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  1. Dolan

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    LSD checking. My method is jack it up make sure it’s neutral and handbrake off. get a friend to hold one wheel. You turn the other. If you can feel drag that’s more than just open diff and prop shaft weight drag then it’s limited slip most small trucks are just open. Chathams sounds amazing. What do you do down there?
  2. Dolan


    Xox see youse fullas there all goods
  3. Dolan

    Cams mean ID

    Yeah man hit up old mate in hawera or I can also our s oit you into another dude or two
  4. Dolan

    Cams mean ID

    Probably but I’ll take my ute to haul bikes up. i sold that car to a guy in Taupo to help rebuild a factory co veritable which is now at a panel shop in palmy. I can put you in touch with him if you’re after anything but he’s mostly got early parts.
  5. Dolan

    Cams mean ID

    Oh hi still got this want to get it road legal around September. Gotta do a set of valve guides and a wee bit of rust that’s popped up in the last ten years. Great car
  6. Thanks you beautiful person. ill slam you a on. the window of the old fella that owned the rig reckons she has ‘ownership papers’ but not sure what else allegedly on hold I haven’t checked
  7. What happens if you buy a vehicle that’s on an old declaration type cert, has rego on hold, but they don’t have the old declaration letter thing anymore? recert? Or are there records kept somewhere?
  8. Dolan

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Sounds like a load of shit? Unless they can block access, all beaches are public aren’t they?
  9. Dolan

    diesel spam

    She got glow plugs? Whip those out. Will still build some compression as starter builds rpm though. Alternatively remove injectors but bugger that unless you really need to. any power to glow plugs? Ive had a wee bit of experience by osmosis with a 350ci diesel. It required the mintest of starter motors and cables to get it to spin up to anywhere near were it would fire. Along with a Good glow it’d fire up.
  10. Dolan

    Damo's Crap

    Hi Damo I like your style
  11. Dolan

    Kicker's C50

    My 125 doesnt vibrate that bad. Only as bad as any other 125/140 ive experienced. Nothing like the 110s. Dont think shipping oil did it any harm jim . doesnt burn drop of oil. Have seen some fairly smokey lifans from guys who did shit the 'right way'. Was using hella lights and the blub holders were falling to bits fairly quickly. Will try some rubber isolators.
  12. Dolan

    Kicker's C50

    What kinda tail lamp are you running on that trimmed mount? Its a problem for me. I havent found anything that mounts tidy to a trimmed mount and lasts
  13. Dolan

    Datlows citroen big D

    Nah not anymore but can get you a price I’m sure they’ll do me a good deal still autofrance in Auckland is ya man for other bits David Jones is a great dude
  14. Dolan

    Datlows citroen big D

    Beautiful mate i sold you some shitty green rear guards at the start of the year I think? anyways. Wow. This is awesome.