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Eastcapescapade #6 2022 November 11th, 12th, 13th

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Uh yeah, gidday.

Much interest in going for a wee trip around the cape again this year? By this point most of you know what you're in for. Refer years 1-5

  1. Eastcapescapade 1
  2. Eastcapescapade 2
  3. Te Urewera Undertaking 1
  4. Te Urewera Undertaking 2
  5. Eastcapescapade 3

November 11, 12 & 13, 2022

I'll update this post a bit in the following days, and get an entry form up, but the gist is, reverse of last year. Might have to up the support vehicle koha to something like $30, I dunno, everything got dear.

Feel free to fizz away and share some pictures etc till I get the rest figured out.

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If I can get my bike up and back I could wrangle this I reckon. Pellets looked like a good option from the Auckland crew. I wonder if @ThePog will be ready by then. Front end disc conversion started yesterday on the NBC110...

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4 hours ago, johnnyfive said:

I'd kinda pondered over a route that would let us do that, but unless we upped the daily ride time significantly, and cut down the leisure time, it'd be a 4 day-er I think

So… 4 days?

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8 hours ago, anglia4 said:

Registering a tentative  solid "Fuck yeah".

I loaded my new bike up onto the work table last night to start into the prep. I am fizzing to get it running.

I still haven't touched the my CRM, durp.

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