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  1. Anyone swapping this year? got some things to flick but not enough for a stall i dont think although, $10 stall fee was a great way to get prime parking, didnt seem to get told off for having only a handfull of junk on the tailgate, and having wagoneers presence was fun. take another crack at selling my un-sellable magneto. that Ariel is the project that just keep failing, beyond the grave.
  2. pinned up my last years teatowel print in the shed the other day, keen for another this year if you've got more gold up your sleeve Bizzo/ print options Also, anyone know options for wag sleep parking in feilding? I love the ding, but got a hankering for wagsleep this time round.
  3. Maybe earls body shop? Grinter and I have had him make repair panels for us, good stuff
  4. I get smaller bits of sheet stuff from kiaora sheet metals in Newtown yo.
  5. Nice evening with yall cheers! FYI get to the campground gate before 8, because it might already closed haha. Two of us trapped in, one camper trapped out. I was about to look for alternatives, being all-terrain and all, when the gate started flashing lights and opened for just long enough to get 2 cars through. Camper guy and kids who'd started walking in ran back and was too late, car trapped out still lol. Perhaps being parked at the exit for 15mins sets the gate off or some shizz. Phew!
  6. 1995 Suzuki super carry van. Gluey windscreen seal, or poppy outy windscreen seal? Planning work on one but unsure on seal type. I presume it's oldschool style non glue but would rather not encounter surprise if I can help it. Go!
  7. Chur. Classic, spent all afternoon across the road from parrotdog, just got home to Brooklyn and see this.
  8. chur chur. ok @Nominal I'll borrow @kicker's as I have things to drop to him anyhow. cheers. Kicker, I can thurs daytime or any evening, when suits you best?
  9. That'd be great if possible, cheers Terry. I can come and collect at/after lunch tomorrow, or any time Thursday
  10. Hey gang! I want to measure compression in my suzuki alto 800. sparkplug wells are deep enough I can't block the plug hole with my finger as a gauge of access issues, but can make an adapter/extension if required.. Can I please borrow someone's compression tester? cheers, Manu