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  1. Got a pic sent of this the other day. Nothing like an FMF chamber on a farm bike. Apparently it's rather nang-ey. Not long till this event happens!
  2. Made the final decision to roll a backpack and small jerry can only. Self sufficient *hopefully* is the aim. Will do some mileage tests over the next month or so and see if it's feasible or if I'll have to wear a camelback full of 91 on my front. Whats everyone elses plans?
  3. You still can get half links. Don’t wanna rely on them though and the clearance would be minimal. Changing the tyre size is easy and not a problem nor expensive as I work in a bike shop - plus it’s a permanent solution.
  4. @Tumeke
  5. MopedNZ

    KK's Honda Cub

    Dang son. Come hang with NZ's shittest bike gangs in Auckland on labour weekend. Cubs welcome.
  6. For me it's 'less bad' if people have a bike license and ride a big cc swapped Moped. Then you're only risking riding a bike with the 'wrong engine' as opposed to riding on the wrong license class (even though the bike is cheap moped reg). Keen to see how this goes though! Will be pretty interesting to see it finished for sure. WR200's are fun even in stock form. Forgive my uber safety old man speeches btw. We lose a customer or two each year to bike accidents and having a solid crash a few east capes back + doing a ride forever course made me realise I knew way less than I had thought. Bigger cc and stock brakes make for some butt puckering moments. Nang hard. Do a skid etc.
  7. Looks like the engine is already bought and said for, but I agree with the others. Well at least around here it wouldn’t take long to get picked on by the thin blue line.
  8. Getting there. Will find some words later on and give a full run through when it’s done.
  9. Nice. Will probably look at getting some in but no time frame at present. October 11th is when the supplier says they may have another lot coming in but it's not 100% guaranteed. Will keep my eyes peeled.
  10. 18's are hard to getttt. They were an indent order with a supplier (aka one off for a dude on Moped NZ FB page). Could be worth seeing if he has any left over though? He got 10 in I think. I can search up other options if he has no luck.
  11. Love an aggressive Shinko! Nice work. Got a Shinko SR426 on the rear of my Chaly. Not as wounding but it should tackle the terrain nicely.
  12. On the same level as a classic @Shakotom spec ‘I won’t buy anymore bikes’ claim.
  13. If wanted to spend the best part of 5k on an adventure bike set up it wouldn’t be on some shitty small Honda. Ah fuck wait. Dagnabbit.