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  1. i have 45mm dellortos on my stock smallport seems to go well but never had on a dyno to no actual numbers
  2. 1 use the gze clutch and pressure plate on mine running w55 gearbox. you will have to clearance the bellhousing for the gze setup to work as you can see in this pic
  3. Bro soo stoked for you b such a long time in the build makes the first drive a treat. Looking forward to a cruise on full doorts well done brother
  4. i normally remove the dizzy and spin it with a drill instaed of cranking the engine then you can hear the injectors ticking if they are not i would suspect the distributor to be a fault . also check for a 5 volt feed from a sensor to make sure the ecu is actually powering up
  5. this is what i used works real well we had tried the howe bearing in my mates r154 box but if failed so we started using these three yers down the track still mint
  6. bigmatt4


    i can get new aftermaket senders 10ohm full 180 ohm empty should work
  7. might sound silly but try unplugging abs pump/ecu as these are common for failing blocking up the canbus lines stopping communication between ecu's
  8. i live in matas bro sus me if you win auction and ill pick pack and send no worries
  9. do they not go to the gearbox on the motor for the wiper park switch rite fully if you put power on the green and ground the white with black the wiper should run but wont stop at the bottom of the screen when turned off my guess it the red and black are for the wiper park
  10. Crank hitting sump maybe 1300 sumps foul on 1600 engine just a thought
  11. do you recon my version 1 design would be better no welding required
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