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  1. Raided my spares and have got enough to rebuild the engine. Just need to get mains and bigend bearings once crank size is known. Will be running steel caps, lotus 125E rods, 60thou Mahle pistons, all steel rocker gear, cleaned up GT head all held together with ARP fasteners. Cam will be old school A2 Cosworth grind and vernier timing gear. I will run the original Weber rejetted however the engine is all set up to run twin 40 DCOE,s. I’ll pull the engine and box next weekend and also give the gearbox a birthday with new bearings and seals etc. I’ll pull out the front suspension and get that all powedercoated plus put new brake discs on. It already has had the struts done with Bilstein inserts and king springs and the brakes have stainless sleeves so just a rekit required there. Rear end will be the same and I’ll put new bearings in the diff head as it had a bit of a whine from memory.
  2. Pulled out my old 65 Mk 1 GT out of storage today where it’s been sitting for about 3 years. Chucked a battery in after about a miniute of cranking it burst into life. The engine is as fumey as fuck so I reckon the rings are all gummed up and the tacho has stopped working plus a couple of lights.I have owned it about 14 years and in that time done about 2000 Miles if that. The paint is shit with humidity blisters and I bought it that colour which I have always hated, it was originally an Ermine White car, so I’ll work out in the next couple of weeks what to do with it. Current thinking is rebuild the engine and go over all the mechanicals, get Chris R to sort the electrics and get it back on the road. Then either sell it or repaint it Ermine white and keep it.
  3. 73 HQ Statesman All original 2 owner car. Bench seat. Bought it about 5 years ago after it sat unused for 20 years. Fully rebuilt the brakes and power steer. Engine had a few oil leaks so had it fully record, it had a few busted parts inside so glad I got it done. Heads converted to unleaded and put on Pacemaker Headers and dual exhausts. Put on the 14x8 Tridents to keep it all looking period. It’s virtually rust free and original paint. Interior is all factory with original brocade and factory radio, never had any holes drilled for aftermarket shit.
  4. Rego is dead on it. Wonder if it’s still hiding in someone’s shed or it’s rebar in a building somewhere
  5. Looks like a very tidy Sport. That’s a great score
  6. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Starting to get the guards and front panel all ready for the final fit off and welding. Good to see a grille on the front again! I have sourced a NOS rear light panel so that should turn up in a couple of weeks and the last bit of the puzzle is the lower rear valence which is proving pretty elusive.
  7. Hi all. I have just started a full restoration of my MK 1 GT 2 Door Cortina. Currently it is fully stripped and with Greg at Custom Metal Shapers. All the exterior paint has been stripped and it is very rust free for one of these. Unfortunately it was restored in the early 80's after I suspect it had a frontal and as a result the front rails and inner guards are a bit ugly. It would really annoy me every time I opened the bonnet knowing what was there so the front rails and inner guards are going to be replaced. The exterior will be finished as per the original Dragoon Red and all completely standard. Ditto the black interior apart from a Les Leston woodrim wheel. Running gear will be all standard precrossflow with period modifications. Engine is a Throbnozzle Racing pre crossflow running the standard 28/36 Webber with jetting to suit. Gearbox is fitted with a 2000E gear set and Ali bell housing, tailshaft and remote housing. Diff is 3.7 in an Ali Nose. Shocks all round are adjustable Spax. Wheels are going to be BRM 4 spokes from the 60/70's. Aiming to have it on the road October 2016
  8. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Another update. Front end pretty well done. Next job is to remove both rear quarters to make sure all clean and then sort the rear tail light panel. If anyone has a NOS one or an excellent panel let me know.
  9. chrisr's g20 van

    That really sucks
  10. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    So sorry thanks for the smack on the hand.......
  11. Adoom's 1972 Triumph 2000

    I’d use this one and save a lot of time on panel work if it’s a good one
  12. Mk1 cortina

    Heater tap stuck on. Nice Mk 1 BTW
  13. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Busy over the next day or so getting all the bits together to drop out to Greg for the trial fit up. Lights, Grille, Bonnet and hardware, Door hardware and NOS door skins, windscreen panel grill, front cross member. Bit the bullet and bought a new 3.77 CWP from Burton’s as well. I bought an alloy diff head hosing ages ago and a rebuild kit with all the bearings seals and collapsible spacer so will have a crack at setting it up myself. I mean what can go wrong haha
  14. The Bronze's XB Falcon

    Who the fuck would be too tight to get a wheel alignment after suspension componentry replacement. You diagram is excellent and good enough to get it to an alignment shop
  15. chrisr's g20 van

    Shit you might be lucky to find one by the 10th with everyone being away on holiday
  16. Send it to PG Hydraulics in Auckland. They specialise in power steering and will be able to rebuild and do some subtle tweaks on it to sort any inherent problems the racks have
  17. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Off the jig amd next up is the doors and bonnet fitting before the rear end is tackled.
  18. Sluggy's C20

    Very cool ride.
  19. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Cortina is looking epic with the front end all together. Both A pillars all repaired and the sills back on ready for final welding. Next job is fitting the front guards and front panel.
  20. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Off to check progress tomorrow so will post some pics. We are using my Mk 1 4 door GT as a reference for all the corrrect mounting holes in the engine bay etc so once that's done I think I'll sell the 4 door GT. it needs a full restoration and after having done this 2 door I don't think I'll ever get round to doing it. In saying that I'll probably change my mind next week lol.
  21. Just drove it until something breaks. Good idea on the Rego papers in the frame. I'll shamelessly steal that idea thanks
  22. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Great progress with front end coming together! The original firewall was creased so the recess,s on the red section needed to be transferred to the new fire wall section. It would appear these were introduced to late Mk 1 for Mk 2 production as my 65 GT doesn't have them. Front end back together after all separated parts repaired or fabricated new.All parts blasted and all inner box sections painted in 2k black and all flanges zinc primed.Will also be using panel bond on some of the areas prone to corrosion for extra protection and strength.Looking at moving on to windscreen panel repairs next and have complete front end mocked up, guards, bonnet etc.
  23. Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    Looking good. Great that all the interior is in great condition. Mechanically anything can be fixed.
  24. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Battery tray getting a trial fitting. I need to start seriously looking at getting a painter lined up! Any reccomendations welcomed.
  25. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Excellent progress happening on the front end. All stripped and ready to go to the blasters and then the big reassembly. Everything as far as possible will be spot welded as per original and all internal cavities treated so it won't ever rust again in my lifetime. One of the A pillars was still all factory untreated steel inside from 50 years ago. No wonder they all used to rust bigtime. Sills are all done and come from the 4 door we chopped up ages ago. These have been modified with the correct 2 Door drains etc so exactly as per original. Also the repro underwing kits turned out to be pretty average, they would be fine for a race car, so fortunately the originals with a bit of cleanup have come out mint. Bloody annoying you pay big bucks for repro panels and they turn out to be a shit fit and need lots of rework to get anywhere near fitting.