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  1. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/forum/11-project-discussion/&do=add&ct=1626939963
  2. Been looking at buying a jeep j20 ute for a few years , now that I've started a family I thought its time to get a sensible family wagon.. she's a jap import un-complied wagon with a blown up dinosaur emissions strangled 360 amc v8. first thing is an engine conversion, please give me your thoughts on what would be a good swap *I have a 15b toyota diesel 4.1L turbo 4 cylinder that I have priced up a 12mm 200cc pump for $2200 and a g-turbo red wheel for $2800 which should give good torque. *LS? *hemi? can buy late model with 4wd auto tranny. *duramax? don't want to spend more than 10K on parts for the swap if possible.
  3. going to finally be on a bike this year of some sort so I'm out for drivng @Thphantum? mr sizzle
  4. if you were closer I have a 1992 manual v3000 here not doing anything that would make a great donor, don’t see to many manual ones
  5. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    Choice some good info there @drftnmaz thanks will find some bits for the hx40 and have a play will post how I get on. Thanks
  6. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    whats the displacement of your landrover?
  7. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    cheers, looks like theres a few types of housings and wheels to choose from
  8. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    hey after some advice, my 13bt diesel blew a head gasket today, I have a good condition 15b dyna engine I have been wanting to put in my cruiser for a while now 3.4L vs 4.1L. I was thinking about putting compound turbos on it. would the stock ct26 from the 13bt work with a hx40 I have? (has a 16cm rear housing) I don't mind getting the injection pump rebuilt\modified to suit boost and more fuels. cheers
  9. Anyone got a spare bed in gizzy? Also can’t remember who I booked in with at the lake, keen on a barby too
  10. hey guys i brought this turd tonight for a couple hundy, it blew up on the way home (wasn't testing top speed at all when it stopped working) is there a bigger engine and manual that go into these for cheap backyard style? low km so worth not scrapping
  11. Thanks for the springs help, are they sitting right in that pic thou?
  12. heres some 2" cobra land cruiser 70 series lift springs next to my 95 2wd dyna, they look like they would fit but you would need to use the bottom two fat dyna leafs. another hori way would be to mount some coil springs in between your diff and bumpstops ftw. cruiser shackle extenders would be simple to fit too. sorry for non airbag chat. also keen for an island mish one day
  13. i brought one of these off here, its currently getting paddock bashed due to rust and fucked shocks, but its manual so if it ever blows up theres some cheap parts for yours, panels are\were pretty good.
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