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  1. Off to test the Wave and it's knobblies tomorrow in Raglan. Pissing cheese for Te Uruwera!
  2. 4 years old. Hard as fuck. Made by some company I've never seen before. Should be a laugh.
  3. Phwoar. The Ubco fellas donated me some tyres so I’ll be throwing the far one on the front of the wave instead of a Shinko. Swapping them over this weekend in prep for Raglan ride!
  4. Whites is just quite annoying at keeping solid stock. If stuff sells out it's popular. But only when their 12 month forecasting is done for the following year do they increase order amounts. Lamesharn. Gonna throw some SR241's on the WABE soon.
  5. So Jacinda didn't let you know that Whites is bringing SR241's in more sizes on account of my specific pesting? I thought you knew it all and had solid contacts. Fallen so far my friend.
  6. Arrival has been pushed back to 15 October. Will keep an eye on it.
  8. It’s your event. You make the rules. If people are too soft to camp they don’t have to go.
  9. For what it’s worth; getting a learners bike license is literally easier than lane splitting. It’s not that spenny. And you can just stay on that L forever if you so choose. And it makes bigger (or small) bikes (some upto 660cc) legal to ride on the road. Tonnes of time before the ride to get it done. Figure of 8 and some head checks is all that’s required really. Then you never even have to worry about being pulled over, even if it never happens. Reg on hold is cheap. Only need a WOF. /dad will step away from the keyboard now.
  10. It’s generally better to stick together and follow the event holders specific route with a re groups along the way to stop people disappearing without a trace from happening and needing to go full S.A.R. These big rides are a handful for the organiser. The way John pulls of the north island long rides is dang commendable.
  11. Fine. Can I please steal someone’s bike in CHCH? Thanks