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  1. Mk2Marty's GN250 of lameness and brap

    DX mail use 125’s I’ll have you know. The 250 is reserved for mighty warriors only. @mk2marty there is a 300cc kit for these from aliexpress with varying degrees of success. These bikes are huge in South America, I’m in a Facebook group with GN250’s only. A few people have done it, seems some don’t upjet it, run it lean and sieze it. Where as some install them and have no issues, I imagine they tune the kit properly etc etc. Check this group out and keep us posted on the skids! SUZUKI GN250 CLUB page. Never saw an update from that last dude. Seems to be hit and miss with the kit. I say do it!
  2. Suzi FA50

    Awesome progress bro. Can’t wait to see you in Tauranga, December 10th! It’s gonna be a wicked day.
  3. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Sam got a new gearbox. Which broke immediately. Currently stuck in Manuwatu trying to make 2 gear boxes into one. Video update here:
  4. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Fuaaaaark that’s so puuuurdy.
  5. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Cheers all for helping @TheBarterBarber! I’ve been helping Sam with his beddy and camper for the past couple of months but due to my ridiculous obsession with things on 2 wheels, my usefulness with anything bigger is fast running out. Keen as to come be a part of any major work days or anything for the project.
  6. Suzi FA50

    I second the non painting. Please m8. Plzzz. Also. I have a filter that will fit onto that elbow I can bring for the ride bro.
  7. Suzi FA50

    Yeaaaah buddy. FA50 life. If you head to something like and upload your photos, you can add photos using a link from there. Click ‘insert other media’ and then ‘insert image from url’ Cant wait for more FA skids. Keep it up.
  8. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    She’s a goer! Will make a more comprehensive write up of the install. Still sorting some wiring for lighting at the moment. Skid video in the works.
  9. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Running! Video here: Watch 125cc Lifan in Chaly go Brrrrrap. Time to tidy up the loom and get her all run in before Raglan.
  10. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Busting rego rumours one moped at a time.
  11. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Raglan mock up with new plastics. Only 10 days till the gravel rash!
  12. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    From thailand too! I even have a set of those pants, me on the left:
  13. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Pt: 2: I asked @Shakotom and @GuyWithAviators to pick up the engine for me and for some reason it arrived as so: And my CDI: Found some cheap white walls, then the old tyres wouldn't come off and the rims were a little Rusty on the inside. FIXED IT: Lol. Postie/Dax/ST Exhaust kinda fits, dunno though. Feels a bit sacrilege: Engine fits though: Got a new carb. FUHUA to MIKUNI VM22: Had REALLY shit luck with vehicles lately. AKA: 4 in 2 months. Which has landed me with the ultimate downgrade of a Spacio. But the bike fits. (Plus it's got 7 cup holders and a curtain) NEW SHOCKS THOUGH: Carb fits, with a little mod on the choke lever. Now I have so much room for activities where the old filter went! Horns? Or na? Mock up of the clutch etc. Yeah I went there, bye bye; semi. Also, here's a photo I found of my little one beside the old Chaly we used to ride when I was over there. I don't get many photos sent this way, so seeing one with my daughter and the whole reason for this build all together in the same frame is awesome. Let the wiring commence, Raglan ride is just around the corner!
  14. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    So, life is funny. When I lived in Thailand, my neighbour was an old widowed lass who drove a '93 Toyota Corolla she owned from new. But hidden underneath her balcony was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I knew about them but hadn't seen one in the flesh. My Thai skills were average to poor at that point, but when I told her how much loved it she said, 'the tyres are flat, if you can make it go you can ride it'. And so I did. It was the first bike my daughter ever got to go on. Been searching for one for a few years now and the timings never right or distance is an issue. But thanks to a friend I was made aware of this baby.. Of course, just as I was to pick it up, someone had to crash into my car, foiling my sale of the Honda Pal, therefore crushing the dreams of the elusive red machine. In come @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom, upon hearing of my crash; they had a good lol, made fun of me and then came through in the most incredible way possible. Without those two I wouldn't have my new forever-bike. Introducing my Honda Chaly. (Pic Heavy) As seen on Facebook marketplace, she was a farm bike and has the original seat cover even! Lost her rack, part of the casing, front fender and a wee more over the years but she was a goer! Skids for the boys. @GuyWithAviators and I decided to change the oil. Decided to do a line up: V50 shocks made her scrape terribly: BUT I FIXED ALL THE PROBLEMS:
  15. Solidstripe's CB/XR Mung Bean

    TAURANGA? TAURANGA?? TAURANGA??? Well, I live here. Are you local? I pine over bikes and there aren’t many around here that do. Keen to pine over yours sometime. This is great news.