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  1. Both sides have the inner re attached to outer and all the pie cuts stitched up. Lots of triming of the metal flare and managed to tack one side on today. Needed to get it out in the open to have a good look at how its sitting. Starts and finishes in the original body line and is same height measured from quarter glass as original, should be able to make the original wheel arch chrome work with a bit of bending
  2. If i had a dollar for every corner of the internet ive seen this posted on today....
  3. One side has been tacked all along the arch just need to go back and stitch together the pie cuts. Fairly minimal warpage which will be concealed by new outer. Have been using this link as a bit of a guide https://ameblo.jp/vats4649/entry-12410796671.html?frm=theme
  4. Getting the car ready for paint I decided I needed to address the rear guards. I have never done anything like this before, Ive always outsourced any welding work but reckon its time i learn. Purchased a very simple small mig welder after some advice from knowledgeable friends and have been practicing on some flat bar today using .6mm wire and argon/CO².
  5. I would be looking at tyres sizes. 195/45 are ridiculously short. 175/60 gets you 15mm closer to the guard and 15mm higher from the ground but is probably only legal for a 4j rim
  6. Would I be able to legally put one of these fiberglass drop hatches on a road car in nz?
  7. Looking for someone in auckland who can turn down some 50mm diameter solid polyurethane bar and offset drill it for some rear trailing arm bushes. Apparently it needs to be frozen to stop it tearing
  8. Went for cert check yesterday. Failed on relatively minor stuff, probably a half day on a hoist honing the suspension for droop and camber and bleeding the brakes properly. Going to try lift rear 20mm with original rubber spring insulators and use an offset trailing arm bush. Failing that use the adjustable perches to lift car untill camber is within spec.
  9. Sorted out the leveling issues with another pair of front struts from @VRTDamn its high... Have a whole lot of other parts coming Friday: -Replacement front and rear half of centre console in red -red carpet set -side moldings -headlights -window trims. Need to pick a color for exterior fairly quickly, want to get it in paint and sealed up before the thick of winter as the gx takes garage priority.
  10. It appears my Toyota celica ga61 has been changed to class A registration. How do I go about changing it back to normal?
  11. Link for discussion. If you know someone hoarding parts let me know!
  12. looking for a butt load of red interior and manual digital cluster
  13. Upon getting it home I decided to empty all the shit out of it to see what I did/didn't have SCORE!! I also found documents from an owner before the fella i purchased from who resided in Te Kuiti so I asked the one person i know who lives in Te Kuiti if he knows the car/prior owner. Turns out it was his old flatmate and he had 'done all of the shitty rust patches himself' (I've paid someone to do a lot worse) and also remembered he had put an altezza lsd in the celica F series housing! Its been sitting outside for a year and isnt showing signs of breaking out so I'd say his flatmate did OK. I plan to get it good enough for paint, find all the broken/missing red interior pieces. Engine wise it is a factory manual 1gge shell so if a good runner comes up for sale while im doing the rest ill grab that but I won't be endeavoring to rebuild one again. Will keep my eye out for early 2jzge also. Other than that BC's, wide 14s, low.