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  1. Made a shitty planter out of an old cylinder, brazed up the holes and put some pipe round the top for safety left a hole in the bottom for the rain.
  2. Chur will give ct a hoon has never failed me in the forestry blocks
  3. @johnnyfive giz spare second bike plz? Scoot crapped out again and lack of talent to fix. If not I’ve got a dodgy ct200. Looking forward to side of the Rd sausage
  4. Got scoot running again yesterday am turning off all devices now will see you’s Friday
  5. I’m putting it on a 4g64 mitsi in the next couple of weeks, thanks for the advice that makes sense , will let you know if it works out.
  6. Google say they’re air jets, thought the bigger number would have been on the secondary , castings look great. Will spend some time driveway tuning it on Sunday mornings pretending I know what I’m doing
  7. Hey brought one of chinas finest Weber’s, looking down from from the top theres two jets? Which look to be round the wrong way one says 160 on the secondary and 170 on the primary is this right?
  8. I have a 1992 v3000 manual. Someone here may know if it’s gearbox will work on your engine
  9. hey I have a set of 2" drop spindles at home, I have lost the paperwork for them, is there a way to get them checked out to be fit for use in nz? are they a good way to lower a vehicle in your opinion? cheers
  10. Came here looking for Nissan vanette
  11. mean will pack the first aid kit full of purple goanas and doh bros. so keen
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