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  1. From 8 minutes onwards. Search ‘kiwi rider podcast’ on Spotify or similar.
  2. Finally some footage! Cheers gents. If you want someone to make a whizz bang *LIGHTS AND SOUNDS* kinda edit of that footage I'd be happy too. Also understand if you wanna keep it low key. Building a bike shortly for this exact kinda ride. Let the fizz commence. J5 is probably stoked this ride has stopped us making a Te Uruwera thread 11 months early again this year.
  3. Very very very similar league when it comes to the small 150's. Probably built in factories next door to each other.
  4. A review of a bike when it's brand new isn't the best indicator of how a bike might last. I've seen 3-4 of these things in my time working here and 2 of them were kept dirty between rides, oil changed hardly ever - they had rust gathering almost everywhere. But I also have a customer that daily rides one (has about 15,000 KM) and it's still in pretty mint condition. We've had to replace a couple switches over time but thats about it. TL;DR - if you're buying one make sure it's been looked after or don't bother. Edit: Lol should have read that more indepth. His 6,000KM review is pr
  5. Ok, Chinese made. Maintain well, keep them clean to avoid rust. Tyre size is weird for a dirt/road combo but they do what they need too. Send it basically.
  6. May do a private tour. Helicopter drop off at the start line with the bikes ready to go and a ute to throw everything on when the cameras aren't rolling.
  7. This sold. To someone great. That you fellas know. How good!
  8. I can confirm they go hard for what they are and someone we know needs to buy that.
  9. He also works closely with Motomart in Wellington and they have a shop monkey that both him and I have ridden so he's a bit of a piner.
  10. Whatever yarn you have with them they'll edit to fuckery anyway so you won't be at risk, and they don't wanna be the ones ruining it for other people too. Go for it. Funny what picks up their attention haha. For the record also, BRM magazine guy that interviewed us left them because reasons and now does all the Kiwi rider podcast and writing with another fella. Basically they're opposing factions. Doesn't really effect it in any way, but worth mentioning.
  11. I didn't go, but I've ridden some CVT scoots where ya shouldn't. Biggest worry for me would be those water crossings. If enough gets in the CVT enclosure it's belt slip central and it can make some havoc with the clutch. Also air intake. Currently building a bike for this level of adventure. The Auckland crew should be bringing my engine back with them later this month!
  12. Looks like a terribly boring and not at all exciting day fellas. Not jealous at all, not one bit.
  13. Quite. Fastest 'in their day'. But they're still around as a new model now. 100kph in first without a struggle. 300kph is possible. I've ridden 4-5 of them and every time after I get off all I can think is fuck that. Be careful Mr Nathan! Cool bike though.
  14. Shit yeah cut out all the ahhh's and ums. I also get rid of my heavy breathing which is actually just normal breathing but the helmet mic is right in front of my face. This video I did in December probably has the most cuts of any video I've ever done. Response was a majority of people not minding. A few complained about it being choppy and changing too much. https://youtu.be/fa6LpN3ra74 Good on ya dude. Even when you can't be assed and feels like it's not worth it - there is an audience for literally anything and everything. Keep at it and that will grow. I've sunk tonnes of my ow
  15. Just a heads up that a few of the ADV boomers I'm mates with passed through rainbow on the weekend. Alternate road has been made around/near/not sure what exactly but you can make it through.
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