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Te Urewera Undertaking, 2020 Nov 27th, 28th, 29th.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Entrants, as of 22-11-2020 @ 10:29pm

  1. @johnnyfive
  2. Daniel, aka Ruckus guy, aka Grom guy. 
  3. @GuyWithAviators
  4. @UTERUS
  5. @MopedNZ
  6. @TimShadboltfan27
  7. Shannon D
  8. Daniel W
  9. @Shakotom
  10. @Threeonthetree
  11. @Tumeke
  12. Brudda of @Tumeke 
  13. @Truenotch
  14. @Mr Vapour
  15. @tortron
  16. @WankBankA100
  17. @BLIZZO
  18. @anglia4
  20. @Duke Blackwood
  21. @HighLUX
  22. @Mitch.W
  23. @Beaver
  24. @00quattro00
  25. Bucket Barry on bike
  26. @MaxPower (Vehicle)
  27. @rumrum
  28. @slacker.cam
  29. @sentra
  30. @Dolan
  31. @Itchybear
  32. @Kass
  33. @Chunky_t
  34. @Thphantum (vehicle)
  35. Brudda of @TimShadboltfan27
  36. Jason H
  37. Jamie F
  38. Paul A
  39. @Atex
  40. Tofa / Chris R
  41. Dean W
  42. @Jonathan shaw
  43. Greg G

41 riders
2 vehicles


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While the thought of that does send a shiver up my spine, given the choice between that or no booze, it still wins hands down. 

that's where DoBro comes into it's own. Even at just a fraction below room temperature, its still okay to drink.

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4 minutes ago, anglia4 said:

@johnnyfive, I'm translating your written directions from last year into a reverse direction exact copy.

I'll email it to your stupid bike rides address when I'm done and you can give it a check over? Hopefully it will take some of your load off.


Those were most helpful last year.

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2 minutes ago, Chunky_t said:

@WankBankA100 are you riding your cb100 this year?

Na, I actually built it for a mate to ride (and to test out small 4 stroke life), and then tried to palm it off to a few people so they could make it, but no interest. So I stopped racing to get it ready in time. It's in final assembly stage, just waiting on some fork gators, and now some handlebar controls cause the other ones I ordered didn't have the right wiring setup for the wiring loom.

So still A100 life this year!

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