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  1. Do wees on it. Actually @Ogre used to always spin yarns about this carry on
  2. I was gonna say get your massage at china palace. $20 for old mate that makes the cocktails $30 for his mrs behind the counter $0 for grandma. she'll pop her teeth out and appreciate the warm drink
  3. Fuck I rolled into work the other day and ine of the boys had made a similar setup and had a 350kg (dry) gearbox, with 18L of oil and a power take off and pump on it swinging from the thing. Sketchy hab
  4. Shit it's coming around quick. Got myself a 1190 for this year
  5. not much has 14" 4x108 sadly. for steels, look to Peugeot 405/306 or citroen bx. 14x6 with a 20P offset is spot on usually. you may be able to clock hubs 90 degrees and redrill to 4x114.3 as well which opens many doors of course can't really redrill to 5 stud, though. if it was 4x114.3 you can reuse one hole and drill out to 5 without enoughmeat no worries. if you need new hub/rotorassemblies you could go to 5 stud also better living
  6. yeah i switched to citroen BX 14" steels on mine with 185r14c commercial tyres after having a 13" commercial tyre overheat and blow out,ripping all my cabinetry to bits
  7. oosh looks like it has trojan MK3 calipers, so you can buy brand new cunts that'll bolts straight on. my pioneerhad mk2 which you cant buy much for anymore, so i bought conversion set to go to mk6, but they didn't fit without lots of clearancing. weird.
  8. I'm cheesin' would love a 400 burgman to ride around like a boomer.
  9. I'd love to know what it's worth to you
  10. is that a petrol one? alwyas pined those little 4wd townaces
  11. So good. Just gotta treat them like a wood splitter and concentrate the whole time then they're safe as. Enjoy!
  12. man, that ute has seen some action!
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