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  1. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

  2. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    @GuyWithAviators everybody.
  3. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Is it bright orange or something like that? I remember seeing a write up and pictures of it years back and every 6 months or so it comes to mind and I try google hunt it down again. Haven't managed to ever find it though.
  4. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Didn't even go to Nats mate. Had something better to do....
  5. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Yeahh everything will be fine. May even find another ute driver before then. It's 4 months away...... Either way gas will be sweet. Everything will be sweet. I'm so confident I've decided to bring this. Just added a new luggage rack:
  6. Honda "Chelli"

    Nice robot toy solider dude.
  7. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Can we call your work and complain? Sucks man!
  8. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Only thing anyone has booked is a room is gisborne. I don’t even have a bike started. People have been booking Waikanae Beach motel in Gisborne for Friday 9 November. But people can stay anywhere they want. Gisborne isn’t huge. *** if you’re gonna stay at Waikanae beach here is deets: Waikanae Beach Motel. I used - They have a direct website though also. Biggest thing is to ask for a ground floor unit, as they have a ranch slide door out back which is where we keep the bikes. But we can all keep them outside one unit if they don't have any ground ones left. Usually 3 ish to a room. Some rooms take 4. Date: Friday 9 November (check in friday, leave saturday) Direct site: Phone number is: 06-868 4139 Saturday night - 10 November is at a Bach in almost the middle of nowhere. So prepare to sleep outside (small warehouse $15 tent etc) or there is a Holiday Park thing over the hill in Te Araroa - it’s the only accommodation in the town and the ride from the Bach is like 10-25 minutes. Can’t remember exactly. Dassss it so far. No entry form or anything as such. Just confirmed dates and direction. Novemeber 9-11. Gisborne first night, Hicks Bay/Te Araroa night 2. Back to the start (Close to Whakatane) on Sunday arvo.
  9. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    New rule for Eastcape. V-Rods only. As endorsed by @HighLUX.
  10. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Okay. Done. Now what?
  11. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    This 110cc 2T twist and go with knobblies keeps screaming out at me every time I walk past it. Must. Build. HONDA.
  12. Mod mirrors.
  13. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Weow! Hopefully next door. Is this a keys in bowl, door unlocked type situation?
  14. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I did it on, did it on there last year for them too. Only reason I did it there as opposed to direct is because it says I didn't have to pay till arrival. Could be easy to just to call them and tell ol' lass on the counter you want a ground floor unit and she'll hold it? They're pretty oldschool and easy as to deal with. Number is: 06-868 4139
  15. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Defs got the right night. Won't be nude snuggling alone.