hopefully get it onto the dolly this weekend and off to the blasters. Dropped some of the dash instruments to Robinson’s to get checked over and have sorted the wiring loom out. I’ll trial fit the loom before I wrap it in tape so it’s not a biggie to make any changes. I have used 3 looms to make 1 to suit the dash and engine.
  9. Discuss my Rat Mk 1 Cortina build
  10. Made up a dolly out of some Unistrut I had and found 4 decent sized castors as well. 2 have brakes and the other 2 have swivel lock pins. Probably a bit overboard however the wheel track width is the same as the car so no problems getting on and off the trailer. Rip the suspension out this week and get it on the dolly and over to the blaster next week.
  11. First job is to get all the suspension out of it and build a dolly for it. I know what engine I will be using in it so someone one will pick it as the build goes.
  12. While I’m waiting for my Mk 1 GT 2 Door to come back from the paint shop. I’m going to build this into a rat build. Anyone got any experiance with a satin clear coat over what’s there on the exterior? Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/72206-66gt’s-rat-mk-1-cortina/
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