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  1. Haven't achieved a whole lot on this thing yet, took the engine out and inspected the insides, appears the piston had been getting a little friendly with the head on the intake side (my guess is that since it's chinga gear the casting may not be perfect) so just cleaned up the piston a little so hopefully should clear now. Cleaned it up a little while it was on the bench, came up pretty well for a small amount of work. Also ran my multi meter over a couple of bits as per the manual and the Rectifier is toast, and appears the front brake switch isn't working either. It seems that the
  2. I haven't got that far into a plan yet, I'll be pretty flexible though.
  3. I'll be driving to Hanmer from Renwick with a ute if that's any use
  4. Hey guys, decided to make a thread for this bike, built an entire 140 powered FR and neglected to make one so thought I had better make one for this. Bought of marketplace at a decent price as a ‘ran when parked’ type scenario. Everything was there and it actually ran after a carb clean and unblocking the pilot jet. Here it is in all its crusty glory (along with the FR) plan is to get it all legal then drop an XR200 donk in it eventually. I have also discovered it has cam journal wear so the cam has play in the head, so will need to do some kind of roller bearing mod
  5. Looks like I was optimistic about my first plan to have an entire bike built in time so looks like I’m riding an FR ‘50’
  6. I see now haha yeah that queen charlotte pest won’t work
  7. Isn’t that further south? I’m talking about on day two so we would have done mt patriarch already, I think? Haha.
  8. And another thought - we should ride the queen charlotte road on the way to pelorus before the mangatapu track, could do Blenhiem>picton (bit of 100km/h but not all the way) then do Picton>havelock via the queen charlotte.
  9. In further developments, they’ve changed the speed limit from Blenhiem all the way to Nelson (I think) to 80km/h which makes the open road stretch to pelorus better for small cc bikes
  10. I'll have to find the shadiest chinese place in town, I'm pretty geographically challenged in the marlborough region though It def needs to have pink pussy, top gun, and the sledgehammer on the cocktail menu
  11. I feel this, my rear brake was not doing a good job on the last day lol
  12. I would also like to register my interest for this ride, looks grouse! Better get my a into g and build my cb125/200 rig and ride that
  13. That's not bad, my panniers are probably way over that, but also includes 1L of spare oil and a 750ml drink bottle. Never done the ride so I'm probably taking too much lol.
  14. Who needs directions when you can just follow the aromas of a pack of dudes chuffin' back coffin nails and a trail of empty lion brown cans?
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