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    This year has been a real rollercoaster. I've had far too many projects on my plate (and a lack of motivation to finish them), not much expendable income and a huge life change with my 5+ year relationship ending... So I've been planning on thinning the hoard, moving somewhere else and starting a new life. So when an old, rare 2 stroke bike showed up, the logical thing to do would be to pass on it. Right? WRONG. Enter the Wolf. This piece of Suzuki engineering is 1969-1971 Suzuki T90 Wolf. It's very closely related to a T125 stinger. My dad and I missed out on a T125 last year and we were gutted. It was a green one in "barn find" condition- but appeared to be missing the carbs: Then a wee while ago, @SOHC happened upon this old T90 Wolf that he and his friend used to ride around 15+ years ago. He said it would be available, so a deal was struck and I went to collect it over the weekend. It's a quirky wee beast and has some cool features like a seat that hinges backwards - I've never seen this style before. The seat has seen better days and needs a trip to midnight upholstery so @64valiant can work his magic on it. The frame, forks and motor are all bit dirty and there's some corrosion, but it's surprisingly good for a bike that's been sitting for this long. It needs a headlight, indicators, speedo cable (the thread is broken on the underside of the speedo unit) and the forks will need a bit of love to deal with the peeling chrome. I think a strip and re-paint will be good enough for starters. Eventually I'll strip this bike down and give everything a proper clean up. The frame could do with a blast and re-paint, the tank needs a small amount of rust cleaned up and a re-spray. Overall it's a very solid bike though! And runs amazingly well for something that's been sitting in a barn. All it took was a bit of fuel and it fired into life. Jeah! Rare, old, small capacity, 2 stroke, twin cylinder radness. This should be fun.
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    Yea so there was a wee saga with the engine parts, Trundles rang and said the only crank they had was damaged, so they had only sent the seals, gaskets and bearings. I spent a bit of time trying to find another crank but nothing was available. Plenty of complete engines for too much money, but then what fucking use were all the other parts. So I suggested I send it all back and he got all pissy and said he would find another crank, which he actually did. So we will wait and see what turns up. I have been selling off shit like a demon, I've got 2/3rds of the money to pay for the coating, but I have to wait for some latches I ordered off Ali Express to sort the drawers so I can get it done. In the meantime I have been tidying up the last few things I have to do. I have needed to get some sort of tiedown detail into the deck, but preferably without going any wider, or having them down low and preventing the drawers from opening. I decided to do it this way, which was laborious but reasonably tidy. I can also use the detail as a mount for sides if I need to; I also made something proper for the low range boot to mount too; Might have to start the many jobs I have been neglecting around the house now..
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    Mounting the fuel tank was today's job, got it mostly done, little bit of welding left to do. Fuel filter and pump will go in the spare wheel well and I'll make a cover that goes over the top of the well I need to sort a sealed cap and a spill ring, and an extra fitting on top for a return
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    Front brakes ready to bolt on VJ spindles, new discs with 3mm off the od thanks to @RXFORD, then @RUNAMUCK kindly supplied some wheel studs to replace a couple that got mangled on the way out, reco surf calipers, new wheel bearings, aussie valiant lower ball joints which have a shorter steering arm for more hektik drifts, and repco had some new dust caps
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    So I had a short list of things to sort after the last test. First was to make a more permanent restrictor, before the tape went through the carbs. I did lots of math to work out the area, and made a stainless restrictor, but just fitted it temporarily in case it was wrong. Turns out it doesn't work as good as the tape, so will try again. I also redid the top of the brake pedal, to try get more swing/feel. Seems to be a bit better/good enough. Did a bit more of the wiring/cleaned a bit of it up, and mounted the magic boxes. I'm waiting on some components to arrive from China so I can finish this and the dash. Speaking of dash, I started making a new one, with new switches and shit. Waiting on new warning lights to show up. This is the same shape as the hood. I also made a new front panel. It's made of thicker steel than before, with more bars and more mounts, so should be nice and strong. I also fixed a few other bits and bobs, and adjust a few other items. In testing today I discovered the sprocket is still coming loose, I think it's because the axle was welded together under the sprocket (it broke years ago because there was no center bearing) and is slightly undersized, and the key ways are a bit flogged out. I was going to re-key the axle and sprocket a size bigger to see if it would stop it coming loose, but while doing beach donuts, it snapped the axle. So I'll just make a new axle from scratch out of 4140 center-less ground. Luckily I purchased a 4wd last week, and I sighted this very occurrence as my reason for needing one. We managed to drag the offroader back to the trailer with a jammed rear wheel. My fucking sweet rig, Broken, Aftermath, Shitty vid of today's efforts: Regards, VG.
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    Tori: "Better do a shakedown run to make sure the GN will survive the east cape. **Rides whole east cape to make sure** T: "Yep, it's good!" You're a mad dog.
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    One of the things i was busy with was a job interview, and i only bloody got it, so gotta prepare for shifting everything 1400km south So gotta get this thing ready to be transported, or maybe enven driven. So to access the drivers side mans turning it around. It only fired up and drove down the driveway and a lap of my test track, and even did a wee skiddy on the way up the driveway I uncovered this in the rear door in 2017 when i derusted this side. What the hell. There were a few other blebs on the outside and bottom so ive swapped the handles and interior stuff over to another door Its from the 125 i wrecked from Levin, ive used a few panels from it now. Rad stickers and brush painted light blue over midnight blue, actual patina! Fits real good I will repaint the rear quarter, front a-pillar and a couple of other minor primer spots on the body but im not touching the rear door so to the front door i think its more effort fixing the rust (and all the bloody bog and sanding that goes with) in the front and rear lower corners, and elsewhere, and the hinge is a bit worn or bent. so ill swap the interior of this over to the light blue front door to match the rear. It isnt much better shape really, but might fit and close a bit nicer.
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    left that alone for a while, i was in a huff and also busy with other stuff finally gave it a wet sand and filled all the shitty little fisheyes with icing, and put another pretty thinned coat of blue down and it turned out much better pulling off masking tape is the best. then lashings of dinitrol.
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    I made this tapping wrench on the BarryLathe this weekend. I need to practice my sewing /subscribe to DirtyBarry
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    20 years and the diff hasn't been touched apart from brake shoes and wheel bearings. I decided to give it a birthday. Before.. Acid dipped Painted..
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    I actually like the rude rude as white bonnet look haha. 2pac likes it and that’s all that counts.
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    kinda boring update. hadn't changed the thermostat forever, so thought would try a lower temp one. seen on engine masters they made some more power running cooler water temps, so cant hurt to try.. new one is meant to be 68 degrees. but seems like more like 76 degrees. the stock Toyota one is 82deg and sits bang on that under normal conditions So yep, robbed. as you would expect no change in power, with only a 6 degree difference in water temp. but did confirm what have been seeing with oil temps; 20deg more oil temp is consistently another 3-4kw. that's going from 80deg to 100deg. faster engine is spinning more gains. in other news, some time ago i put a china alternator on it, because cheap. have been fighting broken bolts and alternator brackets for awhile. which i assumed was my crappy bracket that i made too lightweight. turns out old mate was on his 2min lunch break and this alternator skipped the balancing stop on the production line. spinning it up with my impact driver which maybe spins at 2000rpm it wanted to jump out of your hand. so yeh at 20k rpm... note windings held together with string
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    And nearly a year later...... Oil leak finally got to the point of Greenpeace protestors chaining themselves around the car..... Finally got around to setting up the electric winch I brought off @HKM400 ages ago, wish I had one of these since day one, engine removal was a breeze! Turned out the diff mount had been rubbing on the sump leaving quite a hole, once again the lada gods smiled as it also made a reasonable job of blocking the hole. With the engine out I modified the sump to have more clearance and TIGed up the hole in time for a trip to the hills. Always fun taking the Niva up into the snow Also surprising that i've put chains on it twice this year, that doubles the number of times its had chains in my ownership!
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    A couple of plastic kitsets that I built last year.
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    Gave it a very quick sand and applied some old clear coat I had lying around. Looks like it might work.
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    Righto, so ive been driving this to work every day for the last month ir whatever. Hasn't missed a beat. Its fucking slow. Fuck me is it slow but that's not such an issue, it's fucking cool and I like driving it. The front end is a bit all over the show If you have to hit the brakes on the motorway so ive replaced all the bushes. Castor arm bushes and upper inner bushes were completely fucked. Im fairly certain they were original ones. I'll do the back next weekend and put thre disk brake diff in at the same time.
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    Just needs a couple of spannys and it'll be ready to scorch a few snags!
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    Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's good
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    New bike collected. Wonder if it'll do 700km after not moving for about 20 years?
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    Very crudely. I only did a basic calculation with 100kg hanging on the hoop. Ignoring a heap of things just to get a feel for it. If you gave it a high stress value on the less than ideal welded joint, and a high shock value on the load being applied...it will still easily hold 25 people hanging on it (ignoring that the ground would fail first).
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    Only if you mention it in public searchable forums...
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    Nah you just had a dick of a wof guy, they've never been a requirement.
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    What are you doing this weekend?.. I finished assembling the 139 tonight, It even plugs right into the nifty loom! I just need to repin the starter plug and replace one crimp and its good to go. Next on the list for the nifty is square up the engine mount and figure out a rear shock or hardtail of some description. Currently the front of the motor is right under the old nifty shock mount. I'm starting to pre stretch the tyre with bits of wood in a attempt to make it easier to mount
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    Finally got the sump back on. Remembered that I had another set of bolts when I bought the sump so I cleaned them up.
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    Decided to get off my arse and install the efi, after the last run to hanmer I got sick of the flat spots and rough running.. Got all the gear out to hook it up. Got this far.. Then realised the injector plugs I grabbed from pickapart 5 years ago were wrong and they're for high impendence injectors, so I need to back out and get some others. Also while I'm out there I need a Nissan vg30 tps for the vg30 tb. I also need to buy an Oxy sensor, an ignitor and ballast resistor for the injectors. Speaking of injectors, still haven't been able to find any info on the denso's I have. 195500-0285 is the code if anyone knows.. Bought a new battery today as mine is about 2007 and doing random slow starts..
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    Choice ! Prob needa the pipes de coked to get back up to that orginal top end
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    Ah the ol buy another bike that runs trick! at my current rate that’ll be me
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    Awesome! I'm hoping to get to a ride or two before the end of the year. Hopefully I get it howling up to the original 68mph (best around the block was 70kph, but it'll get there). Found a headlight and gauge assembly from a T125 for $50. I've bought it and hope it will arrive this week.
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    https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/lighting/reversing-lamps They don’t have to work, but can’t have a hole in the lens or a stuffed reflector
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    Damn that things sweet. Dat engine, Dat tank, Daaaammmmmnnnnn.
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    About a 7mm home in the piston and quite a few rough spots and pitting over the piston. Last time i had the head off it looked great in there, dumb. Thinking now of fitting a compact single cylinder 200(ish) water cooled engine. These are physically tiny as no cooling fins so could be fitted without looking silly as fuck... And iv got a better chance of making it to cold kiwi next year if its not full throttle the whole time
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    So those pedals should be pretty redundant then...... slippery slope once this one works
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    Got the dash all finished off, pretty happy with how it looks now. Got a colour matched rattle can and a can of matte clear. Looks fairly close to the original. Found someone on facebook who had adapted a factory manifold to suit a weber 32/36 carb, similar to a geddes speed one. I think I'll give it a crack, I've got a couple of spare manifolds so doesn't really matter if I screw one up. Plan is to cut off the raised mount, make a new carb flange out of 10-12mm Al plate, get that welded on then have a go at matching with a die grinder.
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    Back from holiday so called Stephen again, very friendly guy. Said he thinks this car might might be the one which the Redcross bought new to raffle off in Wellington. He thinks he should have some kind of paperwork. But it will take a while to look through, it was 40 years ago lol. Ask me to call him again in a couple of weeks. Wife has been sick since we got back so haven't had any time the last few days to work on cars, had the kids play on the driveway so I could have a look at the distributor. Thought maybe the points were stuck. Looks like its oxidized, moved ok. Then the boy sprayed the girl with the hose so I didn't look any further.
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    I vote modifying the standard swingarm.. Just move the sprocket out on a spacer and move that one side of the swingarm out to suit. Nobody will really notice and it will look better than that cast wheel
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    So yeah, I still own this. it ended up getting a full Brake rebuild, new fuel tank etc and some other odds and ends. I have been daily driving it along with the EB Civic. It ended up getting a part respray on insurance thanks to a young driver that pulled in front of me causing a crash... luckily I know of a few parts cars so the insurance company happily repaired it its currently waiting on me to clean up the surface rust on the back of the new bumper and fit it.
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    Its still held together with G clamps and cable ties, so we weren't going too crazy, but you get the idea.
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