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  1. Steelies

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    yay rego! mucho grassyass to you admins.
  2. Steelies

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    actually quite fizzing for handballs to be honest, such a good passtime during booze time
  3. not bad, 10 posts later and here we are. myth busted
  4. Steelies

    Bike carbs sizing

    possibly useless bike carb sharns - cbr1000f 38mm CV keihins, 1.6mm jets on 4age: i threw some M4 threaded push-fit pneumatic fittings (face sealing type) in to the manifold runners and wanged together a block with more fittings to feed the booster, assumed it acted as a balance of sorts and never had any issues. in lieu of proper balancing gear just spent some time with a listening tube to set the throttles which made it much happier, never touched them again also this: @Seedy Al make the sale!
  5. Steelies

    Kicker's C50

    @kicker yep will do.
  6. yup, maybe rough out on the jack then standard burnout for finishing cut?
  7. this is awesome. watch out for chattering in your surface finish
  8. Steelies

    Wellington bead blasting.

    yeah nah no blasting at esl. last thing i had done was a good result from seaview blasting, foreman was down for cashie at the time. blast and epoxy primed some wheels they did.
  9. Steelies

    Kicker's C50

    sweat as.
  10. Steelies

    Kicker's C50

    yo @kicker, sorry for delay. looks like the closest I have is mild steel tube 1/2" ID 5/8" OD ie 12.7/15.8mm. plenty there if it suits.
  11. Steelies

    steelies KP60

    yep, yonks ago. it's now in bits haha, if you're interested the above @Seedy Al now owns the carbs, manifold, cdi and fuel pump which i believe are still up for sale.
  12. Steelies

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    sheet i'm out, progress on scooter is currently rocketing backwards.
  13. Steelies

    Kicker's C50

    i'll see whats on the shelf, top shelf that is
  14. Steelies

    Kicker's C50

    what diameter's the rear axle?
  15. Steelies

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    my daily search for 'trike' brought me here. keen.