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  1. Anyone got a spare bed in gizzy? Also can’t remember who I booked in with at the lake, keen on a barby too
  2. hey guys i brought this turd tonight for a couple hundy, it blew up on the way home (wasn't testing top speed at all when it stopped working) is there a bigger engine and manual that go into these for cheap backyard style? low km so worth not scrapping
  3. Thanks for the springs help, are they sitting right in that pic thou?
  4. heres some 2" cobra land cruiser 70 series lift springs next to my 95 2wd dyna, they look like they would fit but you would need to use the bottom two fat dyna leafs. another hori way would be to mount some coil springs in between your diff and bumpstops ftw. cruiser shackle extenders would be simple to fit too. sorry for non airbag chat. also keen for an island mish one day
  5. i brought one of these off here, its currently getting paddock bashed due to rust and fucked shocks, but its manual so if it ever blows up theres some cheap parts for yours, panels are\were pretty good.
  6. Hi can I change the 14” rims to 16” rims Without any worries on a 95 Toyota dyna? It’s got a hubo and cof etc. only gets 90kmph before the engine noise gets to me. Cheers and sorry for new car question.
  7. i just brought that same one haven't used it yet but it looks like junk straight out of the box, may return it for the boc one for similar price, the hand piece on the tool shed one looks really chinise and the consumables look rubbish. but the tool shed one does come with a 3? year warranty
  8. ended up getting 45,000L roughly a day out of it, haven't got it tested yet but haven't got sick or the shits. the water goes through a decent filter setup down to 1 micron, put a 750w sump pump with float switch down the well to pump to a 35,000L storage tank. so happy been able to sleep better not having to worry about running out of water, kinda wished i had documented it better as more people could build these as its not difficult. if i build a pool i will probably dig it by hand too.
  9. its for sale if interested. have found another vintage vehicle I would rather play around with, have original tags and plates for it, doors need re-wooding, has no motor and box. cheers for looking
  10. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    found out why my 13bt diesel was cutting out when hitting boost above 15psi, was a little electric valve leaking that sits down by the starter motor, it controls a flap in the intake so that it was cutting airflow off to the engine completely when on song, took me ages to figure out and goes good now. the other issue I'm having is winding the fuel screw in doesn't seem to make any difference? it can be wound right in but doesn't seem to make a difference.
  11. was dirt, pumice, sand , clay, then sand when i hit the water now I'm into pumice\sand where the water is, have dug 500mm today and the flow rate is 20L a minute its been running for about an hr now and is starting to run clear. Will get the water tested but happy just to have water for the animals, garden, spa pool and possibly the toilets if i can be arsed.
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