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  1. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    Getting there.
  2. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    Finally got all the engine stuff here. Wooooooo. Will play with the new carb tonight, make her run so I can hear the exhaust and also heat the oil for draining. Will get the engine started on next week. Looking forward to all this stuff coming together. Bike is rolling at the moment, front end is happy, rear needs a couple things made slightly shorter/moved out of the way before I'm happy. Will get it rolling and running nicely then tear the thing apart and finally do nice paint on something I own. WEOW. Exciting.
  3. MopedNZ

    ksr's motorcycle document

    Awesome stuff mate. Any day on 2 wheels is a good day. Doesn't matter what you ride as long as you ride, thats what I always say. GN250's are killer! The GT250 is a decent bike to blat around on too. Ridden a through few work.
  4. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    SO! New build/re-hash commences on the Chaly. Got my genuine Honda heart incoming, it's cleared customs finally and will be here soon. That engine will get a bit of a make over after being ringed out of it's mind for 2000+ KM. I got wide wheels for this beast. Wider than anything easily available on the webernet. It took months of conversation through translate and my crappy thai skills to make it happen. When we finally met the fella that builds them, he apologised for being so difficult to communicate with. He said he gets tonnes of foreigners messaging asking prices and noone progressing with anything that he ignores most of us now. With a population of 60 mill +, the Thai market is big enough to sustain his work and to sell to them is much easier due to the language being the same etc. He spoke literally no english except a few words including 'MY FRIEND'; as loud and excitable as possible which he would announce when we turned up. Just a hint for those hunting parts in this part of the world - though it might be 'cheap' in the scheme of things. It doesn't mean parts are nearly free. I've paid a fair amount for the work involved. From our broken conversations it seems like people would expect old mate Thai chaly king to build a full wide wheel kit, front and rear for around $200 USD - ain't gonna happen. Also shipping is an absolute killer. I had 45kg of stuff OVER my 30kg luggage allowance to get home, which proved to be not super cheap but definitely worth it for me. It helps to not be such a penny pinching Kiwi in this instance and focus on the end result. Money always comes around etc etc. So with those bits here and the engine almost here, it's time to transform this thing. I mock fit the wheels last night and the changes that are needed are glaringly obvious. Most notably the lack of slam. But a mate who just picked up a Chaly and I plan to go to town on this machine very shortly. End goals are not really anything like the below photo. I'm looking forward too it! ***also; yes these forks, swing arm and wheels "bolt on". But that doesn't mean you can just change them over and be on your way in a few minutes. There will be hours of fettling ahead, making a little more space here and there for clearance. Excitement begins!
  5. MopedNZ

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    Next in line is this beast. Sold the green Honda. Thinned the heard and it feels good. Aiming to get a proper Honda heart in this thing, a few little shiny bits and maybe even some nice paint. Would be nice to have a bike that’s always ready to ride again.
  6. Aaaaand here we have it. The most dedicated man in NZ scootering.
  7. This weekend. Come pest in ya vest with the rest of the best!
  8. u in Malaysia then bruuuuu
  9. Time to do this again! Saturday 26 January 2019. Meet 9AM; leave 10AM sharp! Start point is 183 Ponsonby road. Across the road from last years start point. Why? We’re running the route in a reverse direction this year! We love this route but this will be a welcome change. It's a 40-50 KM ride around Auckland central that takes us down by the water, including Queen Street, Mission Bay and more. 250cc limit. Old, weird, unique and awesome bikes welcome. (All scoots welcome of course) **New sports/cruiser/tourer type bikes will be turned away. Not sure? Just ask! This ride aims to cater for those whom usually have no one to ride with. For those whose bikes don’t fit into mainstream categories. See you there!
  10. MopedNZ

    Russell's CG110

    Secret for people wanting super trapps. But not wanting to pay the giant price; VW ‘spark arrestors’ are the same thing.
  11. MopedNZ

    Bricks MB100

    Epic! Nice work dude. Gonna do some kinda cut down front guard? I know heaps don't run them but I reckon they make the bike. Keen to see this thing in person!
  12. Such a sick ride. Over half of the riders were from out of town. Solid effort. Thanks team!
  13. This is coming up soon! Forecast looks like anything could happen; we've had 2 years of rain forecast and it hasn't done so yet. We'll be there regardless! Rain is only water after all...