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  1. I managed to get a good price on a piece that I've wanted for a while. HKS IPM (Injector pluse monitor) has and adjustable alarm you can set to a specific Injector duty % In short - flashing lights and buzzing sounds. Perfect interior accessory. I'm thinking this will replace either the additional Injector Controller or Boost controller in the glovebox panel. I'm needing to remake the panel as there are a few things I want to change
  2. Another tomcat added to the collection. This one is a pretty special 9j wheel looking like it's in NOS condition with centre cap attached along with a pretty cool Dunlop slick
  3. Hopefully OK to share in here/it's pretty relevant Recently I purchased an HKS turbo kit listed for kp61 starlet for my small online based parts business. It utilizes the original carb in a direct blow through setup. Seriously considered going back to 5k to use it in the van but luckily someone purchased it before too much thought. Happy to say it will be staying in nz and they have decided to let me restore it for them also. Jordan at Autoparts Vapour Blast has done a great job vapour blasting the flaking wrinkle coat off so I can re-apply for the new owner
  4. Cables tucked away in some sheathing with cloth tape securing the ends. All getting clipped in to the factory mounting points
  5. Sizing up the switches for these they will fit nicely into two blank plate slots in the dash
  6. Used these wiring diagrams I found online for fuel pump control with carters oil pressure safety switch and for the thermoswitched fan with a manual override. Have also put a manual override allocation on the fuel pump incase there are any issues. Used a couple of powertech 30A pre-made relay circuits with switches and swapped pins around to suit my needs
  7. I have sourced one from China a while back that is indeed that one
  8. Had a bit of a yarn to them about my radiator situation while I was there. This is the current setup which has the bottom outlet on the incorrect side for the 4ag. They claim the increase from 1500cc to 1600cc would put this radiator out of use anyhow. I'm looking for a cost effective solution that will fit in the same space, use the factory mounting points and as a bonus have electric fan with shroud attached. Width to outside of tanks is 625mm and height 370mm 32mm inlet and outlet sizes
  9. Have been making good progress on the wiring. I feel like each time I do it I learn from my mistakes and take a bit more care and make it look more factory Just collected the re-cored heater core from Auckland radiators after spending about twice as much as I wanted but it was one of those not keen to take the dash out again moments Hoping to receive $430 worth of warm toes in winter.
  10. A few hours rigging up some wiring this afternoon and I was able to get it fired up. Hyperpak was a breeze to wire up and just jigged up something temp for fuel pump. Hoping to spend the next couple days finalizing the wiring with the proper relays with an electric fan provision also.
  11. Fresh lick of 045 glacial white Fingers crossed installing it brings some renewed enthusiasm to get this over the line
  12. Had some professional photos taken on Friday as a bit of promo work for @jeffsemporium Really happy with how they've turned out
  13. Have been a bit slack on working on this but have word the tailgate is almost done. As much of the bottom straightened as possible and then some filler to sort the rest. Purchased an old fiberglass fixed back to run in this as a bit of a tester to see how bad the shipping prices from Japan are for them. Who is Alex? I'm not sure but I have a vague memory of flicking through catalogue pages and seeing the name so went for a sift this afternoon. Listed in 1989 CARBOY sports tuning guide from Japan is the 'Mr Alex' fixed seat for ¥28000 Also found my old Bride reclineable which I didn't think was an original upholstery at the time
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