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  1. It's the atc125 for my ct90, was just going to give it a quick freshen up but it's been run out of oil and wrecked it. The original 90 is pretty poked and is way too slow with my weight. I don't really want to buy a bike as it would only be used for this ride. If its OK to use my xr250 Baja then I'll just use that
  2. You would think with technology these days the stickers would be redundant. With bike wofs is it a requirement to have 2 rear view mirrors or do you just need a right side one?
  3. Ive used the drill press on a few heads, just bolted a bit of wood under the head and made a tool the right size for the spring retainer
  4. If anyone wants a ride down from Auckland I'll have a spare seat in the landy and will be able to fit a small bike in the back
  5. wouldnt it be easier to just cut the pins off and stick it on?
  6. Is there anything cool I can do with this 24v generator that came off my land rover? It's huge and weighs heaps
  7. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    Definitely worth fitting a boost gauge and egt gauge and upping the boost and fueling, can probably give it a little bit more timing advance too, need a dti gauge and adapter to set it correctly. An exhaust upgrade will make a noticeable difference, most of the jap diesels have pretty small exhausts