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Eastcapescapade November 24,25,26 - 2017


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Just now, Firetruck said:

As someone who is notoriously unprepared for any form of excursion, how does one kit out a bike for this kind of back country adventure?

Yeh, like he said, maybe carry a little extra gas. There will be a support vehicle to carry stuff, but best to have gas on ya. And maybe a spare tube to suit your hog. Apart from that, any scooter/small bike should do the trick, its nothing more hard core than a few gravel roads.

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Fuel can be a little far between down there, I'll probably carry 10-20L extra on the bike just in case anyone gets caught out between fuel stops/rendezvous with the ute.

Luggage capacity is a thing if you had to carry all your requirements for the duration. But again, put what you'll need each night on the ute and just carry what you need for the day on your person. 

And yeah, as long as you're comfortable riding the thing (posture/butt/weather) and confident its reliable enough for the duration then you're golden. Few basic tools/spares and figure the rest out as you go. 

Depending on how confident you are on gravel some slightly more aggressive tyres could be of benefit, but you'd be just fine without. 

The East Cape is a pretty rough and desolate place, so it'll basically be exactly like this.


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