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  1. Does it have a TV cable? If its not adjusted correctly you won't have enough line pressure
  2. What model trans is in it? I have the workshop manuals for a bunch of mitsi transmissions
  3. Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure it will be a hydraulic valve body
  4. I recently rebuilt the master on my landy and just put it back on and bled it as normal, there should be no need to bench bleed a new master cylinder
  5. What did the bottle cost? Im trying to work out the cheapest way to have gas at the shed, problem is that bunnings in hastings dont do the trade n go bottles, only blackwoods and bay trade but the fuckers are not open on the weekend at all. A G argo shield from boc is $208 plus the rental or a F is $133
  6. Fwiw aluminium can be tig, mig, gas, laser and arc welded too
  7. I find the welding tips and tricks channel on youtube pretty good
  8. When I rereg vehicles I just go to the courthouse and fill out a statutory declaration form stating I am the legal owner of the vehicle with chassis number xxxx and then the jp stamps it, dont need any thing to do with the old owner
  9. Same with the germans, they carried on racing the 4v engine after it had been replaced by the 5v
  10. Just watch if you get them reset, I had a set done and they went to hundy on them and fuck me they were stiff, could put 500kg on the back and they would hardly move. I did the usual and got them done but didn't finish the project for a while later and when I realised they were to meke I called them up but they didn't want to know
  11. M.H.

    diesel spam

    A super hx30 would work really good as a single as well, be good for 300hp. I may still go that way as 300 is the max my standard pump and injectors will fuel and its a lot cheaper and easier
  12. M.H.

    diesel spam

    A common compound setup on cummins 4bt 3.9l is a hx30 with a hx35, im going to use those on my land rover
  13. You can get cable operated sensors that were mounted in the engine bay, Mercedes and Peugeot had them, I'll be using one on my van as its easier to setup than having to mount a complete pedal assembly
  14. Lol good luck to them proving that changing brand coulivers and fitting oem size wheels contributed to a crash
  15. It won't make any difference. Where do people get the idea from that if you don't have a wof insurance is void
  16. Mig gas comes in different argon/co2 ratios, you can use a mix with less co2 for welding thinner materials. The standard mix is fine for everything you are going to do
  17. For sure, that's why I'll be driving around illegally when I change the bilstein coilovers out for tein ones and go from 16" wheels to 17"
  18. I think what annoys people is having to get a cert for something lame like coilovers and then not being able to change wheel size where if you just fitted lowering springs you can change wheels/heights without a problem
  19. Yep email them to me, I'll pm you my email
  20. You can get those from pick a part nice and cheap
  21. What size throttle body do you need? Vw pedals are easy to mount and the throttle bodys come in various sizes
  22. I do have this old max200 200a water cooled one here I could put back together, might be a bit over kill though
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