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  1. MaxPower

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    big bush at tuai is a good place to stay. not many rules there too.
  2. any cars out there with cheap air compressors from factory, e.g cars with factory air suspension. need a pump for a ARB air locker looking at options for onboard air. other option is to use my 5L dive cylinder as I have a bottle compressor, anyone have any thoughts cheers.
  3. whats the go if i had a 1980 L300 van, and had a de-reg L300 cab I wanted to put on the chassis instead? (van to cab) would that need cert as its pretty much the same? thinking it would be an easier way to make a L300 well side later on, than cutting down a van if that makes sense. cheers
  4. MaxPower

    Gav’s Honda N360

    sorry no photos, its red. he's not keen to part with it at this stage, but I'm sure he will let me know first
  5. MaxPower

    Gav’s Honda N360

    is there a plan for the original motor? my friend has seized his and is looking for a cheap replacement
  6. if its of interest i have a full brand new exhaust system for a ex lancer, think its 2 1\2" system
  7. MaxPower

    Matt's 1951 Chevy Pickup - Discussion

    nice work, i find that exhaust wrap goes on tidier if you soak it in a bucket of water before wrapping. itchy bloody stuff
  8. I have a bj71 with a 13bt. the one you are looking at rust out around the windscreen frame, I paid $4500 for mine in fairly good condition 8 months or so ago. mine has been addictive to spend money on though and parts are not cheap. if you do buy one go nuts on the fish oil etc inside the body, the handling is terrible if raised, and the brakes are shithouse at best. so yeah buy it.
  9. MaxPower

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    yeah i think that first aid kit was the one my mate lent us in the trailer
  10. MaxPower

    Bomba's 77 Thunderbird Town Landau

    jeez you must feel like a drug dealer cruising round in this, looks good a+
  11. MaxPower

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    4.5 seats, could strap someone on the bonnet if need be too.
  12. MaxPower

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    is it ok if i bring my handbrake? she's keen if so, or is it a sausage fest only? will have a roof top tent, and sussed out a decent waterproof box trailer for the piss. will put up a pic of it sometime.
  13. i think it does need a bigger driven gear thinking about it now, from the minimal internet searching apparently i don't have to change the gearbox gear, doesn't work in my thought process either. might just buy a 20 tooth and give it a go, if its tight going in it probably won't be right.
  14. Hey have put larger tyres on my old land cruiser and the speedo is out by 12-14%, Im guessing it needs to be close to accurate for cert, have looked into mechanical correction boxes but can't justify $265au + postage\tax. Have found you can buy the gears from toyota new, so I'm thinking I will just buy the correct one. My speedo gear thing that goes into the gearbox is marked 6-18 (6 tooth in the gearbox and 18 on the one that you can pull out) you can't change the inside gear from 6 so if i change the 18 tooth gear to say a 17 or 16 does anyone know what one would help correct my speedo, long winded explanation but i can't figure it out. cheers
  15. MaxPower

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Yeah mate heres his name on fb, if that doesn't work i can send you the link on fb or something, Kelby Van Der Lizem