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  1. i just brought that same one haven't used it yet but it looks like junk straight out of the box, may return it for the boc one for similar price, the hand piece on the tool shed one looks really chinise and the consumables look rubbish. but the tool shed one does come with a 3? year warranty
  2. its for sale if interested. have found another vintage vehicle I would rather play around with, have original tags and plates for it, doors need re-wooding, has no motor and box. cheers for looking
  3. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    found out why my 13bt diesel was cutting out when hitting boost above 15psi, was a little electric valve leaking that sits down by the starter motor, it controls a flap in the intake so that it was cutting airflow off to the engine completely when on song, took me ages to figure out and goes good now. the other issue I'm having is winding the fuel screw in doesn't seem to make any difference? it can be wound right in but doesn't seem to make a difference.
  4. cool yes for cert, no to dodgy welding, never looked to see if the other arms would fit just guessed they would be different, thanks for your guys advice.
  5. Hi there, I have got spindles, stubs, discs, and callipers off a 1992 L300 to go onto my 1983 L300, the problem is the upper ball joint hole is larger on the new suff (there is no ball joint that fits off the shelf) can I get an engineer to make some hard tapered adapters like these? I hope so because they are getting made next week. Have read that the upper ball joints don't have as much stress as lowers so should be sweet? Thanks.
  6. had to google k24 engine rotation.. nice work.
  7. I've just brought a 1978 lancer that requires re-vinning, is it a mish? or is it similar to a green or pink sticker wof? also I wouldn't mind under-sealing the car while I refresh some of the suspension, will that make it harder if I put fresh under-seal on? (not trying to hide anything its mint)
  8. hey mate great work, is there going to be a one-way valve/drain in the bottom of the airbox?
  9. heres the only transport i have for this event this year, currently has no front brakes, bald back tyre, and the seat falls off. keen as though, seems all you lot keep buying all the mean scooters when they come up for sale, figure i will just blend in as a local.. what do I need for pants? is jeans ok? or do i need something more protective? any other protective gears? @MopedNZ hooked me up with a good deal on a helmet too.
  10. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    does anyone know why my engine cuts out when my gfb d-force controller hits its over boost limit? (which i can set) I'm guessing the controller can't hold the waste gate at higher pressures, boost is set to 16psi and over boost is set to 19. i have to clutch in turn off ignition then re start the motor, motor is land cruiser 13bt 3.4L diesel, the controller is not part of the injection pump and is not wired into the ignition in any way. i think i need a stronger waste gate actuator