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  1. Not much to report on. Decent panels are like rocking horse shit to get and with a 10 month lead time on a new front panel I’m seriously contemplating buying another Mk 1 to get the front panel off. Engine rebuild is underway and powdercoater is a 4 week lead time so drip feeding parts too him. Having my op on my foot next week and leg in plaster for 8 weeks which will slow progress
  2. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Pretty sure the clip is the same as the ones on the heater fascia. I’ll have a look tomorrow as have spares
  3. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    The 3 bottom ones go on the tailgate and normally the oval one goes on the bottom of the left front guard. The rest are spares
  4. Some more pics of the shitty areas that need work. The lower sections on the rear guards are shit and also some close ups of the front end which is in a sorry state. There must have been a ton of bog in it. Also after a boot and bonnet which I will pay good $$ for as well.
  5. Got a price off Ex Pressed Steel Panels in the UK for the sills, boot panels and front valence which is the complete front panel and numerous other bits and is $4,600 all up plus tak and import fees in NZ would be at least a grand. Problem is the front panel is 10 months lead time. The other panels are 3 weeks. I think I will get all the other panels and try and find a front cut here. If anyone knows of anything out their I’m prepared to pay a finders fee if it’s what I need and purchase.
  6. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Good score that wagon. I was going to hit the buy now but need to finish the 2 GT projects first
  7. First thing to do is get it in the jig at R3 to see how it all lines up and then sort out the front end. Looks like the welding and bodge panelbeating been done by the apprentice who was then sacked after the job as Stevie Wonder would have done a better job
  8. Really like this wagon
  9. Some pics. As you can see the front end is pretty shitty however overall looking at it it’s not to bad for 53 years old. If anyone knows of any old Mk 1’s lying around with a half decent front end I’d be keen. Best thing is all the shite red paint gone!!!!
  10. Cortina is all blasted and undercoated. Went to see it today and the outer panels are pretty shitty with weapons grade bodge repairs. The basic structure is all ok but it needs both rear quarters , both outer sills, 2 front guards and the front panel. I have all the panels except the rear quarters. I can get a couple of NOS ones so will get that underway. It’s a lot shittier than I expected but hey that’s oldschool cars and the challenges that go with them. I’ll post pics in the weekend of the damage.
  11. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    Looks like hardening has worn off?
  12. 66gts 4 door cortina

    Yep exactly like that.
  13. Blasting underway. Doesn’t look to bad so far.
  14. Finished stripping the Cortina so already for blasting. Bye bye shit red paint