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  1. Shit yeah I'm so keen! As long as I get to pest in the Awatere river bed for a while I'm chuffed. I did that alone the second year after the roadblock opened and I was on the FX125. Road about 1km up before the road tyres became useless.
  2. Dagnabbit. I'll be away now. Was keen to come spectate and spray water. Will do a skid in everyones honour.
  3. Lolol just remembering that Tuna bomb mid prize giving and had an actual laugh out loud. So glad I knew what they were or I would have probably shat ma daks mate.
  4. Sure is. It's a Shinko SR241 - they say Goldenboy on the side also. Used to only come to nz in 2.75x17 for posties. But I recently got thinner fronts in (2.50x17) because they don't rub on my front guard. Don't think thats a problems with the NBC's though. Only $50 ish a pop. Worth a skid.
  5. Gotta up my fancy game as there is a new CT125 on this trip.
  6. Just did your flight. Was lush as. Direct is such a treat. See ya tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow mate.