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  1. Same as ever let's be honest haha
  2. I like how the op doesn't listen to posts and could've jist sorted this out on his own instead of publicly on his own. Xox
  3. Yeah hard ride ya sub 140cc fully self sufficient inc magnum dong bags and a flashlight then ya can cry at boys trying to make an extra adventure
  4. Callum you should ride a 50 to show me how tough you are you beautiful little man xoxoxoxoxoxo
  5. I'd say it'll be attitude based, like most dealings with cops regarding vehicles. If there's not coverage they can't really sticker you. They'll follow ypu to somewhere that has reception
  6. yeah i'm sure with some planning we could nip down and grab you jim.
  7. Power down shocks love tearing the eyes off when set to firm too
  8. yeah just slap sr241s on it. Grouse on road. pretty acceptable off road even in grass.
  9. Shit yeah gimme a piece of dang brisket
  10. Ah shit I've got an eftpos only dog toy and home made chutney stand. Fml
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