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  1. I feel like you should give me the lada tbh
  2. I held out for an ag one and tbh have never NEEDED to use it. 12v of a post spec one is much better than low range IMO also post ones have better forks, apparently more robust frames and bigger rear brake from what my eyecrometer tells me. And a rev limiter. Which only slows ya down. Enjoy
  3. Pretty rough. In the heavy transport world the chain of responsibility would land heavily on that parts fitter guy. Haha F it was certed after then it should’ve been picked up but by the look it wasn’t certed ?
  4. Yeah you might be able to smash one just after Christmas for cheap. Also they pop up on trademe and marketplace relatively frequently
  5. Yeah probs not often you need to camp at an actual camping ground. Plenty of dece stuff that goes on the ground too. I do enjoy a good hard ground sleep those three nights of Urewera trip were some of my best restful sleeps I’ve had in ages haha
  6. Need trees to tie to? Our campsites only had us ppsc dudes massive boners for small bike camping to tie shit to tbh. Which would have been fine to swing a hammock from but then there’s nobody to go in the hammock
  7. I was slightly short on pack space. They both fell out at the same time in a technical bit never to be seen again haha
  8. I was keen to get out there rookie daving bin it to win it
  9. Such post ride blues. What an amazing event. Cheers John and everyone else that went into the prep organisation and support! Barry bucket’s 80 series workshop was amazing and kept a few of the boys rolling. Unreal support! Front loading the ct wasn’t a great idea. Took me a day and a half to find the sweet spot with controlling that pendulum situation on gravel so I ditched it for the motu and had a way better time. Chasing blizzo was great fun. what to build for next time? I’ve popped my cherry on a bland wagon. Now for something a little more obscure?
  10. Yo Johnny I think us ppsc dicks are Ken to stay st your pad Thursday night xox prob can tent camp on ya deck/dick/sleep inside the landy in ya shed if that’s ok. Kisses purple goanna walrus made my teeth hurt heck