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  1. How big an area do you need? Truck brake pot diaphragms might do the job
  2. Could be a possible. May be in mid-school E46 though
  3. I think after a week, people will stop trying to push the boundaries and take the piss. At least I hope so. Those who are working are volunteering to take on the risk of infection in order to keep people alive.
  4. My guess would be yes. I do believe that local garages are allowed to operate for similar reasons if needed. Most are using a telephone call out type service
  5. VTNZ, VINZ, and AA will be open for essential services vehicles only. No private vehicles. If your vehicle is used in the support of life, then join the queue at their lane, don't get out. They will come to you, they will judge your need, if they deem you are not essential service they will turn you away. Don't try to take the piss. If in doubt you're probably not essential
  6. May I recommend you buy brand new if going for a set of carbs. A new set of RS34 out of the states are cheaper than 2nd hand here, and not all worn out and broken. I bought some 2nd hand RS36 and then some brand new TMR40. Never again will I buy 2nd hand carbs
  7. Snorkpipe


    Have you tried your local Wurth guy?
  8. The sticker is still valid, but the car is not road legal due to being not up to WOF standard, no different to going for a fresh wof then throwing a set of slicks on
  9. Snorkpipe


    Is that an open offer? at some stage in the next few months, I'd like to get something like this done:
  10. It must be time to organise next month's one. being Spring and all. Also, daylight saving rolls out in 10 days.
  11. Ignitech motorcycle ignition control unit. Trying to rig up a quich shifter ignition cut-out
  12. Does anyone know how I could convert a piezo-electric signal into somethin a control unit would see as either high or low input? The pieze has around 1V AC, and the control unit wants either 12V DC, or ground as it's input? I have tried using a transistor to pull the control unit to ground, but that was unsuccessful
  13. Huge numbers of old japanese bikes had poor connections between the phases of the stator and the reg/rec. Probably worth checking too.
  14. Testing after the fuel filter should give an approximation of rail pressure. Depends if you have any restrictions in the hose between the two though.
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