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  1. Possible unpopular opinion. Big bikes joining along on this ride make it shit. Daves a great guy but he crashed into 2 bikes on the first day and almost buttholed off a few times. I think the whole appeal of this is people taking stuff that isn’t designed for it to have fun. Others may disagree and they’re welcome too. But this ride would be easy on a big bike. Which defeats the whole purpose.
  2. Anyway. @anglia4 my system says 275x18 SR241's should be here later this month. I'll try remember to keep an eye out for you and if any appear I'll order a couple.
  3. Just be aware Motozone dips into Whites (wholesaler) stock and will list stuff even if it's indented. It will still come with that auction but it's likely to be on back order till the end of the month.
  4. Bugger, totally missed the 18 part even though I just talked about it a few comments above. 2.75 + 3.00x18 are both listed as 'indent' with the supplier, meaning they've made a provision to get some next shipment but don't have them yet. Supposedly (fingers crossed) they will come into stock after 21/07/2020. So keep at it. Maybe tentatively order with that shop? If they can't help then get at me.
  5. In 17" the only size they carry is the 2.75x17. The ones coming to us are all accounted for. 2 in stock with the supplier still so if you use these guys (they tap directly into the suppliers stock level) you should be able to get a pair.
  6. Hi people. I like tyres and can get all of them. Whilst SR241's are a mad dog tyre (and can definitely fit a 1.4 wheel - main issue is fitment between forks and/or guards) There are other options available. Well there is one option. You can get these: Available in 2.50/2.75/3.00x18. Also available in 2.50/2.75/3.00x18 Also soz. But the NZ supplier will only have a couple of SR241's till later this month because I just ordered most of them. TOP TIP: Use heavy duty 17" tubes for max non flat tyres.
  7. Someone could always put the SJ50 on their rear rack too.
  8. What about a backup backup vehicle to carry the backup backup bikes? Just throw one of J5's CT110s and a litre of 10w40 on one of the trailers. Only one backup bike makes people prep their bikes better.
  9. It actually looks good. As fuck. You picky bastard. Angling the windshield back ever so slightly would change it a lot as opposed to lowering it. I struggled with that on my Chooley. Windscreen should be the highest point anyway for mad tucking and overtaking after drafting. Leave it for a week and see if it grows on you.
  10. Although feel free to ride off fences and into cliffs.