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  1. Flights booked home, sigma may or may not make the journey. Place bets now
  2. I’ve got a complete 3.8 series 2 from a Camaro with gear bag been trying to sell for $600 if it’s any help. Has the funny front inlet manifold
  3. Complete mounts, although if you’re running a 4g52 they may work too. Must be fairly rare wagon , had a few 1850 colts back in the day yours seems to have the same front.
  4. Early 90’s mitsi Ute gearbox seem to be the better (less shite) box which should bolt up to your new motor, use the 2L petrol 4g63 one and not the 2.6 , any single cam 4g63 engine mounts will work too. Did it come with an ecu?
  5. Have you looked into a gfb d-force controller? I have one on my landcruiser and it cuts the boost a bit if the egt gets to your set temp, have been pretty happy with mine.
  6. Spotted one of these today next to where I’m staying , took a shitty pic
  7. used to install underfloor heating (water) back in the day , boss used to say your solar collector size would need to be the same size as your floor area to be efficient. Which no-one ever went ahead with. Not sure if this is relevant
  8. Do you have any measurements for the springs? I have a set of new falcon springs at home but don’t know what model they’re from, they’re blue and quite short.
  9. Be a shame to scrap them if there’s a cheap way to get them going/give them away
  10. There are about 50ish of these going in the skip this week, ex stadium leds, however quite a few of the drivers have blown but the leds are mint, are they worth salvaging? The new drivers are over $300 on Ali. Each big panel has two lights and two drivers at a total of 600w. They go hard for what they are, will sling a few up around the shed
  11. Have you tried going for a drive with the hood off? Does it still boil over at idle with the bonnet up? Is it worth going to an electric water pump so you can run a big fuck off electric fan?
  12. I have a kubota d722 copper radiator that’s brand new , might be worth googling specs to see if it will work , I’m never going to use it.
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