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  1. Does he have any 13" steel rims?
  2. Hey mate. Good to see the lil waGoon is still going strong! Still jealous we don't have viva goons in Australia.
  3. Jackeo21's 1962 Morris Mini

    Always liked the mini. I don't know the colours but do know most manufacturers had similar colours just different shades and names. The HR Holden had a colour called finisterre green i think its called. And usually with a white roof. This sorta combo looks good on an old mini. Used to work on an old 850 auto in this sorta colour combo. Actually didn't go to bad. Was expecting a snail to over take it. So if yours is manual you will probably be fine. Definitely steelies (body colour coded) and chrome hubcaps. I prefer the solid windscreen visor over the mesh. Can be a pain when sun comes thru the mesh and makes anouying light patterns over the windscreen etc when your cruising. lol.
  4. I don't know how heavy they are or how big? But the GM ecotec 4cyl engine may be something to look at. Pretty sure the late model Camaro has a 2L turbo alloy 4cyl. 205kw or something like that. Should punt the HB along pretty well. Lol
  5. Was just out the front and a suzuki carry all?? Tray back thing cruises past. (Pretty sure they were 2 stroke originally? ?) Some silly fucker has dropped what sounds like a Harley engine in it. Lol Actually didn't seem to go too bad either.
  6. The original 1159cc is only about 80kg all up i think. Thats turn key all accessories (no box)
  7. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Oh. I did forget. You'd need an adapter plate for the trans to engine.
  8. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Sensor for what? The vn th700 is hydraulic. Only wiring they have is for the lockup clutch solenoid. And thats easy to wire up a loom to operate. You will need a trans cooler. And linkage setup for the throttle pressure cable and a shifter (cable shifter will give you the flexibility for position you need)- b&m, hurst, lokar etc.
  9. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Thee weight won't be the issue. Its the fact it has the aerodynamics of a brick. To get moving you need ratio and hp. Lacking hp (read stock 202) you need ratio. So low diff ratio (3.7-4.11 etc) issue then is high rpm at 100kph. How do you comprise? You dont. You go overdrive. Its why we fitted a th700 4spd auto. Has a lower 1st gear than the 3spd auto and it also has overdrive and a lockup clutch. Which helps heaps. If you're gonna stay manual then a vh/vk 5spd or celica/supra 5spd manual would be the go. We went auto as it was easier to set up for shifter etc. And anyone can drive an auto. Plus holiday laziness.
  10. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Converts from Liquid to gas. According to transom you guys may call it a vaporizer.?
  11. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Have to talk to his gas man if legal. But tank has 2 outlets.
  12. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    The other advantage he has is the fill cost for cooking etc. Its about $20-35 for a 8.5/9kg gas bottle refill here. Thats probably about $2.50 worth how he has it setup.
  13. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Convertor is needed aswell. And some safety valves etc. Lpg has to be certified every 10yrs here (australia) aswell as a plate attached to number plates. I have no ideawhats required in NZ. But could be worth a look as to whats involved. You tend to use more lpg than petrol in dual fuel systems. In straight gas they come back closer to par, if the engine is set up better eg comp, spark, cam etc. But gas here is usually about 40c a litre cheaper than petrol so you still tend to come out cheaper running gas than petrol even in duel fuel setups.
  14. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    Considered goin straight lp gas? Helped a mate set up an old bedford motor home running a holden 6. Ripped out the rusty fuel tank and a heap of other crap. Fitted 3 lp gas tanks 2 linked permanently to give about 160L and a 3rd as a "reserve/emergency tank" this is isolated via a solenoid. But this 3rd tank is mainly used for the cooktop and hotwater etc. We fitted an impco 425 mixer on an old cain 4bl manifold. Bumped the compression ratio up using a 161 head. and fitted some chev rockers to "increase cam effect" (engine was a full budget job). We dumped the trimatic auto and fitted a vn v6 4spd auto.
  15. d.p.n.s mk5 cortina discussion

    Been tempted to try one on a project. Have one in shed. Just surrounded by an ea i need to remove from it 1st lol