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  1. Alright done. End of thread spam. Part two will be next weeks release and part three will be the week after. Can view with the link anytime before then.
  2. Hooked straight into editing when I got home. This is the first part so far. Will either make this public on Thursday night or throw up a slightly different version. Currently an unlisted upload. Too much cool stuff for one video.
  3. Now cape is out of the way this gets full attention. Invites are at their limit. Not many have paid. Will chase this up by end of week. Need your dosh by end of month. Stay tuned.
  4. Judging by that link it's even more limited than normal. Lots of work going on and they're only opening it while the workers are on Holiday for a couple of weeks. Already knew seasonal access was a thing but this seemed a bit more intense.
  5. Not sure if this effects you fellas? https://createsend.com/t/t-410A0EA82D5683DA2540EF23F30FEDED?fbclid=IwAR0byM8M3_9pfJMeQAs684Oyamlh0ulbyW0tHQlO_oAK_IBr8jDZZdNaW0k Controlled/limited access to molesworth except during summer break. Not sure if you guys use this access point or not but thought it was worth the share incase.
  6. We all shrink in the cold. Also on another note - I feel sad Waikato is dropping levels now. A week earlier would have been nice.
  7. Thanks for the 5th year @johnnyfive. Yeah, nice! award was well earned. Thanks for all your efforts over the years. It's such a great time. Shame about the CRM but still amazed at it's effort over the last 3 rides!
  8. Glad I got this thing back. Will fang out a full video by the end of the coming week.
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