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  1. @RUNAMUCK yeah I was going to do a ferry mission with me bike on the back then meet up with the palmy doodz and go from there
  2. ken to have some real shit sleeps in a tent, drink beer and hoon smol bikes, perhaps not in that order though.
  3. What's the plan for baffles? There's a video of a guy with an old Honda CL77 on youtube with pipes like that and he used essentially a washer (with the hole in the middle still) that you could turn either vertical to baffle, and horizontal for the noise
  4. For this one yeah, might be on a honeymoon haha (plans for that not confirmed but it's likely)
  5. It's likely I'll be away that weekend next year, but I really want to do the ride again lol
  6. Can we do it on a different weekend next year too?
  7. 125's only also I might add. also GN paddock speedway would be great too
  8. National GN rally? none of this moped melee carry on Rules; 1: spend no more than $500 on ya bike, 2: send it
  9. I might go ahead and adapt my scooter into a different motorcycle more capable of such adventures
  10. Fixed that on the day lol. Nah I need to sort carb issues, and my air filter split on the bottom, could explain why it died every time I went through water on the last leg of the final day, and a few other things to address.
  11. I could be keen - probably need to give my scoot a birthday first
  12. tbh this ride made me want an actual dual sport bike for more epic bike adventures. giz DRZ400
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