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  1. Wagcessories right here, must have been the Canadian kitchen I brought.
  2. Great wagnats, thanks all. Spent!
  3. Wag is packed and sacked, will be on our way shortly!
  4. for all we know that could be totally accurate. In which case I would urge Al to visit his doctor.
  5. ANNOUNCE sorry chaps and chappelles, no wagoneers windscreen shades, yet. Just popped in to print shop and they're not done. Once in hand I'll sus distribution through nats/OSGC/whatever. Soz etc
  6. Dingblast, didn't freeze any water bottles! Made new curtains though hah. Got a snazzy little traditional Japanese BBQ, 12x4j if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Oh shit, wagon prize voting form categories.. Some classics and some new ones for consideration: Epic meal prep - prize for best effort cooking a feed to share while camping.. The wacker the better! Bad luck reward - unlucky!! How is that so slammed? Grading the driveway is part of our duty as wagoneers. Wagcessory award - who's brought the kitchen sink? Wagon based camping accessory action. Schlong distance - max commitment shown by maxing out your fuel card. Kilometers covered nets you this beauty of an accolade. Fresh meat - high performing newcomers get the love they deserve Best non-wag - with healthy numbers parked in the daily/ute/van/racecar/trike parking, perhaps we have a few winners here? Hammer time award - if that wagon's bouncin'.. prepare for the announcin'! How'd that make it here? - who dragged the biggest heap of shit to wagnats.. Always hotly contested. Please list what ive forgotten/what needs changing? I'll print these off, you bring a pen.
  8. Cruzan! Shits like rum concentrate haha. we should be good for weds a.m convoy @AllTorque and you other jokers Re-hashing some wagcessories, cobbling some prizes together, wondering if the windscreen shades will be done in time, oh and stacking some freight up.. @Geophy lathe goodies @Chris.QCR I found the fan shroud and short load springs for your hilux, if you want any of that guff? A good friend Nana (Mark) will be hooning up from Johnsonville on Thursday, via the twisty way.. If a white BMW 2002 joins your convoy or burns past in spirited fashion that'll be him.
  9. Radness! Remember you lot, that's a club plaque, not just an accessory for sale. There are some jokers who are next in line and plenty in the wings, but Wagnats no-come-no-get policy is also a factor! Bring your Wagoneering A-Game! plaques aside there are prizes galore for outstanding performances. Some are return trophies too, so get ready to give up every Waitangi weekend for the rest of your useful life hah
  10. Order went in for 30 shades a couple weeks ago, wangs crossed theyre done in time. used my turbothick one the other day, surprised the rearview mirror didnt break off. Mk2s are on muuuch thinner cardboard.. finding a supplier for a half-way product was a little tricky, so lets just see what shows up. still no idea on price but will cap it at $20. Leaving for swagnats Weds morning-ish. Recent wagon shakedown overnighter was a good start, ran out of gas in a town with no servo, wagoneers family network to the rescue, cheers to Mrs. @LoLlife haha.
  11. Nice evening with yall cheers! FYI get to the campground gate before 8, because it might already closed haha. Two of us trapped in, one camper trapped out. I was about to look for alternatives, being all-terrain and all, when the gate started flashing lights and opened for just long enough to get 2 cars through. Camper guy and kids who'd started walking in ran back and was too late, car trapped out still lol. Perhaps being parked at the exit for 15mins sets the gate off or some shizz. Phew!
  12. @LoLlife shit I thought you had a visor on the wag there for a second, right colour and everything