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  1. Back yard starting to look the part. By the way, we bought this house 3 weeks ago. Very proud to finally be a home owner.
  2. Shifters sold straight away. Stockcar mates grabbed them. Bodies arent too bad, do have rust in floors and sills. Still full restos to put back on the road, but perfect for what I want them for. Cheers.
  3. Been a good weekend of stripping and cleaning. Selling parts off that I dont need so we get our purchase price back....and more Back into it afterwork this week.
  4. Spent some time this weekend stripping and waterblasting the black prefect. Think it will be this one that we do our stuff to.
  5. While I am waiting for rust repair sections to arrive from the USA for my '54 customline. I thought of having another couple of in-expensive car related projects on the go. A mate bought a couple of 100e ford prefects off trademe a couple of weeks ago, robbed what they needed for their prefect and offered me the rest for a small fee. I have always wanted to do a half-car trailer and the missus is keen on a front cut garden bed for her to plant some flowers and hang her fancy LED lights off. So I accepted the offer and ended up with 2, 100e prefects up my drive.
  6. A couple of plastic kitsets that I built last year.
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