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  1. Was the steering locked or unlocked
  2. Quite easy best thing about them is they will control your whole car programable relay and fuse box run one heavy batt cable to it and then run power feeds out. cooling fans fuel pumps water pumps ect no extra relays or fuses required. fitted the last one to Curran brothers racing 26b quad turbo rx2 and it runs everything nitros line lock trans brake 3 cooling pumps 4 o2 sensors 2 step ect and can be all controlled so this will only work when this does that sort of thing so the ecu only needs to control spark and fuel everything is can bus back to the ecu temperatures and so on
  3. Racepack smartwire are the shizz wired in 3 of them now data logging full canbus just keep adding sensors
  4. Shed skid has to be done on the completion of a car as a sign of respect for the mighty shed haha
  5. sooo i had a couple and needed to test something for end of year workshop duties arm was twisted a little perhaps as well
  6. Gluing in 4mm thick lexan windows in the rear all my rubbers were stuffed cost me around half the price of rubbers and glass
  7. Bias pedal box is defiantly worth the effort for engine bay space
  8. Bias pedal box is defiantly worth the effort for engine bay space
  9. Bias pedal box is defiantly worth the effort for engine bay space my brakes work really well without a booster
  10. It drives really nice apart from the diff whine very low geared 4.7 screams its head off but it loves it. almost got the tune sorted just trying to iron out a rich cruse and slight hesitation off idle but runs great. Suprisingly those lockrite diff lockers are quite streetable does u turns tight corners with no scuffing few clicks but locks well when wanted. just need to glue the rear windows in get me some handbrake cables made and new seatbelts and cert time everything passed crack testing too even the wheels so was stoked with that
  11. So after a couple of nights in the shed she now drives not 100% finished yet but close to cert time
  12. dosnt even look like the back seat has been sat in what a score So the deal is 3 owner car first owner from 1970 1973 mileage 25000 mls 2nd owner from 1973 to 1994 mileage 81000mls 3rd owner from 1994 to 2015 mileage 81600 has been parked since they bought it about 22 years in a dry shed. it has a few little bumps and scapes but overall very tidy and original. So got it home and washed it drained all the rank as rotten fuel out (that shit smells bad) cleaned out the fuel lines replace perished fuel line. Added water in the top which in turn all fell out the bottom radiator is rotten as well. but anyway fitted 2nd hand dissy and coil that i knew were good as it had no spark cranked for a bit and away she went sounded like a tight little engine under all the exhaust noise that is also rotten. but progress. So the bad thing are the shocks are stuffed the bushes have all perished and the brakes are siezed but as ive been collecting ford parts for a long time i have most of the bits requred to fix it so all in all i think i have a real sound project.
  13. And what i found was all this golden oily treasure fully rust proofed from head to toe even the original carpet hasnt even worn through yet fully undersealed have been fairy well over it and not found 1 spot of rust and only i little respray touchup on the front left guard all the rest is ridgy didgy
  14. first thing i done was gave it a wash to see what i had looks good here
  15. So cortina is finally home as i rolled it off the trailer last registerd in 1994 22 years off the road and in a dry shed