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  1. had to google k24 engine rotation.. nice work.
  2. I've just brought a 1978 lancer that requires re-vinning, is it a mish? or is it similar to a green or pink sticker wof? also I wouldn't mind under-sealing the car while I refresh some of the suspension, will that make it harder if I put fresh under-seal on? (not trying to hide anything its mint)
  3. hey mate great work, is there going to be a one-way valve/drain in the bottom of the airbox?
  4. heres the only transport i have for this event this year, currently has no front brakes, bald back tyre, and the seat falls off. keen as though, seems all you lot keep buying all the mean scooters when they come up for sale, figure i will just blend in as a local.. what do I need for pants? is jeans ok? or do i need something more protective? any other protective gears? @MopedNZ hooked me up with a good deal on a helmet too.
  5. MaxPower

    diesel spam

    does anyone know why my engine cuts out when my gfb d-force controller hits its over boost limit? (which i can set) I'm guessing the controller can't hold the waste gate at higher pressures, boost is set to 16psi and over boost is set to 19. i have to clutch in turn off ignition then re start the motor, motor is land cruiser 13bt 3.4L diesel, the controller is not part of the injection pump and is not wired into the ignition in any way. i think i need a stronger waste gate actuator
  6. big bush at tuai is a good place to stay. not many rules there too.
  7. any cars out there with cheap air compressors from factory, e.g cars with factory air suspension. need a pump for a ARB air locker looking at options for onboard air. other option is to use my 5L dive cylinder as I have a bottle compressor, anyone have any thoughts cheers.
  8. whats the go if i had a 1980 L300 van, and had a de-reg L300 cab I wanted to put on the chassis instead? (van to cab) would that need cert as its pretty much the same? thinking it would be an easier way to make a L300 well side later on, than cutting down a van if that makes sense. cheers
  9. sorry no photos, its red. he's not keen to part with it at this stage, but I'm sure he will let me know first
  10. is there a plan for the original motor? my friend has seized his and is looking for a cheap replacement
  11. if its of interest i have a full brand new exhaust system for a ex lancer, think its 2 1\2" system
  12. nice work, i find that exhaust wrap goes on tidier if you soak it in a bucket of water before wrapping. itchy bloody stuff