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Eastcapescapade 2021 November 12th, 13th, 14th

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Speaking of soup kitchen when we talked to Bill at the T.A motorcamp he showed us thru the old movie theatre thats been converted into a 12 bed bunkroom. Has a 3 bedrooms with 4 bunks each, a kitchen and its own private covered deck/bbq area

Good option for us to book out as the gang pad for the night 

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Yes, someone might have to take the lead on the bunkroom booking, and try herding cats to ensure everyone within has a bed accounted for and collect $$ etc. 

Bunkroom requires you to bring your own bedding, hence me going for the upscale options.

Also Bill requires all garbage is taken away with at your departure, so we might have to do a dump run as part of Day 3.

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It is with heavy heart that I must bow out from this years event. I have other commitments that weekend.  I never saw the east Cape lighthouse last time either. 

I demand that each participant smashes an extra pink pussy for me.  And remember to steer clear of the cheap fillers at the succulent Chinese buffet. 

Maybe next year team.....

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