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  1. Score on all the parts! Column shift conversion next?
  2. Good score! I remember seeing this for sale ages ago and even briefly considered it myself until I saw it had been prepped for paint in the last pics of the advert. Just realised you tracked it down, thats dedication! Pretty rare though like you say
  3. Might stop boring you all to death with rust repairs for awhile. Next exciting thing for me will be lifting the body off the frame now its structurally sound enough to do so. Fucking hanging out to get this going. Momentum game is strong at the moment!
  4. Made the throttle pedal heel board from scratch today, as it was obviously missing. I actually used left over pieces from the new trunk floor stamping I bought, as the shapes were kinda close to what I think should be there for the pedal mount. Bonus. Still took me about 6 hours to fab this to size and butt weld it in though. Bastard.
  5. Picked up the Nissan nugget from exhaust shop on Wednesday. He did a really good job, considering its bit of a bitch under these for space. I had second thoughts about the screamer pipe being so loud driving it around, so he made it unboltable for 'track' use haha. Got him to take some photos, not the best but you get the idea. Drove home all good, it was actually the first time I had driven it with the turbo setup so took it reasonably easy, although nopics was saying how good it sounded on slight boost when following me home haha. Pissed around with the microleb, its not running too bad but its so old I dont really want to drop $500 dyno tuning it. So will have a play and wide band tune it one night on the road. Pretty keen to install a better ECU to be honest now its running and most the bugs are all ironed out!
  6. Fark me that was a mission butt welding that much GM full size floor pan real estate... Pretty good result though, looks sweet from underneath as well. Can move onto the next chapter now!
  7. Cut the drivers side floor out last weekend. Not for the faint hearted. Started mocking up the new floor, going to butt weld it in so it looks decent. Big piece of realestate this mofo. I got to lunch time on saturday, thought fuck it, im off to the pub for a beer. The weather is too nice for any more of this shit today. Haha Anyway, progress continues. Want to try get it back together for end of summer. Probably dreaming but its not impossible if i try do a few serious full days coming up on my annual leave next month
  8. Thought i better show you lot i havent been a slacker and basically share the misery of what I've been doing on this nugget since the last post Rear window channel was found to be fully fucking rusted when i removed the screen. I cut another section from a pontiac wreck and grafted it back in, along with repairing the trunk lid seal lip that was totally missing. Chop chop, weld, grind etc.
  9. Sounds like a tractor right now but least it sounds healthy!
  10. Exhaust shop booked now turbo flange arrived.
  11. So, been finding a bit of time to try get this running again inbetween cutting never ending rust out of wifeys 68 impala. But the end is now in sight! 2.75" aluminum Intercooler pipework done, turbosmart BOV fitted, N14 GTIR radiator plumbed in and the engine ECU wired up. I started it the other day, seems to run well enough so pretty happy about that! Only thing left to do is send it off to the exhaust shop now and get a 3" turbo back exhaust system made. Then skids?
  12. Got the screens removed without breaking them, pretty rusty in the rear channels. Shocking actually. Will do that a bit later on. Going to do the drivers side floor this weekend. Its a pretty big piece of real estate compared to the trunk floor patch. Want to pull the body off the frame once all the structual rust is done. Big job!
  13. Ok. Update. Had a mini break but back into the Capiche Started with the trunk floor : Oh, Hai there!
  14. Can you buy argoshield gas from bunnings in NZ yet? Seems like the go here. $89 rental for life on a E size bottle. Im currently getting raped at $55 a quarter on my D size bottle thats nearly empty
  15. Awesome! I had a funny feeling if i posted it on here somebody would recognise it