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  1. didnt notice anything untoward, although i was busy trying to get my vehicle to behave haha.
  2. saw one of you beat beat foamers blowing out the cobwebs on happy valley road in the weekend, mean.
  3. yeah Hemi, jees and yes Matt, bring hiace!
  4. interesting. most our strategies involve a yearly wof check on 5th february
  5. yeah i'm fresh out too. think i'll go back to the non-roger guy who wofed last time and said 'it's in quite good condition'. wat
  6. looks good dude! cant wait to hear dat sound again. contemplating similar carb swap as i have some thing floating round like that, when the time comes.
  7. argh so many non-photos! keen to see pretty pictures.
  8. concur, amazing! keep it up etc.
  9. yeah nah he's in the right thread
  10. Jamie/Deluxe ford spares? he sure has some shit stashed in there.