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  1. Be a shame to scrap them if there’s a cheap way to get them going/give them away
  2. There are about 50ish of these going in the skip this week, ex stadium leds, however quite a few of the drivers have blown but the leds are mint, are they worth salvaging? The new drivers are over $300 on Ali. Each big panel has two lights and two drivers at a total of 600w. They go hard for what they are, will sling a few up around the shed
  3. Have you tried going for a drive with the hood off? Does it still boil over at idle with the bonnet up? Is it worth going to an electric water pump so you can run a big fuck off electric fan?
  4. I have a kubota d722 copper radiator that’s brand new , might be worth googling specs to see if it will work , I’m never going to use it.
  5. I wish but preggo wife and kids at home thanks
  6. Ah sweet guessing normal sharp drill bits will go through the ram with some lube
  7. Some of you may remember my welding skills from such episodes as welding a tow coupling on with half a damp rod on east cape ride. Today I put those skills to use and made a steel rack and wished I had done so a long time ago, am planning on putting a drop saw in the middle.
  8. Am building a hefty log splitter soon, how do I join my hydraulic ram to my splitting plate without special tools? Not much force should be on the return stroke . Need to be able to rebuild the ram in the future too. Thanks
  9. I have a front cut off a 1995 Toyota dyna for cheap if you go down that Rd, had a 15b diesel in it, sounds like quite a lot of work this v8 engine would you be better off with a common Toyota diesel like a 1kz or 13b diesel? I’m sure the v8 would sound the goods though
  10. 4g63 single cam, will use less gas too
  11. Tried this on a Mitsubishi Outlander , buying 98 vs 91 did 3 tanks of each and got the same results. 450km to 50L fuel
  12. Made a shitty planter out of an old cylinder, brazed up the holes and put some pipe round the top for safety left a hole in the bottom for the rain.
  13. Chur will give ct a hoon has never failed me in the forestry blocks
  14. @johnnyfive giz spare second bike plz? Scoot crapped out again and lack of talent to fix. If not I’ve got a dodgy ct200. Looking forward to side of the Rd sausage
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