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  1. Do you recommend any electronic ignitions? I’ve seen some on trade me?
  2. Well that settles it. I will stick with the status quo. Thought it might make it a bit more reliable but it’s mainly for a cruiser. Any small mods that I should consider doing to make her hum a bit better? What about a electronic ignition?
  3. Hi everyone, I have recently acquired a 1985 Toyota Crown with a 5m carb motor in it. I was wondering how hard it would be to upgrade to a 5m-e unit which is injected. Is it possible to bolt on injectors and change computer or is it better to find a complete engine and swap?
  4. I sent it away to get reconditioned but it could be a issue. The water did look a little rusty to be honest. Where could I get a new radiator from? If it’s a air lock how to I bleed that out?
  5. Hi everyone, I’m trying to troubleshoot a problem and I need some help. I have a 1968 mk2 cortina with a 1300 Crossflow motor. The other day was running it at idle as I hadn’t started it for a few months and went inside for a few moments. Come out and it was warming up nicely and a few minutes after that I noticed water expelling from under the car. I checked temp which was getting very high and when I opened the bonnet water was streaming out the little overflow pipe under the radiator cap. When it had cooled a little I opened the cap and put water in but it filled quickly. I have replaced all parts on engine with New including water pump, radiator pipes and thermostat. I was also wondering if my fan is facing the right way? Anyway if you could give me any advice it would be much appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone, the cortina has been going well. The Toyota t50 box has turned it into a great drive. Having that 5th gear is awesome and makes driving in that 100kph range easy. But I have a new problem.... With the introduction of the wider wheels and the 2 inch lowering it has made the steering a little unstable around the 70kph and higher. Feels like it's tracking all over the road. So went and saw suspension expert Chris Alexander in which he has said I need to get some more castor on the wheels. So my new project is to move the sway bar forward about 10 to 20 mm. Here's some pics but if anyone has done a similar mod could you message me with some advice. Would be the same as a escort I imagine. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, small update for you. Gearbox all in and ready. Went for a quick test drive the other day and ran like a sack of crap. Took me a while but figured out it was a vacuum pipe that popped off while I was in that area. Got a new speedo cable made and made the covers for my gearbox tunnel. Just put on covers for the meantime just in case I run into any issues. Put the wheels on and down on the ground. Got to take to work and put on my new exhaust. Update on that will follow.
  8. Hey everyone, does anyone know a really good and fair priced gearbox rebuilder in the Auckland area. Need one asap as the guys I was using have been mucking me around. Need to get gearbox ready by next weekend if possible.
  9. Made a start on the passengers side door. When it sat on the car it looked lumpy and sticking out a mile but rest of the door sat nice. So pulled it off stripped it down and sanded bottom of door down. I would say I sanded 1.967km of filler out and uncovered a terrible patch job. Chopping old patch out starting a fresh here's a picture update.
  10. I have been getting down and dirty getting my gearbox sorted lately. My back hasn't been happy but I don't care car comes first. Well me and the old man got the adapter finished and have been doing mock fit up for it. I new I might have to do some cutting but not much in the end but what I didn't expect was the cost. $640 for custom driveshaft. Was looking at gearbox insides and a circling had pop loose and bopped all over the gearbox but looks ok. Took to gearbox place and getting full treatment but that costs $500 so wallet looking sad. Here's a small visual display for you.....
  11. Hey guys, slowly coming to the end of my cortina build and I felt I had a little bit of spare time so have started giving my bro a hand on his ke70. He's Owned it a few years now resisting temptation to sell a couple of times after not having much time on his hands to fix her up. He had a little bit of panel and paint done here and there some years ago but now it's time to get her pristine "A" class. Gonna go original apart from lowered on hot wires me thinks. So here's some pics to enjoy......
  12. Hey everyone. Had a few drives in the Cortina over the last few months and ran in to some trouble with my clutch gearbox. It was making noise when I put my foot on the clutch when stopped but alright when driving. So for the last 8-9 weeks I have been trying to fix this to no avail. I also noticed that when I would be driving at 90 - 100 kph it would be revving really high and I really missed that 5th gear. So on my 6th time taking out the gearbox I got grumpy and decided that if this was coming out again it isn't going back in without a upgrade. I did a bit of research on what I could replace it with and I ended up buying a t50 Toyota 5 speed to put in. At the moment I am making the adaptor for the bell housing to box so will keep you updated as I plod on with that. So with the car being out of commission I bought some wheels and made a centre console up for around the gear stick. here's some pics.
  13. Hey bud, I had the exact same problem on my cortina a few weeks ago and I was worried it was gearbox too but I took my driveshaft (which looked mint and so did the universals) to a driveshaft place for a balance and universals replaced and said said it was way outta bal and the joints were screwed. Mint as now. Give that a try. I paid about $285 to get it done. Cheers Cam
  14. Hey Bryan, I checked the level and its fine but I thought I might measure the movement of the fork and from disengaged to engage it moves only 15mm. Does this seem right? When I put in gear it doesn't move so seems like its disengaging. I have been through 3 different master Cylinders and had my slave rebuilt. I extended the rod so it just is off the pressure plate fingers. Any thoughts?
  15. 80w 90 gearbox oil penrite
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