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  1. Gotta be a solid 15hp now?
  2. When are you putting it on a dyno to see how much power it's making now
  3. goes hard for what it is
  4. Does it have rim locks? My xr only had one per wheel and vibrated like crazy at anything over 70k, i balanced them out with stick on wheel weights on the inside of the rim under the rim tape
  5. Cut a small bit out of the bottom of the tail light and glue in a bit of clear plastic
  6. What's 0-100 now that it's not losing half its power to self clearancing
  7. yes, depends if I get parts in time or a suitable bike comes up
  8. Too tight and probably not a very round piston or bore
  9. Did you buy piston and barrel together? I've always had the machinists bore it to suit the piston, it's only $90 odd to get it bored
  10. Just looking at the specs for ring gap on other air cooled engines and they all seem about the same as what you have. Have you pulled it apart yet?
  11. Should probably do something about getting the ct reassembled
  12. Does it go off the clock g
  13. How fast was that going?