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  1. The most fun i have had on two wheels! A massive thank you to J5/shadow garage crew for organizing the epic ride! Big thanks to @MopedNZ for supplying parts and advice, cheers! I have linked some photos that i took. sorry for the shit/hazy spec pictures my phone has had a rough life. Very pleased with Gemima the GN125 for hauling my ass 581kms. She has done well. Not sure what bike i will get for next year but keen for something different.
  2. Hi everybody. I have just registered for the ride. My accommodation is sorted. I will be bringing Gemima which some of you will recognize.
  3. hey man i'm keen to get in on this i have not been to meremere for skids for a while. if my stint at manfield on the 24th of september goes well, i'll pay up after then.