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  1. Dave’s great but that’s a Dave being a moran thing not a bike thing xox see you there
  2. Haha I only have my cub at This stage so who knows I may end up on something like that too
  3. Hoping to! Probably ride my cub coz povo hah better do the form
  4. Man good work chipping away at this thing. Just looked back and saw how long you’ve had it. Nice! Also lold at brake caliper being same as the ones in my car trailer. Parts available from twl. No worries
  5. All you need in a back pack is clip on koalas and wet weather gear and some jandals tbh
  6. Pete on a burgman smoking galloise and drinking laphroaig ftw
  7. Awesome! Mate ya lived til you’ve binned a Honda ct/cub and winded yourself whilst trapped underneath