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  1. Nicks RG150

    badass. Kysmeller, they're def no 2fid, but shit they're fun as frig anyway.
  2. nice! what kinda steelies are you after? Series or disco1? Would you run alloys?
  3. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    yeah i got like half a dozen of those for about $30 from ali a few years ago. bloody good things! Have a wee 12v compressor that I got from 4wdbits years ago too. If I had a/c that didn't work I'd def look at converting the a/c pump to be used for tyre inflation etc. Don't use compressor much tho as it takes ages and if I air down I usually don't go any lower than 20psi and on my wagons that doesn't make the tyres bag out too unsafely for the road. on sand make sure you're in 4wd before you really need it, and practice taking off with a little extra clutch slip/less aggressively than normal. glad you got out with diggin and driftwood. already more sensible than 99./999999% of nzoffroader facebook page verge bashing nongs
  4. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    Chunky tyres are shit in sand so old all terrains should be mint. Muds in my old pajero and chunky cross plies in my land rover make my bum pucker in soft sand. Air down for better performance everywhere off road esp sand. Get a arb style deflator from AliExpress and win for quick airing down!
  5. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    So good.
  6. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    Badass Lockers too?
  7. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    badass rimz! been keeping an eye out for cheap as chips ones of those but haven't seen any down these ways! you'll love those more than crossplie deestones i reckon. i took mine off and am running a similar tread pattern to those cruiser oem tyres now coz the noise from the deestones was unreal
  8. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

  9. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    nice!!! should slam a td27t or 4jb1t in (can get bellhousing adaptors from the uk) or i have a really haggard RRC you can have for cheap for v8 my lwb series with a 173 in it will do 70mph reasonably easily. screams it's head off but big whoop really.
  10. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    oh che I have two of those 750-16 deestones that've done only a couple of hundred km in me shed that I'll probably never use. can source good price on two more to match them up for ya. hit me up when you're ready for a set of tyres and I'll sort ya something
  11. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    Yeah they can be weird amalgamation of all models after this long!!!
  12. Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    Shit yes! Those spouts are stock usually. At least on the ones with fuel tank where yours is anyway. Mine is rear tank and doesn't have one/it's been lost. Fuel bowers seem to like it better if you take them out anyway. Pics of dash? If it has vinyl dash with gauges by steering wheel it's a three. Tin dash with centre gauges is 2a. Defo have a three front on there tho
  13. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    haha man those firestone are AMAZING!! you might be shit out of luck for XM+S but I'll see if anything a little more retro is available. I think I have one only michelin in a pattern similar to this on my parts wreck vogue. the rest are something like dunlop adventurers or something.
  14. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    dunlop should indent them for you. can still get those in 7.50r16 on brand new 70 series cruisers. you may find this to be the issue quite regularly. what pattern michelin would you be after? again, michelin dealers should indent them for you. may not be overnight of course. pm me if you're keen to get into some michelins though. we do 'em at work and althoguh I don't have much to do with that side of our business, i can defo get the boss onto it for ya. He's usually pining people getting stuff for old cars in teh original pattern and has had no problem sorting a couple of sets of michelin metrics for citroens for me, and recently got a hold of a set of the original michelins that his trump stag came on.
  15. Campylobactors S2A Land Rover

    oh man such neglect. so i whacked a couple of new bearings in the gearbox, repacked rear wheel bearings and new hub seals, new bits and pieces for the motor, got mucked around by old mate with the head. bought another whole motor then spent heaps on that one';s head to get it ready. put together, got running, then chipped away veerrrry slowly at the last few jobs like replacing all the lights, new brake hoses, removing a couple of leaves from the front springs to make it ride a little nicer etc. finally got my arse into gear and got her woffed on saturday. glorious! she's got a Jim carb on it and I'm not that happy with it! hesitates when taking of from intersections unless you're pretty hard up it. will build something up from the 2-3 spares I have, and do some further timing fettling. plus, tdc is correct on the balancer but holy shit does it run pooze/not at all if you time it as per specs. it's apparently running like 40 degrees of inital advance. wat! timed her by ear and don't even worry about that shit and it's mint. goes a little better than the old 186 did, and seems to have a little more top end which is what I was after, plus doesn't sound like it's going to explode and doesn't blow all it's oil out the breather. success.