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  1. MopedNZ

    Greenies 88 GN

    Get in touch with Kass at KP Upholstery if you want. Let him know I put you onto him. He's out Greerton and has done all my seats. Might have some nicer proper spec foam for you to get for cheappppp? 0273108620 - Worth a call anyway.
  2. Loving the look of this thing mate! A customers Fatboy. Has a 120ci (2000cc) donk and is raised 2" front and rear. Still scrapes pipes cornering. LOOOOSE.
  3. Honda life is back. Next up; 1980’s Honda TACT.
  4. I think that was old mate Geophy that blanked off the kick The shaft was either completely stripped/not there when he got it. Rowdy bike! Looks much better these days. I reckon if you accidentally slipped an RGV150 motor in there the world would be a great place
  5. Couldn't just let this absolute gold go to waste. Filmed by @anglia4. @Beaver Dam Sharns.
  6. I definitely have full tuck BORT a few times. Blooooooody epic. Showed the Swedish tourists (male sorry) at work today some of the footage and they were shocked at that many bikes turning up for a ride like this.
  7. All footage acquired. Lemme see what magic I can conjure up. Aim to have it out late tomorrow night. But end of the weekend at the latest. Cheeeeeeers people for being amazing.
  8. Re: Motu road. Done some reading on it lately and it's blown my mind a wee bit. It was used as a part of the WRC till the mid 90's. The Motu was often the stage that decided the championship winner. Fastest time ever was Colin McRae in a Subaru in 1994: 37m 21s from end to end - all 47km. Jesus thats quick. It was so renowned in the world rally scene that when McRaes pace notes from the Motu came up for auction people all around the world were bidding on them. Ken Block tried to win them but eventually pulled out and never succeeded in winning the auction. Though when he came to NZ he still went down to the Motu and had a casual drive on it to take in the perfection that is Motu.
  9. LEGEND. Feel free to PM me download links or add me on FB if you're on there: Callum Blackmore.
  10. PPSC just shoved mircrowave pizzas between the barrel and carb on their weapons. Such a great Kiwi idea. Approx 2 hours riding and your pizza is nice and dusty for road side consumption with either a super fancy craft beer or a lion brown. No in between,
  11. Then I can spin out and lose grip on all the opposite corners to this year! Keeeeeeen. @HighLUX I'm editing stuff as we speak. A shit tonne of footage so will hopefully have something up by the weekend. A lot of my footage is riding footage. If anyone has any good clips of general tomfoolery they'd be keen for me to include then let me know and I'm happy to download ya dropbox/google drive stuff.
  12. I have some good footage of me telling the camera that I've been riding too long on gravel in front of you, and you'll surely catch me up soon. 2 corners later you pass me at WOT, downhill - a tight right hand bend is approaching and sure enough you slid the tail end out and drifted around the corner. I tried to keep up but you were gone within 2 corners. My 125cc; 115kph capable bike accepted defeat damn quickly. 50cc kids dirt bikes are the only way forward.