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  1. Mostly assembled so car can hopefully be transported to a panelbeater some time soon
  2. Picked up a gen 1 throttle body and iscv housing when I was in Christchurch recently which meant I could assemble the intake with BOV onto the supercharger intake. Have found it surprisingly hard to get m8x1.25 intake manifold studs. Repco sell them single for $10.50 No fastener store seems to have them. Mitre 10 sell them for $6.50 each but no store seems to stock more than 3 at a time so I have some collected and others in post.
  3. Manifold without charger on. You can see the two bosses that stick up on inside of fuel rail. These are fixings for two L brackets that provide additional bracing for the supercharger.
  4. Supercharger kit arrived a couple weeks back so I started to pull apart a running car. Took a shit tonne of paint off the strut tower trying to side it all on in one go. Figured out its best to take supercharger off the intake manifold. Manifold fouls on fuel rail with the tvis butterfly plate left there so had to remove then try again. Now the intake head studs were fouling on manifold due to being to long so have removed them all successfully and awaiting new studs. Did mock up with some bolts for now Need to track down a 1st gen throttle body and iscv
  5. @jackeo21 hooked me up with the correct AC bracket Made the call to purchase this other HKS AC thingy from yahoo last night after eyeballing it daily for a month or so. Looks like a big job
  6. The quest for air-conditioning continues. Went to Horopito/Smash Palace on Friday and acquired some bits -Tail light lense to replace the one that was always cracked on the car (only FL 61 sedan part they had happened to be what I needed) $100 -FL 61 fog light rubber grommets which I accidentally gave away with some other headlights $30 -Tc24 gx61 specific brake vacuum hard line (have since found single cam body doesnt have mounting holes for it) $30 -Tc24 gx61 specific powersteering reservoir to replace the one I rustled up from random toyota bits $20 -TC24 gx61 specific air-conditioning pump and lines. $90 Have since cleaned up the pump and scraped out the belt residue that was stuck on ribbed pulley - car still had the belt on the pump so I'm hoping its OK Gx61 single cam left Gx61 twin cam centre ga70 twin cam right Fitted it to car and it appears I need the bracket to go with.... The ac pulley is aligned with the alternator belt not its own circuit which is in front of alternator belt. Looking at second photo of all the pumps the ga70 pulley sticks out further past the mounting points than the gx61 twin cam... Hopefully the gx61 single cam and twin cam brackets are the same and put it in the right place to work with front allocation on crank pulley. Should really finish my guards...
  7. Both sides have the inner re attached to outer and all the pie cuts stitched up. Lots of triming of the metal flare and managed to tack one side on today. Needed to get it out in the open to have a good look at how its sitting. Starts and finishes in the original body line and is same height measured from quarter glass as original, should be able to make the original wheel arch chrome work with a bit of bending
  8. If i had a dollar for every corner of the internet ive seen this posted on today....
  9. One side has been tacked all along the arch just need to go back and stitch together the pie cuts. Fairly minimal warpage which will be concealed by new outer. Have been using this link as a bit of a guide https://ameblo.jp/vats4649/entry-12410796671.html?frm=theme
  10. Getting the car ready for paint I decided I needed to address the rear guards. I have never done anything like this before, Ive always outsourced any welding work but reckon its time i learn. Purchased a very simple small mig welder after some advice from knowledgeable friends and have been practicing on some flat bar today using .6mm wire and argon/CO².
  11. I would be looking at tyres sizes. 195/45 are ridiculously short. 175/60 gets you 15mm closer to the guard and 15mm higher from the ground but is probably only legal for a 4j rim
  12. Would I be able to legally put one of these fiberglass drop hatches on a road car in nz?
  13. Looking for someone in auckland who can turn down some 50mm diameter solid polyurethane bar and offset drill it for some rear trailing arm bushes. Apparently it needs to be frozen to stop it tearing
  14. Went for cert check yesterday. Failed on relatively minor stuff, probably a half day on a hoist honing the suspension for droop and camber and bleeding the brakes properly. Going to try lift rear 20mm with original rubber spring insulators and use an offset trailing arm bush. Failing that use the adjustable perches to lift car untill camber is within spec.