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  1. There is Captain Cook motor lodge near by which has a few different room types too.
  2. Just call Waikanae. It's run by a lush old married couple. Tell them you're coming through again with a group like last year and see what they can do. I know from previous times each booking site holds only a certain allotment and the actual accommodation might actually have more on offer. We had about 10 rooms between us last year.
  3. If not; then book a cabin or room and note it up here you have spare beds etc. People will snap them up. Have a read over the last few pages for accommodation updates. Usually a bit closer to the time an entry form appears and we pay about $20 each for the support vehicle. Not too late at all and feel free to bring maaates.
  4. Yeeow. Waikanae Beach Motel.
  5. I haven't got it prepared. But will bring Chaly. Picture the same as below except much more aggressive tyres and less chrome + slightly more lift. Who else will be joining the less than 3L tank brigade?
  6. SCCHHWIIIIING. Booked for Gizzy. Will see ya early Friday like usual @johnnyfive.
  7. Waikanae Beach Motel.
  8. Gizzy accom same as last year a wise choice?
  9. FOAMERS have taken the Chalet at the Holiday Park for the Friday night.
  10. Any idea on max distance without fill up points? Chur.
  11. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    Another semi boring update but I try talk about this to people and lose their interest pretty quickly; so writing down feels like I've got it off my chest. Ordered the crank from - these dudes stock everything and a half for the Underbone or 'Kapchai' bikes in Malaysia. I have known about the site for ages but was building up the confidence to throw them money without knowing what will happen; ended up buying the crank and new auto clutch+auto housing as the old one is pretty worn. The auto clutch and housing was on the shelf, but the crank they ordered when I ordered it, finally 3 weeks later it's actually in the post. Communication skills and patience are pretty vital when doing dealings like this. It's not aliexpress or webike. It's a random dude in South East Asia in busy retail shop trying to fit your needs in when he has the time/when he remembers. Being persistent and reminding the shop politely about your order goes a looooooong way. Here's crank: Hopefully they've packaged it well. Hah. Kinda nice really, most sites like this leave products up and then when you checkout the cart and pay; you get an email a few days later saying that isn't available anymore. Where as these guys made sure they could get exactly what I wanted. When I bought the head and valve springs from another site I got a bit tucked as the one I wanted wasn't there even though it was advertised as in stock. They ended up sending a different brand which wasn't an issue I had just got my mind set on the other sold out brand. I placed my last Aliexpress order (hopefully) for the build last night. New indicator switches and a few other goodies coming. Once that and the crank arrives all the parts are here. From there it's getting the guards sorted, possibly widened. Getting my ignition mounted. Possibly a new pipe made up too. Here'es the bike as it sits now: Originally I was going to aim for full Thai/Japan spec slammed build and I really do still love that style, but having a bike just for city use seems pointless to me when I only plan on having a couple of bikes all up. So I've decided to go way taller and chunkier with the tyre choices. Rear for light dirt/gravel nangs and the front is just a wide fat boi to soak up the road ahead of me. Plans from here are: - Split and re-assemble engine when crank arrives. - Get all metal bits glued up with a pro metal glue-er - Re wire whole bike - Do a tyre popping skid and ride for a few days in that state for a shakedown. - Rip apart, get everything painted. - Re-assemble - ride forever! Thats about it really. I'm Callum and thats my shit yarn.
  12. MopedNZ

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    There are groups doing things like that more and more often but they don't get called Eastcape because they aren't on the Eastcape. Usually smaller groups too. The boys did Whangamomomomomoomona and 42 traverse over a weekend recently which looked insane. Even encountered a meth'd out Terrano owner who'd been stuck for a couple of days. Lots more people keen on this kind of riding which is epic. I like the idea of a ride which is accessible for a massive group of people on slow and semi slow bikes. The charm of starting at a persons place we know and finishing there means a tonne of logistics that are usually annoying at the start and end of a long ride are taken care of. Keen as to see other parts and do other things anywhere and everywhere. Excited to see what happens this year.
  13. MopedNZ

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Probably going to do coromandel sometime this year too. Family Bach is up there and is a wicked place to start. Wont be a massive big event but just sharing as this event gave me the pine for it. Probably 2 days. Might head right up the top and camp, might not. No clue just yet.