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  1. so didnt really get thoughmy list for today as other "life" things happened.. but did manage to get most done. Found the orginal steelies and pumped them up and chucked them on for a laugh... Sanded back the bonnet and gave it a lick of primer.. Finished sanding up the arse end of the car and threw a load of primer all over that as well First day at new job tomorrow so progress shall slow down a bit unfortunatly... still cant figure out why these photos keep uploading sideways... sorry guys. maybe ill start taking them landscape... that might fix the i
  2. This monday morning I managed to get a couple things done after i got my wisdoms taken out.. Fuel tank was a bitch to get out. couldnt undo the bottom nut to release the fuel hose so just chopped the cunt off and drained the litre of fuel that was in there out. Bottom of the spare tyre well and under the petrol tank are pretty rusted. fuel tank side being worse off than the other.. Also took drivers door off, disassembled and sanded back. hit some filler so just left it there for now. To do list for tuesday: Removed rest of doors and sand them all back Attempt
  3. Didnt have much free time over the weekend, but still managed to get a good afternoons work in on sunday. Got the back panels all sanded down with pretty much no issues. Everything is real straight which im stoked about compared to the front. found 2 patches of filler. 1 is a repair i had done a year ago and the other i dont know of. just gotta leave the filler in its place at the moment.. Also sanded up around the pillars. Each pillar has had a repair at some point. All look in good condition Sorry about sideways photos. im taking them all portrait style as i thoug
  4. Another good day today. took engine out and started to strip down the engine bay. taking out the brake servo tower was a cunt of a job i must say. feel like it took way longer that it should have.. dont even know if i want to put it back in... Left side is nice and straight, right is pretty patchy and rough.. Cleaned everything i could with the angle grinder. pretty much onto hand sanding now... any tips for getting right into the corners? right side panel work which looks like its been done by 10 different people.. also a pic of the painted floor wh
  5. So basically just attacking this beast as fast as i can. inbetween jobs so got a few weeks where i can hopefully sand back as much as i can. Brought quite a few strip disks from fielddays so gotta use them up..not sure if i wanna take the entire car back to bare steel as the rear half looks nice and straight. Also fitting a type 9 at the same time so any tips on that would be appreciated. esp when it comes to the mounting of the box.
  6. Got the floor back to bare steel, no holes to note which was pretty sweet Started to attack the front guards as they were starting to get quite a bit of acne. Hit some pretty intense bog on the right side of the grill... guessing its been in an accident. all the repairs that had been done have all started to fall away so it will all get cut out and done properly.. underside of bonnet was looking like a bag of dicks so sanded that back as well.. So thats up to date as of the 21st of june. Please note that im not a pro mechanic or panel beater... so any tips or anythin
  7. So basically... the 4speed fell apart. I got a type 9 cheap off the fat man at the mount, started ripping up my flooring to make modifications to make it fit. Got told by a few people i should strip it down to get rid of the rust and for some reason, i listened to them.. This is pretty much where I am to date... Ripped up the flooring. passenger side has obviously had a leak somewhere. nothing too serious though. drivers side was very nice!
  8. So.. about 4 years ago I brought this little banger off a kid in Cambridge. He didn't want it anymore as it wasn't as fast as all his friend's skylines and shit. I thought cool, I'll take it. This is pretty much how i brought it Nice standard and straight. Good little 1.3 that went hard for the first year i had it untill i managed to get hold of a 1.6 to chuck in. This is back in 2015. We put the 1.6 straight in, was a cunt of a job without the extractors being on a flange... many a curse word was yelled at me from my brother as he helped me out. The 1.6 went har
  9. Alright. Might try that tomorrow. Got pissed off and gave up for the day. Was just going to take the engine out tomorrow but this might be a better idea. Thanks
  10. quick question. is it actually possible to remove the 4speed without removing engine from the car? Im having a bit of trouble getting this box out. I have removed all bolts cables and everything but the bellhousing keeps smashing into the tunnel and i cant get it to come back the extra 5-10mm that i need to get the input shaft free..
  11. good idea! ill hit them up monday. i might do a little build thread when i start it so any person after me can look at it
  12. ok cool, ill ask a couple of people with those escort wrecks on trademe if they have a driveshaft for an auto. might look on burton and see if i can just get the disk. need to get a thrust bearing for the box as well. Thanks for the responce ive heard the same thing. was told i can just take the old mount. turn it round and flatten it a bit and put new holes and it fits nicely. i guess ill cross that bridge when i get there
  13. so just out of curiousity, which year hilman clutch did you use? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/chrysler/clutches/auction-1332333602.htm <<<<< this one? or does it not matter as they are all the same? keen for this option as it sounds simple. Does anyone happen to know how long the driveshaft needs to be? is it just 30mm shorter than a standard escort one or something like that? managed to get a yolk from an old transit so going to get a shaft made up using that, just need measurements cheers
  14. Sorry to dredge this back up but finally getting around to the swap so need to clarafie a few things. ive googled and googled but everyone seems to have different awnsers to the same questions.. To mate the type 9 to the xflow i... use the xflow flywheel, but change the clutch plate to a 190mm 1inc 23 spline sierra clutch plate but use the pressure plate thats for the xflow. correct? Can i use my standard clutch cable and speedo cable? i have read i need to change to a rs2000 cables but i have also read that i can just use the ones i already have as they should reach?? Last
  15. I'm running a worked 1.6 w/ coby extractors, 2 1/2 inch exhaust in a 3 chamber muffler. It sounds good, gets a bit of yee ole pop from the cam, and let's me hear what people are saying when we cruising. I Do miss the old coby resonator and the insanely loud bwraaaps that came with it..
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