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  1. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Ch ch ch ch CHANGES.
  2. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    I had a fuarking blast on this down in CHCH. Here's some pics. Note: Doing centre stand scrapes because sparks are cool even in day time. Laying down because those QCR cunce are fast as lightening: Note: Right foot on engine because I lost the peg after 5 mins riding being a penis. Rode for 2 days like this. Did a dank whoolie: Disc front end is 1000000000% worth it! For only 300 zingers it's the benefit outweighs the cost by millions. Would have been fucked without it after I lost the footpeg because the rear brake barely got used after that and the OG front was shit house at slowing me down. Got a couple things up my sleeve for this thing this year, then after that it's ride it till it dies. Oh. Straight pipes are loud in tunnels. Also; made this:
  3. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford CF

    Someone just came and visited me at work, 202 powered even. Not my thread I know, but Sam isn't always online so I thought I'd chuck an update here. You can expect to see Sam around the country in his van over the remainder of the year. I highly suggest following his facespam page if you're on there; that'll give updates on his location throughout the massive journey. The Barter Barber on Facebook
  4. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    I'm glad you didn't realise how awesome it was and had that weak moment @Shakotom. Thank you for that.
  5. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    So. Hey. I took this to Raglan, got a flat tyre within 20 minutes. Patched it, didn't let it set and then got another flat. Ended up following the dudes in my mighty Spacio which spawned the awesome Raglan ride video. I took this to EASTCAPESCAPADE and it was a fuaaaarrrkin' hoot! Pinning it around the cape on the first day was one of the most fun things i've ever done. Exhaust ended up falling off due to river bed bashing. @johnnyfive No. 8 wired it back in place. @GuyWithAviators and I 2-up'd this over a mountain range to dinner and MY LORD it performs so well. 2 of us on a Chaly, it was no slower than with just myself. It seems these 125's just have one level of power - All of the power. I got to ride 2 up on an auto scoot for the second day till we got to @Raizer's abode and he did some epic chattering engineering to sort the shoddy chineseium exhaust and everything was ready for the last day! And then I rode into a ditch. Rebroke my left collar bone (did the same one years back). Spent the rest of East Cape in the back of a Suzuki Jimny. Weow. The Motu road is not nice for broken collar bones, just in case you were wondering. Sadly, the front end of my bike ended up like this: Cheeky @HighLUX in the back ground. After the ride, this thing went into the shed for a couple of months, I had an affair with a NH125 twist and go. Then us FOAMERS decided we need to go and make ourselves known down the other end of the country so I thought it would be a good time to get the ol' CHELLI up and running again. Currently in the works of having @Geophy put a new exhaust on it because I can't glue metal together and @Chris.QCR keeps bloody hassling me about my muffler obsession. So just for him, we've got a straight pipe almost done. Currently tacked in place, but we forgot about the foot pegs sooooo it'll change a little bit otherwise I'll have nowhere to put my feet. Pipe is probably gonna be a work in progress. Geophy and I have a few awesome ideas for later in the year. Also, this front end just arrived today: From Tanaka in Japan, it's meant to be a bolt on product so once the bike is back in my posession I shall be testing that theory. But thats all for now. Will post a pre South Island photo once it's ready!
  6. Mk2Marty's GN250 of lameness and brap

    DX mail use 125’s I’ll have you know. The 250 is reserved for mighty warriors only. @mk2marty there is a 300cc kit for these from aliexpress with varying degrees of success. These bikes are huge in South America, I’m in a Facebook group with GN250’s only. A few people have done it, seems some don’t upjet it, run it lean and sieze it. Where as some install them and have no issues, I imagine they tune the kit properly etc etc. Check this group out and keep us posted on the skids! SUZUKI GN250 CLUB page. Never saw an update from that last dude. Seems to be hit and miss with the kit. I say do it!
  7. Suzi FA50

    Awesome progress bro. Can’t wait to see you in Tauranga, December 10th! It’s gonna be a wicked day.
  8. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Sam got a new gearbox. Which broke immediately. Currently stuck in Manuwatu trying to make 2 gear boxes into one. Video update here:
  9. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Fuaaaaark that’s so puuuurdy.
  10. The Barter Barber 1971 Bedford discussion

    Cheers all for helping @TheBarterBarber! I’ve been helping Sam with his beddy and camper for the past couple of months but due to my ridiculous obsession with things on 2 wheels, my usefulness with anything bigger is fast running out. Keen as to come be a part of any major work days or anything for the project.
  11. Suzi FA50

    I second the non painting. Please m8. Plzzz. Also. I have a filter that will fit onto that elbow I can bring for the ride bro.
  12. Suzi FA50

    Yeaaaah buddy. FA50 life. If you head to something like and upload your photos, you can add photos using a link from there. Click ‘insert other media’ and then ‘insert image from url’ Cant wait for more FA skids. Keep it up.
  13. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    She’s a goer! Will make a more comprehensive write up of the install. Still sorting some wiring for lighting at the moment. Skid video in the works.
  14. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Running! Video here: Watch 125cc Lifan in Chaly go Brrrrrap. Time to tidy up the loom and get her all run in before Raglan.
  15. Lum's Chaly (Moped NZ)

    Busting rego rumours one moped at a time.