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  1. Steelies

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

  2. Chur. Classic, spent all afternoon across the road from parrotdog, just got home to Brooklyn and see this.
  3. Steelies

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    I am very looking forward to wagnats.
  4. Steelies

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    any space-domes goin cheap? wait, never mind.
  5. Steelies

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    Solid lineup
  6. chur chur. ok @Nominal I'll borrow @kicker's as I have things to drop to him anyhow. cheers. Kicker, I can thurs daytime or any evening, when suits you best?
  7. That'd be great if possible, cheers Terry. I can come and collect at/after lunch tomorrow, or any time Thursday
  8. Hey gang! I want to measure compression in my suzuki alto 800. sparkplug wells are deep enough I can't block the plug hole with my finger as a gauge of access issues, but can make an adapter/extension if required.. Can I please borrow someone's compression tester? cheers, Manu
  9. Steelies

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    I can understand why you'd be wary of attending, it does lead to a lifetime of non attendance to any other thing on Waitangi weekend.
  10. Yep keen to catch up beaveman.
  11. balls, I need to do all the stuff i didnt last weekend as we were weddingoneering, soz.
  12. Possible in+1. Thoughts on a pukerua bay beach meat some day? Shits lovely down there. Unsure about certain locals but they live in town now anyway.