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  1. Fuck that's the ultimate pauper spec not even a ciggie lighter.
  2. rodshop.com.au. You prob already been there
  3. Remote mount the oil filter?
  4. Cool project and another Escy wagon saved.
  5. Hi all. I have just started a full restoration of my MK 1 GT 2 Door Cortina. Currently it is fully stripped and with Greg at Custom Metal Shapers. All the exterior paint has been stripped and it is very rust free for one of these. Unfortunately it was restored in the early 80's after I suspect it had a frontal and as a result the front rails and inner guards are a bit ugly. It would really annoy me every time I opened the bonnet knowing what was there so the front rails and inner guards are going to be replaced. The exterior will be finished as per the original Dragoon Red and all completely standard. Ditto the black interior apart from a Les Leston woodrim wheel. Running gear will be all standard precrossflow with period modifications. Engine is a Throbnozzle Racing pre crossflow running the standard 28/36 Webber with jetting to suit. Gearbox is fitted with a 2000E gear set and Ali bell housing, tailshaft and remote housing. Diff is 3.7 in an Ali Nose. Shocks all round are adjustable Spax. Wheels are going to be BRM 4 spokes from the 60/70's. Aiming to have it on the road October 2016
  6. Picked up my BRM 4 spokes today fully refurbed. Thanks to Nigel & Dan from Manukau Auto & Tyres for the top notch workmanship as always. You want your classic wheels restored these guys are the best.
  7. 15 thou for the points should do it to get running. Nice old V8 Rover
  8. Great work seeing an old wagon being restored and kept on the road.
  9. Awesome job! I really need to learn to weld
  10. Nice work on keeping this Cortina on the road.
  11. One complete box ready for action. Body work will start again in a couple of weeks so looking forward to finally getting progress
  12. Used new gear selector forks as the old ones had nice big wear grooves which causes the box to jump out of gear. Put in the selector rods and then wired the rod securing bolts.
  13. Put in the lay gear and input shaft. Used a bit of weed eater cord to lift the lay gear into plus once the mainshaft installed so the layshaft can be slid in. Also used alloy input shaft housing and rear mainshaft bearing carrier.
  14. Assembled the mainshaft all new bearings and fitted the needle rollers to the laygear.
  15. Finally assembled the gearbox last weekend. Here's the main case ready for the internals
  16. Fuck mate you can't turn a trick! I laughed so much at your go jack fail. Thanks for brightening up my day
  17. Looks pretty nice! Will be a great cruiser once you sorted all the mechanical gremlins
  18. Natural habitat for one of these is a gas station! Good old ride though and pretty well bullet proof
  19. I used to run triple SU,s on my mk3 in the 80's. Never had many issues at all with tuning. Key is to have a good adjustable linkages. I'm gathering all the parts to do a lowline Mk 2 Zodiac build once my GT is finished. Have a Mk 3 engine with Bedford pistons prettyy big cam, big valve head gas flowed and triple SU,s. going to run a Mk 3 box and steering column, negative camber front crossmember and it all slammed on 8" steel widened wheels all old school.
  20. You running triple SU's on it? Bob Homewood is the guru hot Zephyr engine builder
  21. Burtons in the U.K. have it all. Burtonpower.com
  22. Stripped an old gearbox for the main case and then stripped and cleaned the mainshaft etc ready for reassembly. Hopefully I should get the mainshaft assembled tomorrow and it all installed in the case.
  23. Looks great. I just put new springs standard height and Koni adjustable shocks all around on mine and the handling has been totally transformed.