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  1. Sweet I was worried that the 45mm might be a bit big for the lil 1600 but if 2 1/2 is sweet then I should be good. Cheers
  2. Cheers I will have a look at that
  3. I am wanting to build a complete new exhaust for my MK2 1600X/Flow Cortina. I have Coby extractors and 45mm piping plus a Coby resonator or two. Could anyone give me some advice on what layout I should have. I have heard someone saying that having a smaller resonator in the middle and a slightly bigger one at the back is good. Also will I need a muffler or just put in some exhaust wool? I am wanting it to be relativly lound but not annoying, I am wanting it to pop and cackle on deacceleration but understand this my not be possible with the stock cam.
  4. Nice work man I also have a MK2 and was wonder if you have any spare parts or know where to get them?
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