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Jesse's winning liteace discussion


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16 minutes ago, dspec_tt131 said:

Which townace model do you have? Admittedly it is all theory untill I actually pull the 5k and try fit it but I have seen photos of them fitted.

received_1209118176141335.jpeg.d561c361565a2ee4d0f1cff63fcf79b0.jpeg The hardest part at the moment is biting the bullet on the $850 niteparts bellhousing to mate the g52 to the 4age 


Ym65, 5 on the tree, 4x4


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This thing is mega! Re the Carter fuel pump; I can't speak for use with carbs but I used one on my 4age starlet to bring fuel from main tank to a remote surge tank and it was faultless and pretty quiet (much quieter than Facet-type ones I've used). 

Keep up the good work!

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I've been running one of those Carter fuel pumps on my Mercury for a few years now. It's located under the car buy the fuel tank. I don't here it when the car is running, but it is fairly noticeable when its on without the engine going.

It's been fine. After getting it new I picked up a spare for $20 at a swap meet to keep in the trunk, but I haven't needed it yet.

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Looking at doing 40dcoes on my BMW2002 and getting one of these to be sure of correct fuel pressure just to be sure, however I used to have a starlet running a 5k and a 28/36 Weber and the standard mechanical pump was fine without a regulator, the mechanical pumps run low pressure




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