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  1. Quite. Fastest 'in their day'. But they're still around as a new model now. 100kph in first without a struggle. 300kph is possible. I've ridden 4-5 of them and every time after I get off all I can think is fuck that. Be careful Mr Nathan! Cool bike though.
  2. Shit yeah cut out all the ahhh's and ums. I also get rid of my heavy breathing which is actually just normal breathing but the helmet mic is right in front of my face. This video I did in December probably has the most cuts of any video I've ever done. Response was a majority of people not minding. A few complained about it being choppy and changing too much. https://youtu.be/fa6LpN3ra74 Good on ya dude. Even when you can't be assed and feels like it's not worth it - there is an audience for literally anything and everything. Keep at it and that will grow. I've sunk tonnes of my ow
  3. Just a heads up that a few of the ADV boomers I'm mates with passed through rainbow on the weekend. Alternate road has been made around/near/not sure what exactly but you can make it through.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/smallbikestuff/videos/866767250781493 Editing at the moment. Should be out Christmas Day.
  5. As per the description: I said it rode well. It did on tarmac. But Blake says it was crap on Gravel. NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA MATE. 6 gears was lush though.
  6. Shit yeah I'm so keen! As long as I get to pest in the Awatere river bed for a while I'm chuffed. I did that alone the second year after the roadblock opened and I was on the FX125. Road about 1km up before the road tyres became useless.
  7. Lolol just remembering that Tuna bomb mid prize giving and had an actual laugh out loud. So glad I knew what they were or I would have probably shat ma daks mate.
  8. Sure is. It's a Shinko SR241 - they say Goldenboy on the side also. Used to only come to nz in 2.75x17 for posties. But I recently got thinner fronts in (2.50x17) because they don't rub on my front guard. Don't think thats a problems with the NBC's though. Only $50 ish a pop. Worth a skid.
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