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    did some exploratory surgery today. 2018-03-12_06-17-40 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-12_06-17-31 by sheepers, on Flickr nothing too major in there. ive started making the repair parts and should have it buttoned up tomorrow.
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    Fixed all the rust holes in the lower radiator panel. Forgot to take photos of the progress but nothing really exciting anyway. Bogged up all the pitting in it and gave it a couple coats of paint, along with the brackets that go behind the grill bars. Made up the air lines that go to the rear air bags. Made the left hand one with not too much trouble and then made the other side incorrect, as it had to go a different route because of the fuel tank fittings, and would of fouled on the deck frame. Got it right the next go though. Of course had to give it a test!
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    In a further effort to save dosh, I am using OEM Surf suspension bushes. A combination of line pipe, 1" threaded rod, the afore mentioned bushes and an accurate little jig will see it get done. Still tossing up on whether to go triangulated 4 link or try a 3 Link. Wanted to get this part right. Used a machinists level and some bright round, lol! Probably the only straight bit of engineering in the whole build, haha!
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    Bags, 1GZ and brown paint That is all.
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    well then. where to start? my first car was a 75 and ive always regretted selling my red one back in 09 or whenever it was. ive had approx 9 of these over the years and now currently today i own two. yep, i bought another one. i still have the rusty one i bought a few months back and now i have this one as well. it came with a whole bunch of paperwork which tells me that its done 144,000 miles since new and the engine asd trans was majorly overhauled 40,000miles ago. it runs quite well and drives as well, the auto is smooth and feels really nice. as with all old toyotas all the electrics work and it still has the original radio with the floor mounted seek switch. the brakes are fucked so that's being addressed right now but nothing else as yet, christ, ive only had it one day. its got some rust around the rear arches and the boot floor is abit rusty but apart from that is legit as fuck. everything is there, and its not been fucked with to badly, hell, it still had the factory setting shims for the front brake calipers. what to do with it? well, eventually it'll get the full treatment but for now i might just get it legal and drive it. fuck knows. oh, and it came with a sedan which ill paint then sell. i guess ill start a seperate thread for that. if anyone wants a mint sedan hit me up. so to recap, i have two MS75s and two MS65s. one 65 is def a parts car although its pretty good really and fuck knows about the rest of them. time will tell i suppose. 2018-03-08_05-25-54 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-45 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-35 by sheepers, on Flickr and heres a picture of Richie foaming in his dream car 2018-03-04_05-41-57 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Ok fine full juice lowrider. Yeh mate its its allgood here for the time being
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    You are an inspiration to us all mate. So keen to get on my scoot again, now that summer is over. ... hmm. Woops lol
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    Lol, Dead Kennedys. Think I've still got a copy of 'fresh fruit for rotting vegetables' somewhere. (Should find it and give it a thrash)
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    Anyone want to help me celebrate my birthday this weekend with a fun filled night camping? Weather looks like it could be OK (but when has bad weather ever stopped us). Could hit up one of the usual spots, or try something different? The Holdsworth camp just out of Masterton looks pretty slick, bit further away mind you. @Mourning Cupcake @Seedy Al @Goat @bmxnz11 @Big Value Buddy @Steelies @baby k @KKtrips @Shaz @AllTorque @shavenYak @grunta @My name is Russell
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    so ct90 above sold to one very happy chap down in lower hutt, aaaaaaaaand then another scoot appeared
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    On Thursday last week it dawned hot and sunny. This was good. The thought of trying to load an old car shell onto a trailer using a tractor and some pallets in the rain would be yuck. Instead.. we got blasted by sun. We got the shell onto the borrowed trailer, loaded the van up with more parts from another Imp (there's more to collect!) and made our way back home slowly along a now revised (thanks Cyclone Gita) very windy route. Once home this was our view as we sipped our lunchtime coffee... I moved it up to the workshop entrance. Viva wagon was banished downstairs.. Cleaned out a load of old interior carpet and insulation.. Sat inside it and made (little) engine noises.. It came with some patina attached.. Then the clean began.. It cleaned up nicely... Then we moved it inside. Lifting it off the trailer was a lot easier than putting it on.. I am now building a decent sized rolling table to lower it onto. More on that soon. Glad to have the shell here so I can crack on and cut out the rot. First job though is to clean all the mess out inside. Quite a fun job that. I might find some coins and so it can end up even cheaper
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    Made a loom @MopedNZ put me on to 1212 batteries, tiny little things but should keep indicators etc happy at least. Fitted the new blank covers to the engine Engine back in Much better looking I think! @Shakotom brought down some SS tube and a few bends, attempting to make my own exhaust, never welded SS so this should be interesting to say the least Might need to call in someone with a bit more skill to help out with making a new rear brake lever though, the CRF footpeg mount doesn't leave much room to run a low pipe!
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    So after a solid week working on this thing ive just about finished it. Waiting on one brake Line then ill bleed them up and ride it. Starts up all good and lights work all good too Stoked
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    More boost solves anything.
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    The engine has been set back in the chassis approximately 'heaps' mm's. Lol! Fucked if i know without going out to measure. But the front spark plug of the engine is sitting somewhere around 100mm (probably a little shorter) behind the front axle CL. This effectively shunts the gearbox back heaps too. It also means the OEM torsion bar adjustment mechanisms fouled on the newly positioned manual gearbox. Faced with the decision to either convert to coil over or modify the existing setup - the existing setup won out due to it costing nothing but time. But farrrk!!! What a balls aching job. Everything's on angles and I ended up having to fabricate near everything. The original adjusters were originally closer to the driveshaft. They have been swapped out for a pair of KUN26 ones, then plates made to allow them to be mounted close to the chassis rail. See pics. All this equals heaps of room to allow a big inch MoPar to monster the inside of a Lux chassis.
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    Slotted the holes in the black intake, shits tight but it's in there
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    So, a nice quite afternoon putting things back together. A lot more low and it should be sweet, wof first though.
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    New seats. while the old ones were period correct, thats about all they had going for them. saved a little weight at the same time. welded some plates on the chassis, from the front suspension towers back to where the chassis is full height. so now when the chassis snaps in half doing jumps, i can say i attempted to make it stronger relocated the rear limit straps . when i done the new coilovers, reused the existing mounts, which didnt work too well. would only limit if the diff dropped straight down. so when getting hectic body roll or flex the shocks would top out. remounted them close to the coilovers, no more clunking. also put some longer 14" springs on the bottom of rear coilovers, so could get more adjustment out of the dual rate adjusters. have it switching to the 2nd rate a lot early like front, so body roll isnt so crazy now. Pretty happy how the suspension is working , possibly needs some more shock tuning. but just need to drive it more for now. springs should finally be good front have ended up with 150/200lb rear 80/110 lb
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    A few engines Lawrie has in his shed.The red one is the old set up in his drag car,now it has a supercharged flatty in it.
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    Wouldn't ya know it, I went on Facebook and the original mirror seller who sent me the wrong side has just messaged me 20 minutes ago (while I was writing my update) saying he can sell me the right side now and will send it tomorrow if I want to buy it. Well isn't that dandy - it's like he read my update. LOL. Needless to say I have agreed. Hopefully it will get here by Tuesday.
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    so i got a wee bit done to this thing over the holidays. completely stripped it down and gave the frame a cut and polish which has come up pretty good. decided against the clear coat, will just keep it well waxed. had some choice vintage style squishy grips turn up for my choice but unknow bars. i thought they were BMX at first but must be off something motorised as they had factory holes in them for wires to run from switchgear i stripped the lifan150 down to replace the top end, bead blasted the barrel and head and then lapped in new valves and rebuild the head with the new cam, rockers etc etc it was then i noticed the crank had about 1.5mm of side to side play, the bearings were moving in the case, an indication it had been hot / out of oil, which would explain why the top end was koozed. i went and spoke to a very highly regarded bike mechanic (ex uk husaberg MX team head mechanic and british 250cc MX champ) and he had a look at it and reckoned it use some loctite 620 high strength high temp oil resistant bearing retainer and it would be sweet as, so will go back together with a bit of that. so i split the case and pulled everything apart as i wanted to give it all a good clean, good thing i did cos there was a bit of yuck alloy paste / old oil in the oil pump and bottom of the cases. nothing a good dousing of brakekleen wont fix so yea just waiting for a couple of bits to arrive and ill throw the engine back together this weekend and paint it and get it mounted in the bike. then to start sorting the rest of it. i have a big box of bead blasted bits ready to paint, and have polished all the alloy bits so shouldn't take too long from here on. currently also hoping to track down a 14" pitbike front end, after @Shakotom showed me this photo below im kinda pining having lush front suspension and brakes
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    Got some work done over the break. Painted up the diff, front legs and a few bits and pieces. Also brought a Quaife ATB from Palmside and installed that while everything was apart Up next will be trying to work out why the brakes are so horrible. Iv replaced the rear cylinders and shoes so Im guessing the front calipers are all seized up or the master cylinder is the wrong size. Or a combination of the two. Happy New Years all!!
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    sooooooooooooooooooo CT110 is pretty much finished so i got started on the cub. Stripped frame right down, gave it a clean and a cut. Came up looking good i think, nice and shiney but still with the rust / patina. Cam has already name her "the rusty trombone". Its going to get some teflon wax to seal it all off once its finished. So some parts have been turning up- YX 140cc with Z40 race cam 15hp motor- 1.85" black rims from malaysia- Few other bits a pieces too but nothing worth writing about yet. Got the engine mounted in the frame. Keen to stick the flywheel cover / badge onto the side of the engine cover, would be keen on one for each side if someone has one lying around from a dead engine Hopefully spend a day on it this weekend and make some good progress, deadline for 100% completion / lushness / run in is DGR but would like to get it riding quite a bit before then.
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