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    Oh mean yeah I never thought of firewall mounting. I always figured mount under one of the interior wells in the back. You'll probably want to run a separate battery for it tbh to make sure you.can still fire the old girl up at the end of the day.

    You'll only care about a muffler if you want to sleep with it going. Thought about one for my series but then realised I won't use it enough to bother. Will fit one to my future caravan for off grid winter heatabilty. Dude at work has one in his camper and it's unreal how lush it is.
  3. HECKA! yeah go see a quack for sure.
  4. you could. or you could rug up, chuck yellow parka and leggings on and get into it
  5. THAT CT70 SEAT WOULD GAG A MAGGOT. doit shiloh. I'll put the jug on
  6. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    DAT ZAWST I bought one of those then decided I wouldnt do much with it so now ben wagg has it. hilarious bikes.not sure what he's up to with it! He also has an rv50 with a lifan which is a mega hoot to ride.
  7. sump or return line makes more sense for me for an auto trans for some reason.
  8. pre cooler/in the hot gallery straight from the convertor is ideal if you know what you're looking at. if you just want to monitor it and watch what it's up to so you can taek note of any abnormalities I'd just whack a fitting in the sump and go from there.
  9. so since you guys are wanting a support vehicle, why not buy this piaggio ape? it's a ute and a scoot, all in one. I imagine they're running the same basic engine as a small frame 50cc vespa...
  10. great bikes. surely too large to get away with a 49cc situation though. I'm lucky enough to have purchased a ct50 recently. neat little bike
  11. oh man they'd be a doughboy of a thing to ride if they're chubby like a gn125/250 still! get a 250 and do a mitsi oil ring/valve stem seal conversion. sorted.
  12. when you check the calendar and offsider has booked time off around this for another event sadface.jpg so lets try hire an extra staff member so we can both go on holiday
  13. oh choice I'm pretty keen to try make it along to this eh