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  1. Not a lot to update really, had Mount Hardpark on the 28th and it was good not many old mitsis though well actually only 3 my Sigma, Brett's EX2000, and Owen's Starion but is was a good excuse to give the car a clean, I have put a for sale on the back window but as stupid as it sounds I hope it doesn't sell but if I got a good offer then it will be onto the next project otherwise when the reg and wof run out then back in the shed and get to work on putting injection on it but i have decided to stick with single cam. As for now ill just keep enjoying it and start getting the bits ready for EFI. Here are a couple of pics from mount hardpark.
  2. after a busy few days she was ready for a wof, i drove in thinking what if it fails i haven't got much time before Christmas he drove it in and then after going over the car he drove it out and gave me this look of at least you tried then handed me the wof sheet hesitant to look at it, i took a breath and BOOM, not a single comment. all that work had paid off, now the to do list is a lot shorter ill change the oil this weekend and give it a wash and a polish, then take the family for a cruise to the mount and enjoy. Also on the weekend i picked up a few little extras like chrome handbrake, rear number plate garnish, a couple of badges and full boot carpet. all the little things that mine didn't come out with. any whoo here are a couple of pics just to finish off the update
  3. So i started to write a list the other day of little things that needed to get done so i can drive her over Christmas and i didn't realize how much was actually left to do Mount and wire in fuel pump* Change inlet gasket* replace front seats lower the front again* get a puncture fixed* replace alternator* delete external regulator* mount roof racks get a wheel alignment* get a wof* get a rego* change the oil* make intake for air filter* mount chin spoiler replace radius rod bushes* fix lock motor in back door* mount windscreen washer bottle general tune up* mount boot spoiler (if its made in time) then just a general tidy up and polish and all this in 3 weeks, things are going to be tight. in saying that the things with * next to them are the most important the other are things that would be nice to get done, then just to enjoy it over summer. ill keep you posted and hopefully it can be the summer cruiser.
  4. Not a very exciting update but I have finally got the motor running again. So this weekend consisted of all the little things like fill the gearbox with oil, replace the reverse light switch, connect the speedo cable, bleed the brakes, fit a thermo fan switch, connect the exhaust, change the diff fluid (that I assume had not been changed in 38 years) and after all that take her for a drive without a bonnet. After not driving it for so long and then going through a country back road and being able to stop on a dime with the new brakes I am more motivated than ever to get it back on the road for summer. Now to get the chin on and racks on and it might be finished. But here is a picture because what’s an update without a picture. Here is a little info on the thermo fan switch for others that want do have an electric fan without having a switch inside. You will need a 4g63 DOHC RVR (others may work) thermostat top housing, then I used a fan switch from tridon TFS194 (normally open M16x1.5 single pin), connect the positive of the fan to a wire that is switched from the key, then the negative wire from the fan to the fan switch (you can get the proper plug off a 4E-FE but not the switch as they are normally closed) and you are done the only thing is that it will run 5° hotter as the tridon one is 90°-85° and the factory RVR one is 85°-80° but the RVR fan switch is 2 pin and the tridon is single so when it heats up it earths out the fan. But if you are using the standard air filter it will hit on the bottom so what I have done is use a bit of exhaust pipe and a frost plug and weld in a cavity for the switch and plug the sit in to and just find a smaller filter to fit inside, sorry no pics of that
  5. are you in ohauiti? get cobra lowering springs thats what i did to mine and i wouldnt go lower, you will need to put shorter shocks all around from memory thet ate R31 up front and Hiace in the rear. call brad at SAS in town and he knows what you need as he helped me sort mine out.
  6. Oh and i got the control arm bolts sorted
  7. i did it lol finally had the engine swap weekend last weekend motor out, change carb and release bearing and back in only 1 problem the alternator didnt fit so i need to get another one but that's not a biggie this weekend it driveshaft in, radiator in and wire up, while the gearbox shifter was out i decided to change it for my starion one i had lying around and it was about 25mm shorter than the L200 one (not a short shift but i am looking at one) it was mainly because the new shifter boot was too short and you could see the shifter so the starion one is short enough that it fits nicely in the boot. After looking at the hoses i decided it was time for the 33 year old hoses to get replaced and upgraded so i sent the old ones to one of my suppliers and the next day my new braided hoses turned up and looking too flash for the car lol so they will go in this weekend then bleed the system, then the only thing to sort out is the height as the starion springs raised it about 30mm from where it was sitting then sort out is the alignment as the starion struts gave it crazy toe out, but that cant be too hard to sort out (famous last words) also i painted a spare rocker cover and extractors with VHT Cast Iron then wraped the extractors in lava rock exhaust wrap to try and keep the temp down and to tidy up the engine bay a little more.
  8. so i decided it was about time to pull the 4g63 out and either fix the alternator and carby problem and replace the release bearing or drop in the 4g54 i had lying around, after taking out the driveshaft and taking off all the wires so all i had to do was hook up the crane and then unbolt motor and gearbox i looked at the 4g54 and noticed the teeth on the flywheel had hit something in the past, so i decided to fix the 4g63 as i have put a new clutch, new starter motor and new timing gear inc water pump so to do that to the 4g54 would just be a waste of money (yes 2.6 would = bigger skids) so i waited until i could find a carb and alternator, about a day passed and i got offered another 63 for $100 so ill pull the bits off that and put on my motor then back in the hole. while i was looking at the starion sitting in the driveway i decided it was time to pull out the front suspension and put that into the sigma, and that's when the engine swap weekend turned into a front suspension swap weekend, all was well until the front control arm bolts were too big to fit the starion control arms after getting them machined down they went back in and now i have starion struts, control arms and brakes on the sigma maybe ill get the motor out next weekend. while i was putting the brakes in i decided it was a good idea to clean everything up so the backing plate is black along with the arms then new rotors from japan now just to bleed the whole system Green = starion Red = Sigma
  9. Small update i have decided i want to drive this for another summer so the DOHC Turbo swap i on the back burner, however i took the car for a drive and then couldn't stop, eventually when i stopped i popped the bonnet and sure enough the master cylinder was empty so out with the old and in with the new and while it was out it was a good time to take out the booster and give it a paint because it was flaking off due to leaking fluid. also i picked up a roof rack but it needed some work and after 3 hours of using a wire brush it doesn't look too bad but i need to make some mounting brackets and paint it
  10. Not much of an update but i picked up a chin spoiler the other night so then decided to mock up how it would look on the car, and it didn't turn out too bad. i am still yet to make up metal tabs to secure it on but i don't want to drill extra holes into the body but then again i don't think i will take it off so drilling holes may not be such a big deal.
  11. Whoops dont know how i turned it upside down but ohwell lol other things i have done are: put in rear seatbelts (all factory mounting points are there under the seat) lowered it with cobra lowering springs 15x7 on front and 15x8 on the rear new shocks all around as the springs made it un-captive retro fitted some fusion 4" in the rear speaker boxes (look factory) pulled the factory radio out and put a bluetooth and aux adapter in the back (can now bluetooth from phone to original radio) front mounted oil cooler tinted the inner headlights yellow so not too much but am now debating if i now put a 4g54 (2.6L) or i put a 4g63t all set up for rwd, easy would be 4g54 but fun would be 4g63t. any way here is the latest photo i have
  12. Here is some for pics from the swap. the other thing i needed was a longer speedo cable but every thing was just a bolt in.
  13. please post here if you have any ideas on what should be next or anything else that can help with the old girl.
  14. Hi Guys I figured it was about time i made one of these for the old girl. I got her 100% original, right down to the AM/FM radio. the only thing the last owner original owner had done was put a kill switch in, aftermarket tacho and some monster horns. After having her for about 2 weeks i decided the old 4g32 had to go so i was on the hunt for a cheap 4g63 then only after another 2 weeks i had one ready to drop in. once i had the cam belt off i noticed the cam pully had a crack in it so off it came and i had a dohc one (they are wider so i cant fit the timing cover back on) that is adjustable so on that went and then just a general tidy up before it went back in the hole.
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