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  1. I spent a fair bit of time looking at manual boxes to use behind a mercedes v8. Ended up on deciding to use a t56 for the following reasons Removable bellhousing Very strong, Double over drive giving nice cruise rpms Easy clutch options, Pretty easy to pick up secondhand or spend the money and buy a brand new one Other factory boxes that are strong are the ones behind the v6 nissan 350z ect and a bmw GS6-53
  2. Me an Nick did that a few months back, I'd be keen to do it again
  3. I make sure they are all nice and clean, take wheels off and water blast underneath, make sure everything works and he always comments how nice and easy mine are to do
  4. Check with your local revin place as prices vary, I get mine done at the AA in napier as the guy is pretty lax and does them for $400 (normally $450) and vtnz charge $579 and are cunts
  5. If you are going to sell it you can just do the revin and its issued its wof and then get the plates/register it when someone buys it
  6. Ive revinned an au falcon and l300 mitsi this year $400 for the inspection and then to get the plates had to pay $234 and that includes 6 months rego
  7. I got hd ranchos cheap from rock auto for my ute and am very happy with them
  8. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    Is it a discovery or defender? Manual or auto? Fit an egt and boost gauge and increase the fueling and boost and it will be a lot nicer to drive, the 300tdi is a great engine, good economy easy to work on and very reliable.
  9. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    The injector pump can draw from the tank but you will find it down on power a bit, mine was. New lift pump is cheap as and easy to fit
  10. I am running the wiring like this on my ct185 but with no battery, indicators work at idle
  11. Is water circulating in the system correctly?
  12. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    Popped a egt probe in the manifold for the l300 (4d56t) while it was off, I was going to leave it standard but 86hp is a tad punishing in an auto 4wd van. Have some 2.5" exhaust piping and bends left over so will make a new exhaust too as its super simple on the vans. Getting an intercooler on it is going to be a bit more tricky though but im thinking of mounting a water to air behind the drivers seat