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  1. Thanks buddy. Just spend that money on another box of grommets next time mate.
  2. No FXR motor sorry mate - just FX. 125cc. DOHC. 5 Speed. Same as FXR except less CC's and less gears. BBK's for the 150's fit apparently though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362816506793
  3. Pining for this. Bike has changed from FX powered to 140 powered due to weight and space issues. Big fat rear tyre I liked has had to be a bit smaller. About to cut a headstock from one bike and weld it to mine. Life is good. 101 days to go.
  4. They're 3Km from place to place. I imagine socialising will be at the Holiday park in Te Araroa and some of us will lightly jog back to the other place.
  5. Save the date. Full details/invites to come by mid August. Saturday 29 January 2022. "Invite only" - Express your interest in the PM's. Info for now: Held on an actual garlic farm near Tauranga, Bay of Plenty - North Island, NZ. 125cc limit. Full details to come with invites. Dirt track, hill climb and dirt drags. No MX bikes. Full event classes and bike rules to come with invites. Camping available 28th/29th. There will be a cost for this event. TBC. Please limit spam in thread till full details announced. **LIMITED NUMBERS.**
  6. Uphill the year before (2019) Ft @Shakotomhelping clean @GuyWithAviators tyres whilst Andrew starts water cooling the CT at 40 ish seconds to maintain hill speed. Also Ft @johnnyfive's town bike.
  7. Just came across this whilst editing another video. I'll miss this road this year (Video is unlisted, but viewable with the link.). Ft. @HighLUX. Still excite though.
  8. It's a farm bike. This whole ride is in support of the farmers, right?
  9. @Kassis helping me build this. Old Honda C110 frame from the early 60's. Front end (forks and wheel) + the swing arm/rear wheel are from a 2008 Honda CBR125. Will attempt to retain the monoshock for the rear. Tank is from a 70's? Honda CB100. Engine will hopefully be a 5 speed DOHC FX125 engine. It's a lot of work and we're barely started but it would be the ultimate off road pest machine for me. I was super excited about my alloy mags till I saw what happened to Aaron Card's wheel on molesworth, but just gonna send it. These are Honda branded Enkei's which is pretty cool for what was an entry level learner bike at the time. Disc front and rear will be absolutely lush. I have a fat 5.10x17 Shinko dual sport coming for the rear. I managed to get the original CT125 handle bars and switch blocks from Aaron's new CT125 he's chopped. Saw the Vietnamese dudes in Ho chi Minh using modern Honda switch blocks on old Dax's and Chalys and it looked kinda cool. Anyway, enough writing about it. Time to go and build it. *seat is from one of those old low rider chopper bicycles and was just for lol's.
  10. Fucking dodgy wiring in that shit hole mate. Bikes shit too. <3
  11. Think thats the first ever time I got ya to bite blizzo. Can't wait to tickle your nut sacks mate. <3 Will stop spamming now.
  12. Might aswell mate. The scrooges are all bringing 250's actually designed to go off road. Might have to send them off ahead of everyone. 2 groups. I imagine the second the open road beckons the fellas that can go faster than 85 tapped will be gooooone anyway.
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